The weekend the earth froze over

Or the midwest, at least. I just spent a fun-filled three days in cold darkness with only my feather blankie and an assload of candles to keep from freezing. We now (for the moment) have electricity again, and I’ve just only now regained feeling in my toes. DSL is still down, but the phonelines are working again. Cellphones are still dodgy, depending on what service you’re using. I’m just thankful to have heating again. ;_;

Other people are not so lucky, thousands in this and surrounding towns are still without power and worse yet, water. Even the governer of Missouri has no electricity, and all the churches and other places that are open as emergency shelters are packed. Trees have frozen solid under 1-2 inches of solid ice and have collapsed under the weight. Every time a branch cracks and falls it sounds like a chandelier has fallen.

So yeah. Frozen hell on a stick. Hope anyone else here going through this is okay. >_>

It’s been crazy cold here in southern California. This morning it was 33 degrees. I’ve never seen it that cold here.

It was 80 degrees in Florida today. I sat out on a lawn chair in shorts and a t-shirt doing some reading. Just thought you might want to know.

LA actually had freezing temperatures over night and a bunch of pipes and water lines burst all over the city. And I was wearing shorts, frankly I find it hilarious. >.>

So where’s the comic?


Welcome to a typical WI winter. But yeah, I heard Oklahoma and the whole central portion of the US that normally doesnt see that kinda of weather got nailed with over an inch of Ice. Sounds like it created quite a problem.



  1. How much is an assload?
  2. Al Gore was right etc
  3. Is the worst over?

It hasn’t been cold, but it’s been damn windy, enough to snap trees and telephone poles and trash ferries about.

Sometimes I’m glad I live in a place where, if the temperature falls to 70 degress, it has fallen absurdly too much.

I hope things get back to normal as quick as possible in there, Trill and anyone else who’s had problems with the weather.

Apparently it’s bad enough that Missouri State cancelled classes for the whole week, due to cleaning up debris and such. I’ve been on campus since before the storm and as such didn’t notice the weather till my folks started ringing the phone off the hook on sunday, wondering if I was still alive and such.

Hey that happened last year with me, fun isn’t it? D: You’ll be fine :smiley:

It gone below 0 for the last couple of days here. And that’s not including the wind chill factor.:moogle:

I’m glad that you’re aren’t frozen solid! The weather here has been way off as well; yesterday I think we had a record high of 74-76 or something like that, and tomorrow it’s supposed to be 40-something. It’s wild. Or a sign of the apocalypse. Who knows. I feel so bad for the people who can’t stay warm. :frowning:

Your situation reminds me of when my brother and I came back home from Disney World several years back… our family went for Christmas, and my dad had to go to the hospital on Christmas Eve. Nice, right? Well, we were supposed to fly back on the 27th, but he wasn’t well enough to travel, so my mom stayed and we went home. Back home, the weather wasn’t so nice - lots of ice everywhere from a crazy storm. Well, we got home all right, and thankfully the power was on, but someone turned the thermostat off! While we turned it back on and waited for the house to thaw out, we spent the entire night huddled under blankets wearing as many clothes as we could put on (think Ralphie’s brother in A Christmas Story) watching TV and saying nothing but this:

“It’s cold, man.” “Yeah, it’s cold.”

Yes, I know it was a random story, but it’s a lot funnier now than it was back then.

  1. Approximately two shoeboxes-full of candles, not counting the votive candles we regularly have out.

  2. innernets, lawl.

  3. I hope so…there isn’t any more ice in the extended forecast, but Missouri weather is about as unpredictable as Robin Williams on speed-laced espresso. >_>

Ick. -comforts Trilly- I hope things are going o be alright soon. o.o Gloomy atmosphere! At least you have heating again, suffering from cold is really really bad.

Same thing happened here, just way less severe. A whole bunch of people lost power (I was lucky and didn’t though.), I don’t know what happened, but we just got cable and the phones working again last night. And there’s ice EVERYWHERE, it’s covering all the plants and trees here too.

In D.C. the temperature hovered in the upper 60s for the last few days, and it plunged into the low 40s as of today. It’s tolerable, but it’s pretty windy. Only problem is it’s supposed to be like this for a while.

The time during winter I spent in Connecticut was the most clement winter in all 18 years I lived in CT. The temperature was up in the 70s at a few points in January. I was there for a month and it never even dropped below 50. Ironically, during winter, the season where everybody loses power, I haven’t lost it once, in CT or D.C. By comparison, over the '06 summer I lost power three times in two weeks. I wish I understood how you feel Trilly! hug

I agree. There was ICE on my car this morning :frowning:

We woke up and was like BAM ice up by Albany (we’re back a week early for rehearsal), but it didn’t make it out to Massachusetts. We lost power and the internet for a while. Sucked hard.