The Village

Anyone seen it? I saw it this afternoon.

Overall, I wasn’t too impressed. Since it’s directed by the same person who directed The Sixth Sense and Signs, you can expect some neat plot twists, but the ones in The Village turn out to be very disappointing once the surprise wears off, and they make the movie less captivating. The plot twist in the end, in particular, makes for a bad ending since it leaves so many things unexplained.

Plot twists aside, the movie itself has more to do with romance and past events in characters’ lives than supernatural thrills; the trailer turns out to be misleading. There are few moments that are actually scary.

Joaquim Phoenix, the lead character, doesn’t help. He doesn’t seem to be any different than the generic strong silent type character found in a lot of movies (like Jude Law’s character from Cold Mountain), so he turns out to be pretty dull.

Anyone else have different opinions? I’m curious what others thought of it.

Well, I really got caught up in the suspense, so I enjoyed it. The only thing I find disappointing is the blind girl. The actress who played her, Ron Howard’s daughter I think, didn’t do a good job of pretending to be blind. Joaquin Phoenix’s character is like a partial-hero. He sets out to go on a noble quest but then is struck down before it can be begun. The hero role is then transferred to his lover, who is also the female lead.

I would agree that the ending is lacking. But I think it was done on purpose to bring the audience further into the movie. It makes them question the same thing the characters are questioning.

I would compare this movie to Signs, only with more suspense.

What kind of things did you think were unexplained?

If this movie is anything like signs, I swear I’ll kill something. Signs was fucking pathetic.

But “The Villiage” looks badass.

I saw it on Friday and I agree with mostly what was said, especially that the blind girl did a really bad job of pretending to be blind. It’s more noticeable at the end of the movie though. I actually liked it, when the onus of being a hero changed from Lucius (Phoenix) to the blind girl. The best twist though, was when it turned out that the creature chasing her was actually the mentally disturbed character.

It wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I only remember flinching once, because we were near one of the speakers. I also managed to guess the twist that the creatures aren’t real about 5 - 10 minutes into the movie. You’re also kind of tipped off to somee of the other twists, if you look closely enough.

I thought it wasn’t a bad movie and there were some pretty tense moments, but it wasn’t really out-and-out scary, I found some of the twists to be lame and just in general, I don’t think the movie was executed quite as well as it could have been. It was definitely a good effort though.

I guessed the twist that it was a preserve for humans from the trailer.

How? :open_mouth: I only started guessing that when you see one of the “elders” wearing a modern tie.

When you see the creatures first shuffle by from the top, they look like Ewoks. And they sounded kind of like cows.

A bit of a stretch if you think about it, but my original theory was only half right. The other part was way off base.

From the top I thought the creatures were actually two kids underneathe a costume.

It was the watchtower. It looked too modern to me

It sucks that it wasnt realy monsters… Another movie i wont bother seeing now…

Note: spoiler tags added due to the fact the original poster was a moron.

Fucking spoiler tags you dimwit. Thanks for ruining it.

Man, nothing will beat how The Sixth Sense was ruined for me. That week I had planned to see it that Friday. I think it was a Monday or Tuesday, I woke up to my alarm and the radio personality was talking about the movie, which she had seen the day before. She raves about how good and suspenseful it was , and I’m like “Yeah, I’m definately seeing it this Friday.” Then, she blurts out the ending over the fucking radio.

God damn it Nate, mark your spoilers. Idiot.

Not even my own mother, who saw it yesterday, would spoil it for me, so please edit and add some frickin’ spoiler tags. Thanks a bundle.

Anyway, she said she liked it, even though she guessed it. I might go today after I finish at the day spa. My coworkers and I have been discussing it and trying to come up with crazy theories all week.

I saw it at midnight on friday… it kept me awake, and that’s saying alot, considering how tired I’ve been lately.

I don’t get why everyone’s ragging on the main actress (Bryce Howard, I think her name is)… I was impressed by her acting skills in general… she had this sweet quality that was very endearing. Alot of chemistry between her and Joaquim Phoenix as well. I agree that the movie wasn’t as suspenseful as implied by the trailer, but I definitely don’t think it was a disappointment.

that movie was such a rip off. signs sucked to… sixth sent is the only good movie he made then he riped us off on all the other ones. he was making such a big deal out of this movie acting liek it was so great. he was really misleading, there was even this 30 minute thing about the movie telling about it. it was almost worse the signs, signs was just so fucking boring the end was the only good part. you can tell he ment to mislead you, the comercail was scaryer then the movie ya know? i jumped only 2 times and those were just from loud sounds. in the end nothign was exsplained, what were “the ones we dont speek of” and why did they hate the color red. he could have at least made a real attack on the girl instead of that retarded guy. he did the same thing with signs how he tryed to make it seem all scary, he made 1 good movie (sixth sent) then decided to rip us off and make millions on the rest of his movies.

and the blind girl was a lousy blind, blind people dont look right at who they are talking to, they kind of gaze away from them. but besides being a lousy blind she was a good actor.

Well of course Signs blew. Mel Gibson was in it. >.>

But in reality, Signs sucked because the “surprise” sucked. And as for The Sixth Sense, that was a decent movie, IMO. Bruce Willis wasn’t at his peak but eh, it’s still good.

The Sixth Sense Spoiler: They didn’t hate the color red. It was a clue to the audience that something was going to happen. Same as the drop in temperatures.

EDIT: And as for blind people not facing to those they talk to, some/most do. I know some blind people and they face people that they talk to. They can figure out where the talker is from the sounds of their voice.

they did hate the color red because its called the forbiden color. and when they fidn soemthign red they have to get rid of it so the monsters dont come.

i think the only good thing about the movie was the monsters, they looked pretty real.

I think you missed the point of the movie It was about utopian societies and that they don’t or can’t exist because human nature is flawed.

It was called the forbidden colour because The Elders made it a forbidden colour. They created the myth of the monsters and perpetuated it.

Making a big deal about a movie is natural in the movie industry. They spent a lot of money making them and they want a return on their investment. Take Star Wars 1 and 2 , for example. They hyped it so much and in the end they sucked.

Agh, not another Utopian society. I hate the idea. It’s overused, and they always follow the same pattern (i.e. at least one person knows the truth).

I take it you haven’t seen it, Cala. I’ll refrain from talking about the details of the movie. Even in spoilers.

I thought the movie was only okay. It wasn’t BAD, but it wasn’t good, either. I’d figured out most of the plot twists before they happened, but I still didn’t catch a few of them. Specifically, the main character shift. The premise was really good, but I think the execution was lacking. The characters just felt too distant. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t thought about the little clues that were dropped along they way.

And I honestly don’t see what was wrong with Signs’s ending. Yeah, it’s not very likely, but you have to realize that a major theme in the movie is faith, and the ending adds to that a great deal.

Unbreakable sucked, too. :stuck_out_tongue: