The Wrestler

The Wrestler. Starring Mickey Rourke. I was finally able to see it today after having anticipating it since November. Fucking limited releases…

Anyway, I loved it. I think the movie struck an even deeper chord if you have the whole Benoit thing (among the other dead ones such as Guerrero, von Erichs, etc) in the back of your mind. It’s a powerful movie, and it represented the seedy underbelly of the business well. It does not look down upon wrestling, but it doesn’t hold it on a pedestal. Rourke was fantastic. The song fits it beautifully (and after seeing how it was incorporated into the movie, I think I understand why it wasn’t nominated for an Oscar).

It’s limited release. If you can, see it.

Mickey Rourke gives the performance of his life, absolutely. He was essential to this film working out as well as it did; nobody can play the myth who is crippled as a man quite like him, at least nobody around now. Its interaction with the notion of the hero is beautiful and tragic and says something very powerful and sad about modern life that I can’t properly articulate after cramming for a psyche exam at 3 AM. Anyway, it is good. Very good.

I passed up on seeing it. Now, for some reason, it’s the film I’d like to see.

It’s a great film, I absolutely loved it. It pretty shows how the guy fucks up everything else he loves for wrestling, then has a chance to get his life together again, fucks that up and decides that’s it, he doesn’t want anymore, he’s going to go out doing the one thing he has left to love. It’s bleak but excellently done. Loved it.

Thinking back on the movie, I must say I really enjoyed the cut when Rourke is walking from the back to his job in the deli. Just the way the hum of the air conditioners at first gave the slight impression of “Are those fans cheering?” Then it dies away, and you realize it was just he AC. Then it happens again and dies away. But then the third time, it grows and becomes clearer that he’s hearing/imagining fans cheering for him. All as he makes a walk similar to the one wrestlers make through the back on their way to the ring. And then it cuts right as he makes his “grand” entrance. I think that really was my favorite part of the movie.

I’ve been wanting to see this for awhile. Somehow I missed it in the theaters. Hopefully the theaters may start showing it again because of Oscar publicitly. I doubt it though - The local one at my college only shows stupid popular movies, unfortunately.

It looks very b-list, honestly. I wouldn’t go see it. I also saw Mickey Rourke on some show the other night, and even though he was all dressed up in a really nice suit, he didn’t look classy. He just looked like a hobo in a suit. He gives me bad vibes and I wouldn’t watch this movie expecting something very polished. The critics seemed to love it though. It doesn’t look BAD, but if it was playing right now… it would be somewhere above “He’s Just Not That Into You” and below “Coraline.”

It also loses points because wrestling is shit, but I tried not to let that effect what I just said. Watching a movie that tries to be all emotional about wrestling really fucks with my suspension of disbelief.

Pretty much everything you said there is the opposite of what the movie is, except that Mickey Rourke does kind of look like a hobo and it is about wrestling.

That then shows a lack of understanding that, despite the scripted nature of the business, professional wrestlers really do put their bodies through hell. All the bumps take their toll. WWE wrestlers are on the road 300+ nights a year and typically wrestle 250+ days. There’s a reason why painkiller addiction is rampant in the business. The pay is usually not worth it either unless you’re a mega-star like The Rock or whomever. The only reason they wrestlers put their body through hell is because of their loves for the crowds, and the final scene demonstrates that perfectly.