The Wrong Plot

I’ll keep it short and sweet: For a little over a year and a half now I’ve been making a sprite comic called The Wrong Plot. Many of you probably haven’t heard of The Wrong Plot, and I don’t blame you. It’s not really well known outside of the Bob and George message boards. However, I strongly urge you to read The Wrong Plot, as it is filled with interesting characters and plot twists. Now, you may be asking, “Just what is The Wrong Plot about, anyway?” Well, I’ll tell you.

The Wrong Plot started off as a comic about me accidentally getting trapped in the Megaman X universe while trying to start the plot (hence the title). But soon The Wrong Plot took a turn towards a very different storyline (this was partly due to the fact that most people didn’t want to see just me for a hundred comics straight). Now, while still trapped within the Megaman X universe, I must somehow save the Antioch Forums from the evils of Sigma, who will destroy everything and kill everyone if he is not stopped. The Wrong Plot isn’t about me being the only one who can save the Forum; it’s about me being responsible for saving the Forum because it’s my fault Sigma got there in the first place.

So I strongly urge you to go and read The Wrong Plot, if not for the storyline then for the jokes. The URL for The Wrong Plot is - in case you didn’t already click on one of the nine links for The Wrong Plot that have previously appeared in this thread (hey, that makes it an even ten - yay!).

Yanno, one link would have sufficed.

This just leaves me strangely annoyed.

What’s the URL?

Please don’t make commercials for your own site on the board without permission, it’s against the rules. You can however keep a link and short description about your comic in your signature.