The Underpants Gnomes got pantsed

Weird news story :stuck_out_tongue:

And humorless neighbors.

Pssh. Buncha prudes.

I got yelled at awhile ago because I altered my Lawn Gnome (affectionately named Genome Jerome Gnome) So that he has a hook for a left hand and his right arm is in a perpetual state of flipping everyone off.

God, I wish I knew what I was smoking that day.

I …

No. You are NOT going to make nude sprites of ANYONE.

What, even Lilith?


And it’s a good thing too!
Naked garden gnomes. Eww.

david the gnome? Naked? What the crap is happening to my childhood? twitches eyes frequently and rocks back and forth

Gnome boobs! YAY!

I would so do that if I had the chance.

Cherubs get away with it, so why not gnomes?

Succubi, too. I mean, Lilith’s naked a few times ingame.

Yar, Who’s Lilith?

Big Nutter


She’s from Darkstalkers.

i insert Cuss words in Al-bhed[/i]

I can’t buy that game, and Chocobo Racing. Cos they’ve out of copys at

Big Nutter

Actually, she’s from Darkstalkers 3. Her big sister Morrigan’s in all of 'em, though.

I’m not really a gnome fan myself, but if they want to parade around naked it is their own business, or that of their owner. To each their gnome.

Lillith was the first Succubus and Adam’s first wife (before Eve), also considered the first vampire. WTF is Darkstalkers? :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought she was supposedly a witch and Cain’s first wife, or did she hook up with Cain after Adam?

Yeah :stuck_out_tongue: Cain was kind of her second husband, after she left (or rather, got thrown out of) Eden and fuxx0red some demons at the red sea… thus, Cain became the first Incubus.

Pfft! I wonder if they consider it a public offence when they look at themselves naked in the mirror… :noway:

I’d laugh if I found one of the gnomes on display naked during the Spring Festival. :hahaha; God, the faces…but all’s fair in a good joke.