The World Ends With... ME?

I’m liking it a lot more than I thought I would so far. Most here know how vocal I am about Shitsuya Nomura’s god awful character designs, and I stand by that, but forcing myself to look past that, it’s a pretty complex game. It’s extremely stylish. Hell, nothing I say here will be anything anyone hasn’t already heard before. I’m just looking forward to working with it some more.
The dual stylus/d-pad control thing will throw me off for a quite a while Im sure; I’m glad it’s not mandatory. The Auto play seems to work just fine.

I guess the only thing I can add is how much I absolutely despise Neku as a character. I fucking can’t stand him. I mean, I already know he’s going to develop and become a team player and shit, as that’s how it works with games like this, but it’s going to be really painful dealing with him in the mean time.

Guess I’ll have more to say as the game goes on.

Oh, the fragmented dialogue annoys me too. Heh. Guess I just can’t be happy.

I actually found the character designs to not be totally obnoxious, for once. And, yeah, Neku is a pretty obvious character progression, but I think the story was probably aimed at young teenagers, so I can look past that.

Yeah, I’d say it was aimed for teens, so Neku’s character progression isn’t anything fancy. But I did enjoy learning about him, the game, and it’s rules.

It’s zetta awesome.

I got TWEWY for Christmas, and I just recently beat it. Once I got used to the combat system, I couldn’t put it down. The game surprised me. It was easily one of the most unique gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

I told you so.

As if I ever doubted your wisdom.

Fun game but most of the characters are annoying. I’d rather they were robots from the 1700’s, all identical models just different serial numbers. Really fun gameplay and the music is pretty catchy.

That’s an unfair criticism. Which game wouldn’t be improved if all the characters were robots from the 1700s?

I found the music annoying after a while.

Well now that I have the combat/pins/equipment thing figured out, I’m pretty addicted. I didn’t know trends and brands were just another way of saying equipment parameters. As someone who’s hardly fashion savvy or trendy, I have a hard time listening to that lol. But it’s an interesting mechanic.

I hate those pigs.

How long does it take to get through this game doing the crucial (if there are any) sidequests?

30-40 hours.


You know I can’t but think of Persona when I play this. Modern Japanese setting, kids battling supernatual foes, unconventional soundtrack…

Hmm, I feel like it was maybe the 25-30 hour mark for me to beat the game, if even that. There’s three chapters in the game, and they each take like 6-8 hours if I had to make a guesstimation.

Going through the game again with the epilogue is easy, but it takes time. I think it really adds to the game and you should do it if you haven’t.

I just read the script on GameFAQs. I think the type of fleshing out they did doesn’t really add anything; the main theme of the game is basically “don’t be so narrow-minded” and I don’t think learning about Soul, Vibe, and other random stuff makes the theme any better. That’s just me, though.

Just curious DR, what pins are you mostly using? And yeah, some of the post-game stuff is definitely worth doing, if only to read a few of the Secret Reports.

Right now I’m using Cure Drink, Ice Blow, Happy Beam and Cutie (cutie…?) Beam.

Upgrade to Ice Risers (or get Frozen/Blizzard Cool).
The Tether pins are pretty useful for interesting crowd control (try to get Sweet Talk Tether for best results)
A few of the Psychokinesis pins can be useful…
Should you ever get it, Splish Splash Barrier is VERY useful. You’re basically invincible, and regen HP. (Though you can’t attack, but at least it reboots eventually.) Black Saturn owns it though if you make an effort to get it.
As far as healing pins go, either Healing Bunny or Healing Whale. Whale has a bit of lag time on it, but heals more.
Thunder/Lightning Rook are pretty useful.

Uhh… I will when I can get them. I’m only on day 5 of the first week

TWEWY is a great game, but damn me if I can remember the name of a single pin.