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Ok, knowing about obscure games like some earthworm jim game shouldn’t be something an employ has prior knowledge to at a videogame store, but come on, FF…

I always thought that Earthworm Jim was popular within its genre. FF just has plenty of volume behind it.

I’m quitye happy with my local gaming store. The employies each have their own range of knowledge, from boardgames, videogames, tcg, chess, and even anime. so its quite universal. I’m so lucky to have such a place to play pokemon.

Jesus! If you want to see people who know shit about games/music/movies, THEN DON’T GO TO THE MALL OR CHAIN STORES! There has to be localy owned stores where you live, hell there many here in Waukesha for christ sake!

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She’s still one letter off! It’s Shakespeare. [/b]

Yeah, I made a typo. Sue me. rolls eyes

My friend happens to work at Gamestop, and he’s a pretty major gamer. He doesn’t know when A LOT of release dates are because gasp HE HAS A FUCKING LIFE.
I swear, if you have such a problem with it, look it up yourself.

Steve, I’m not saying all employees are dumbasses, just the majourity that I’ve encountered. I do not expect anyone to memorize release dates. It just pisses me off that a lot of times the computers are wrong and the Web/magazines are right. It doesn’t help that the people who I’m asking never heard of a game, even when the title of it is lingering right above that person’s head.

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It pains me when 99% of people I know can’t associate Bahamut with dragons or FF when they should be able to.

This is pretty of topic, and I may be wrong, but I think Bahamut is NOT originary from Final Fantasy… (If I’m wrong, excuse me, I’m not a 1337 gamer and stuff. :P)

Hey, 99% of the people I know don’t even know what FF is. Side effect from living in a country where an english speaker of less than 20 years is a rarity: No one plays RPGs.

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That is why we need more people like Mr. Saturn, we should clone him.

Do you mind if this goes to my sig?

Seriously though, I coudl care less abotu whether the employee knows when the game is released, btu I wish there was at least a chart or bulletin showing the dates the store will be able to sell the game by.