The Ultimate Halloween CD - Custom Ideas

<img src=“”> This thread is about my plans to create a perfect Halloween cd. If you don’t know what those are, then check the stores. They are cds fill of “Classic Movie Themes” and “Scary Sound Effects”. But usually the themes are copies of the classic versons, and the scary sound effects are carry overs from pornos or something. Oh and the fact they get mixed together ruins the mood. Nothing like passing out candy to the theme from "Carrie 2 : The Rage (yes, this is a “classic movie theme”) while you hear a whip and girl screaming.

That brings us to this thread. I took up the challage to create a cd to play at Halloween that contains the essences of the classic movie themes from CLASSIC movies. But none of the bullshit tracks from movies that have forgotable music. The cd can contain video game music, but it generally have to scary and not super long. Classic music can also work, but again not too long, unless you can find a smaller cut of a track.

So far I have the following mp3 to use (copied from cds I owned). Twlight Zone theme and Night on Bald Mountain (Kingdom Hearts 4 minute cut). Give me suggestion to use on this cd…and try to get some in tonight, I plan on using this also at my sister’s party tomorrow afternoon.

Mad Monster Mansion from Banjo Kazooie.

I suggest getting Tsunami Bomb’s “Invasion from Within” and a few tracks from Parasite Eve.

Hop on AIM later and I’ll give 'em to you.

I know at least one person here tyhat would suggest “O Fortuna”, if you’d take it. if you don’t know what O Fortuna is, then look it up.

It’s not a movie theme, but Monster Mash is a must no matter what. And the Psycho music.

The Time Warp, from the Rocky Horror picture show. A cult classic!:smiley:

Halloween or Halloween II by the Misfits. Black wedding by the Nerkomantix. nice lil instrumental.

For really disturbing and scary music, look no further than the Silent Hill series :smiley:

Catch me on AIM if interested.

Bwahahaha. The Time Warp. Oh hell yea. :smiley:

Ever been to one of the midnight showings? They rock. :cool:

Do tah Monster Mash! And…Purple People Eater! Don’t ask…just do them!

My Suggestions…though unfortunately, I don’t currently have a lot of music on my computer(except for the Der Langrisser soundtrack)

Opening theme to Psycho(whoops, I didn’t see that 984 already suggested this)
Opening theme to Halloween
Some eerie wind and thunderous effects
Come To Daddy - Aphex Twin
DQ1 Dungeon music
Super Mario World Castle Music

That’s all for now

Throbbing Gristle gets pretty creepy sounding, so I guess that would fit in with the Halloween theme.

I’ve been to 3. :slight_smile:

I recommend “Dracula’s Castle” or “The Tragic Prince” from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Not sure where you can get 'em, though … D: But they are teh_awesomex0r.

I can’t remember the name of the song, and it’s not from a movie, but I feel a must for a Halloween themed CD, it is neccessary to have the “Halloween” song by Aqua.