The typical attention-whoring "I'm back" thread

Yeah, yeah, I stopped coming awhile back… I got some viagra and fixed that right up. Then I stopped with the visiting… y’see, prostitutes take so much money these days… and sometimes that’s not all they take >.O And THEN I stopped logging on… cause, with so many logs I ran out of room for anything else… and I’m out of bad jokes now, I’ll stop ._.

Anyway, the point of this thread… well, it doesn’t really have one. I just wanted some attention… ;_; Can I have some? Please? I came back~ isn’t that enough?

By the way, if a hooker ever tells you she’s unarmed, don’t listen to her. And make DAMN SURE you have your protection.

butcher knives, the newest form of safe sex

Here’s your attention: do this again and you’re banned.