The World's Most Difficult Trick?

Anybody that has ever played Lufia II knows about this puzzle. It is by far the most difficult puzzle in the game. So here’s my question, does it deserve it’s name compared to puzzles in other games? Or is it truly the World’s Most Difficult Trick?

Totally doesn’t deserve the name. Maybe it was luck, but I somehow solved the “World’s Most Difficult Puzzle” very quickly, and some other “lesser puzzles” took me hours.

Yeah, I agree. The stupid plant puzzle right before it took me DAYS to finish, even weeks! I only did it because I eventually gave up and checked the FAQ, here on RPGC. (Shameless website plug)

But the so called most difficult trick was just one of those dumb puzzles I used to play with as a kid. It was easy, really.

I don’t remember what this trick was, so I probably didn’t have much trouble solving it. I just know that I didn’t pay attention to the tutorial at the beginning of the game where some old dude teaches Maxim skills and special moves. So, when I came across the first puzzle in which I actually needed to use the skill where Maxim can turn around by staying in the same square (yeeeeeaah, now that’s a pretty good explanation, I know :P), it took me forever to solve.

Is this the one with the red and blue blocks? Because I’ve done it at varying speeds. First time I ran across it I did it in my first try, another time I took a little work, and then I think the most recent time I couldn’t get it at all.

A sliding block puzzle? That’s hardly the world’s most difficult trick. There are some even more involved basic sliding block puzzles that require over 200 moves.

Yeah, it’s pretty easy. I had a little difficulty with it, at first, but after awhile of playing with it, it started coming undone, and I got it.

I miss those sliding block puzzles. I wish I could find a few more, they were fun sometimes.

I got stuck there too, in one of the first dungeons. I felt so silly when my cousin showed me how to do it.

I still haven’t figured it out. These kind of puzzles were never my forte and I get bored after a while, I never solved it.

The bush trick where you shoot flame arrows to eliminate them all was easier- That block moving puzzle was a nightmare for me.It took me most of 1 day and i had to keep starting over again after it looked like the blocks were so messed up i couldn’t finish it. Because the boxes were not all squares like in Wildarms.
I remember our guru guy, Scott Moran,the smartest RPG player in our RPG clubs in the 90’s ,when we all met at the video game store on Saturday took one look at the puzzle and said after studying it for about 10 seconds , “Optimally, i estimate the puzzle can be solved in approximately over 100 but under 110 moves”.Then he started moving the blocks and after he was finished he said, " i made 3 or 4 mistakes along the way since it was my first time viewing the puzzle: it took me 106 moves instead of the optimum 101.We all stood there watching in awe as Scott moved one piece after another to just the right place.
Like when we would get stuck in a game back then you could always call Scott Morgan on the phone and say, " Hey Scottie, Help me out!"-
Where are you now old friend, i would so much like to talk to you!