The Various Misadventures of MegamanX2K

Some of you may have been wondering why I’ve been scarce the past few days; the truth is it was kind of a combination of things, most of them not very fun at all.

For one thing; I severed my lip. Yeah. And didn’t notice it until my mouth was gushing some serious blood (at least, that’s what my dad and psychologist told me). I was under anesthesia for some cavity fillings, so I probably bit it and didn’t notice, but a good chunk was missing so it was one heck of a bite. Anyway, I got stiches, but the anesthesia quit out halfway through the operation, and they didn’t wanna administer me more, so allow me to vent the built-up pain deep inside me.


Thank you.

Second, I kinda had a few projects (still do, sorta) that I’ve been doing. That’s taken up some time. Damn you, Thomas Jefferson, how could you betray me.

Thirdly, due partly to stress I suppose, I flew off the handle more than once at several staffers and kinda caused a minor conflict and only pissed people off further. I hope that I’ve sewn things up, but all the same I probably won’t be majorly “staffing” any more than I already have.

I’m still on ICQ/AIM, as usual, though, so if you need/want to talk to me (COUGHCOUGHMRSATURN), don’t say I wasn’t on. Cuz I was. Stupid lying pink sack of shi-oh, is this thing still on? My bad…

o_o;; ow.

Yeah, that was two weeks ago. The catgut stiches (trivia: It’s actually pig intestine. At least, pig. Dunno if it’s the intestine) have dissoved since then, but it healed kinda funny, so parta my lip sorta folded over on itself, so when I open my mouth it kinda hurts. It makes it funny to talk.

I feel for you X… I didn’t sever my lip, but I had oral anesthesia to have something under my tongue removed. The anesthesia hadn’t worn off, and I thought I was just “playing” with my lip. I absolutely tore up the inside of my lower lip, and it took forever to heal. I really hope that you heal sooner rather than later.

Let that be a lesson to the uninitiated! If your mouth is numb, leave everything in and around it alone!

Note - I see your reply, so I’m glad the stitches are out at least.

Ouch, did you gain a scar that you can claim was from a fierce barfight?

It doesn’t look like a scar you’d get in a barfight; however, if I lose my left eye (like I’ve been dreaming for some bizarre reason), and kinda make a scar running between the two (it’s on the right side of my mouth) I could make it look as though I was slashed something fierce; then, I could get an ocular implant, a blue one to mismatch my natural brown eyes, and turn into a psychopath without love, only a quest for destruction.

Whoa, that must have felt like shit. O_o; You’ve got my sympathy, X.

How come they didn’t administer you more anesthesia?

Because it’d be a waste, since he was half-done, and it might only make things worse.

Well, if it may have just made things worse, that’s understandable, but still, that really must have been painful. At least you made it through and its over now.

WTF? No more anesthesia? What the crap are they getting PAID for??? O_o

Hope you get better soon, X :frowning: hugz

Tril, he ha preety good reasons, besides, he had no idea when the anesthesia would quit; and if he stopped to administer some, it would leave me open to infection longer and only create more pain.

And he gave me a whole little plastic box of gauze; I put my new pet snail in it. That’s the other thing I forgot to tell you about, my nw pet snail that my mom found in the yard. Calling him Sam, short for Salmonella. Y’know, cuz you can get it from them, apparently.

Wow. I have a scar on my lip too, X. Mine is from a removed tumor though.

I guess we’re even more alike! :smiley:


Actually, I think the reason I was gnawing at it (if that’s what I did) is because there was a lump in it, possibly cancerous, now we’ll never know. But now there’s just worse X.x

Oww… sorry to hear that, X :confused: But at least now it’s over.

No anesthesia? ARGH >_< I won’t sleep today.

Anyway, hope you’re better.

Pain! Ow ow ow… Poor X.

That’s nothing. Try having a tooth filling with no anesthesia!(well, it was just two tiny cavities).
Must have been pretty hard for you, though. And good luck on those projects, along with your snail.

I hope you get to feeling better. Take time to heal up, kay?

Ooh! That’s bad…hope it heals up soon! I’m not very good with pain…which explains why I never wanna see a dentist or orthodontist again! :eek: You have my sympathy.

Ouch. That’s probably why I have a fear of dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons. You have my sympathy.

I have a small scar on the inside of my lip, but that was from bad luck with a raised chair leg about 11 years ago.