The Wii is doing a great hate of mine.

Right now the Wii is illustrating my main hate for wireless controllers. The remote for it is dead. This bugs me since I hate having to go out and buy batteries, especially a video game system. I also don’t have a charging station (if those are even out yet), so I am stuck until I have the time to go out and get some batteries (plus I don’t like driving to the store just for batteries, I have to pick-up up other things too). The PS3 is a little better in that it has a cord that charges the controller, but it is also gimped since the cord is short and can’t realistically be used while playing and the cord won’t work unless the PS3 is on since it is USB. The 360 has it right though…almost perfect. A wireless controller that takes betteries and has a cord that can charge the controller while it is plugged in. Don’t get me wrong, the Wii is the only system of the 3 three that truly needs to be wireless. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m not a fan of wireless controllers.

Oh yeah, batteries are also expensive so I hate buying them even more.

Ow. Yeah, this kinda thing is exactly why the only wireless I touch these days is internet.

Battery charger. I got mine with my first wireless mouse.

I’ll be using wires until the day I die, if I have any say in it.

Rechargeable batteries are fucking awesome. That is all.

yeah ive got a few friends that just keep 2 sets of rechargeable batteries around for just this reason

I use Energizer rechargables. You can buy a pack of four that come with their own compact charger. They work great and have pretty decent life. That’s what I’ve been using for my Wiimote and GC Wavebird. I keep a few spare batteries around in case they’re charging and I still wanna play.

It’s an inconvenience, but not a major one so long as you get rechargables.

Well, getting rechargeable batteries is the obvious choice for Wii controllers. >.> I always make sure to have freshly charged ones around (except when I don’t put them correctly into the charger and I end up with an unrecharged set of batteries precisely when I need them the most ^^;).

Rechargeable batteries still do not fix one of my ires and that is the worry that the controller will die when I’m playing.

It’s a good thing the Wii warns you when your batteries are getting low. :o

Truthfully, I don’t mind that small issue, considering how much I love wirelessness.


Or they just die all of a sudden the next time you try to play.

Maybe you should check your battery life before you turn the Wii off, then. Or keep more than 2 sets, in case of drainage.

Or maybe if it wasn’t wireless I wouldn’t have to worry about it at all.

Maybe you shouldn’t have gotten a Wii then.

I have four sets of batteries so that one of them failing is not an issue. In general though, no battery=win.

And maybe you shouldn’t be a dumbass. I’m not complaining about the Wii, I’m complaining about wireless controllers in general. Hell, with that sort of statement I should give up on console gaming completely since wireless controllers are the way things are going. I just prefer to have the option to keep it wired.

If Blizzard had made the console, you’d get the following answers:

“Working as intended.”
“We are not aware of any issues.”
“It’s your fault, whatever you’re doing with it.”

Thank you for spewing completely random nonsense that isn’t really very funny.

I can’t say that’s happened to me; I would suspect you are just suffering from a plethora of bad karma… or just poor luck.


I don’t know man, the wiimote/wirelessness has been the focus of the Wii ever since they announced it. If you know that you have issues with wireless controllers, and you still get a Wii, and then you bitch about the controllers being wireless, that’s kinda dumb. Hell, I’m not that fond of the batteries myself, but through clever use of my massive intellect I’ve managed to make it Not An Issue. You really just need to get some more batteries.

That’s why I have rechargeable batteries and a charger. You only pay once.