The Who or Led Zeppelin

This stems from a disagreement between me and my brother. Which band do you like better?

Led Zeppelin. No contest.


Don’t make me choose between the two, this is like Sophie’s Choice times infinity to me. ;; I don’t want to give up one of my babies. ;;
Anyway, it’s currently 2:30 pm on November 10th 2005, so let me check my schedule… and it’s The Who.

Ah, I love having power.

That makes two of us.

You guys suck. It’s supposed to be an either or question.

You can’t make me choose! I’ll die before I betray either of them!

Three of us.

Led Tenchin.

The Who’s stuff, up until Quadrophenia, is simply unchallengable by anything Zeppelin has done in my mind. Then again, the post-Quadrophenia works almost make it a tie.

Led Zeppelin, hands down.

Led Zeppelin.