The ultimate question... #619 (or so)

Mario or Sonic. Pick one!

Random answer: SEPHIROTH! :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t have put the “Others” option, 'cause there are so many more characters cooler than Mario and Sonic combined :stuck_out_tongue:


Other: Luigi

Other: ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME. Or Auron

Well, go to this site to deside. (View Mario VS. Sonic)


other: tails

Other: Knuckles


Sonic r teh sonicz0r nuf said.

Mario, he would kick Sonic’s ass!

I might as well tell you what I think.

Definately Sonic. He can run REALLY fast. He can spin dash. He can use certain shields to his advantage. And he can transform into Super Sonic. Need I say more?

Mario can jump, kick butt, use caps and an assortment of powerups, become entirely invincible, so to me it’s even. Plus Super Sonic has a limited time associated to it.

So I say Other: Megaman X.

I was, and still am, a hardcore Mario Fan. I mean, the adventures series rocks.
I don’t care about Mario Party, and Sport games like Mario Tennis is allright. Mario Kart owns. But the best are platformers and adventures game.

Remember all the powerup Mario have…
Puts on a Frog suit

Sonic had everything handed to him. He didn’t have any bizarre circumstances attributing to his power. Mario? He EARNED his stuff, learning to jump in the sewers, and he dealt with the traumatic experience of being pulled into the Mushroom Kingdom. Sonic’s little hedgehog head would’ve shattered like a piece of ham. This is why Mario si teh win.

Surely this is worth a lower number than 619… such as 1, perhaps :wink:

Other: both. I grew up playing both games, have played damn near every game of both series, I can’t choose between the two

It’s Mario. I mean, despite being a plumber, there is no proof whatsoever of him fixing a single leaky tap or anything similar ever. Someone to look up to, there.

Other: Eddie!