The World Ends With You

Any special thoughts? I was thinkin’ of picking it up.

Looks good. I’m hating how all of his characters look like fucking Sora lately though. When I have more money I’ll pick it up.

The ign review said it was a good and freshly different rpg.

The regulars here know how I feel about Nomura. I’ll pass.

I was about to make this thread, but I already used up one “What’s up with this?” for Professor Layton (it’s fun, BTW). I’m also curious. I’ve realized lately that I play a LOT of franchise games, and I’d like to break the mold a little.

If I enjoyed hip-hop culture even an iota, I’d think about buying it. As is, I have a feeling I’m going to be annoyed far more than entertained.

Localization team having fun it seems.

I’m picking this up once I have money, it looks excellent.

I have absolutely no idea how I feel about this. It is so freakin’ strange.

It does seem interesting for sure.

I am most interested in how the controlling 2 people at once thing turns out.

Hurry up already and get that money so I can find out whether I should spend mine. :smiley: I don’t care how you get it!

Hmm, well TD hasn’t a soul left to sell… and he is ridden with STD… I guess he could sell some or all of his vital organs to little boys.

I truthfully hadn’t heard of this game… mayhaps I shall check it out~


But, my kidneys!


Just sell your sister and mother then.

We know you want to, TD, now you have a chance.

You can live on 1 kidney. If you’re lucky, you’ll have enough money left over to buy a Happy Meal.

What happened to his soul? Did he sell it already? Where?

I’ve tried to play this game for a hour. The story is not interesting yet, and the gameplay is still weird.

The story goes, he was at a crossroads, playing a blues song, when the clock stroke twelve and a devilishly charming man strolled up to him.

-“Nice soul you’ve got there, stranger.”
-“What’s it to you?”
-“I could make it worth your time”
-“You can’t afford it, babe, my soul’s worth drugs, sex n’ rock n’ roll!” he said, and went on playing his tune.

And so was TD spirited off to the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the Devil had run out of r’n’r and all he could give to Holland were Focus. Who were at least batshit insane.

True story!

TD lost his soul when he started prostituting himself to sustain his drug addictions, HIV treatments, and to be able to afford the imports he dearly needed, living in the technological shithole which is Europe. When the bleak reality of his existence sank in, all light drained from his eyes and slowly he became the soulless husk of a person he is today.