The Writer's Strike

i’m pro educated white males who make more than 99% of the country and fully support both their quest to make more even more money and the amount of attention the media is giving to their noble, noble cause

Hey! Like movies?

Yeah that’s what I thought. Time to pay the piper, then.

No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money.

The elitist in me says that, regardless of whether or not professional writers come back or they are currently completed, at least 2 of those movies will go on the “unaffected” side.

Bets on Transformers and AvP (I’m sure they are itching to fuck up this one)? Hulk received good reviews for the way it was handled so it’d be kinda stupid to go the generic way.

Hulk 2 just needs to be Planet Hulk.

I thought Chuck was alright unti lI realized it was just a remake of The Computer That Wore Tennis Shoes.

Haha! I agree. 2 are probably still going to suck.

The AvP2 trailer is pretty much nothing but solid massacre. If they can keep that up for 90 minutes they’ll win.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that the trailer just was the entire film in condensed form.

don’t all you supporters know the consequences the trendy little strike is going to have?, if this go’s on good shows will be ruined and we will be watching nothing but reality shows like Dancing With The Stars and American Idol::doh:: and the news::doh::::doh::, I hope you like it when that happens, the whole guild should be fired and blacklisted.

How is a strike trendy? These people aren’t striking for their health, their doing it to get what they got screwed out of.

I don’t watch television.

Oh, no. The shows I like won’t be on for like, six months to a year. What will I ever do with my time, instead of plopping myself in front of a television screen?

Jesus, I love the Office. It’s one of the best shows on the air, and I’m disappointed that tonight’s episode will be the last one for a very long time. But I believe that the rights of the people that create those shows to strike far exceeds my desire (not my RIGHT, a DESIRE) for entertainment.

Yeah, banning all the good writers strikes me as the best way to preserve good T.V. too.

In my opinion, it’s kind of silly to take sides. If the writers are really worth as much as they say, their employers will eventually acquiesce and pay them. If they can be replaced by people who do the job just as well (i.e. get as many viewers) for less pay, then that’ll happen.

These strikes always happen in jobs where there’s a lot of supply for a limited demand. Everyone wants to make a living as a writer. So the employers pick out a handful of the hundreds and say, “You’ll make about $30k/year, and if you don’t like it, we’ll hire x instead.” So the writers take the jobs happily.

Then they gradually decide, “I don’t like making $30k a year. I’m way more valuable than that.” Sometimes it’s true – certainly with the Office – and sometimes it isn’t true. If a big-money show <i>really</i> depends on having a certain crew of writers, the employers will pay for them. Otherwise, they’ll hire a crew of new people who can do the same thing; or just not replace them if their show’s not making money. It all works out economically.

its trendy when actors get behind them, publicity stunt. the producers should start letting the directors write their own scripts.

Fuck you Arac, you win the thread. A rebuttal is pointless now. edit:and for some reason there were 3 extra posts the server wouldn’t show. C’est la vie.

Let’s not forget that other people are being affected by the strike beyond just the Writers and the Producers (and us fans) many people are needed to actually get those scripts made and aired. An actual blog has been made to present their case:

Or the actors actually agree with the writers, attempting to throw their clout behind the cause. That’s always a possibility.

This is not altogether fool, m’lord.

I referenced Shakespeare. I hope you’re happy, Sil.

And how’s this for an interesting twist?


In advance of the strike, which began Nov. 5, writers scrambled to deliver scripts to their employers before the strike deadline. Dozens of film scripts poured into movie studios, for example, generating payments to writers that are contractually owed when a script is handed over. A similar scenario played out in the television business, to a lesser degree.

The result is a kind of only-in-Hollywood moment. On the eve of a possibly lengthy strike, the studios put money in the pockets of the writers they are now trying to wait out. And the writers provided raw material that could help the studios keep producing new material.

The depth of your stupidity is something which should be studied.