The Ultimate Weapon

use it on your worst enemies. Be warned that it is incredibly annoying and some what difficult to get rid of.

Woo, I think Opera is immune to that (if it’s the one that continually makes windows :P)

That is indeed annoying.

it makes one to start and then they start spawning like rabbits when you try to close it. Win 98 has to restart to end it. XP pro can kill it from the task manager.

Actually, I managed to colse them all in Win 98 without restarting.

how did you pull that off?

Well I just minimized everything and held down Alt-F4.

Thank god for XP’s “End Process” function. 30 windows in a couple clicks.

Hoorah for Slimbrowser. 8D

I hate those things.

a guy in my class tried starstorm’s idea and it just spawned more.

I held it down. The keys repeat more quickly than the bomb does.

I used to have that in my sig. One of the mods made me remove it though.

<img src=“”> That’s probably because there’s a high chance of killing someone’s computer with it, you stupid assholes.

I feel righteous fury…I should have known better not to click that thing, damn my curiosity!

I have got to send that link to my friends. Although they were probably kill me once they realise I sent it to them.

Don’t do this again.