The world is corrupt,1280,-4786845,00.html

  • Idaho teenage girl scalped ALIVE.
  • Couple kills boy with salt

-Another bunch of articles this week about how 2 foster parents in florida tortured 5 of their kids with electric shocks and ripping off their toe nails, beat them and starved them.

-Iran practically admits it WILL develop nuclear weapons in its bravado against an invasion.,15671,1408047,00.html
-2/3 the donations promised are still missing for tsunami relief.

-According to the LA times, a judge barred the government from access to billions in profit, arguing it can’t use certain rackateering laws against cigarette companies.

-Bush wants a budget of an immense and ridiculous magnitude that hurts the poor by slashing away sometimes entire programs while maintaining tax cuts for the rich. Its already criticized for not including Iraq and we all can expect at least another war to add on some costs. Its a joke to say it won’t be as massive and bloated as his previous.

-Pakistan is protecting its politicians asses by keeping their traiterous nuclear scientist who sold materials to Lybia and Iran hidden away.

Its amazing how much disgusting news you can hear in a week.

I uh… haven’t watched or listened to the news in like, 2 months. I’m living in ignorant bliss. You should try it, it’s great.

I lived like that for three years. It was awsome.

And somehow, they’ll find a way to blame violent videogames for all of this…

As long as you know were to look, it’s not hard to find at least 10 reasons a day for why we are still retarded apes. Humanity sucks, I thought we had already established that.

“Death is the solution to all problems. No man, no problem.”-Joseph Stalin

It’s just that we’re in a pre-world war time. It might take a decade for a world war to start now, but it’s going to happen things keep going as they are.

Why can’t we all just get along?

Americans merits whatever Bush will put up. They voted for him, anyway, just cause “Kerry’s a wuss”. At least, those who voted for Bush. I wouldn’t care any less. They chosen their fate. There’s nothing I can do about it

Lol, people are all so fucking retarded. Especially people over 30. Why can’t we all just be like me?

If everybody was like you, humanity would be no more :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah man, there’d just be videogames, sex, a yearlong football season (Except for when I don’t feel like playing), and a SHITLOAD of food.

In other words, it would suck.

No it isn’t…just women and tall guys are corupt.

And capitalists.

Are you joking? Ramza may be a fucking retard idiot hobag loser (kidding :P) But his ideals are fucking A!

I add THIS to my list.,1280,-4787286,00.html?gusrc=ticker-103704

-Woman severely beaten, found drunk and drugged in her underwear, minus 2 hands.

I wonder how many good, even GREAT, things happen in the World all the time, that don’t get any publicity because the Media shows mainly sensationalist stories.

This is why I try not to read the news. As long as I’m mostly oblivious, I’m happy. And I can still stay fairly optimistic about humanity in general, as long as I stay completely clueless.

Wow those news reports are horrible.
When I first read “Couple kills boy with salt”, I pictured them killing a snail for some reason. And this one “Woman severely beaten, found drunk and drugged in her underwear, minus 2 hands.” is so sadistic it made me laugh out loud, just at how absurd it is.