The truth about fhqwhgads?

I punched “fhqwhgads” into UrbanDictionary, and this was one of the entries. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s definately interesting.

The random letters at the end of an email received by Strong Bad of Strong Badia. Contrary to popular belief that this was an unimaginative signature, this is actually a misinterpretation of file code, as the email was actually a copy of the legendary ‘I love you’ virus. As the mail was recieved on a Tandy 400 computer, it did not recognize the file format, and thus dumped the raw code on the screen.

Seen it already. I still say that it’s part of a conspi- is flattened by a 8,971,634 ton weight

Strongbad quoters, repent now ye sinners! Or be regulated to the same fiery depths that All Your Base quoters were banished to years ago. The ride will not last forever, and already the franchise shows signs of wearing thin.

Fhqwhgads was a virus? I also searched for fhqwhgads on a search engine, and I got over 1000 results.

I think it’s an encrypted code of sorts :get it?:

Err, which e-mail was that?

I found the truth about it: (the link does work)

Originally posted by MegamanX2K
Err, which e-mail was that?

I love you

I just thought, it could be a phrase in japanese. Faka wa gade(se).

You know, Strongbad is only MILDLY humerous…

I don’t find Homestarrunner funny at all, I think it’s overrated.

Well, see, the thing I like to do is, go to one of the main pages. And move your mouse to the right or left of the “Store” link, and repeatedly move it back and forth, over that link, for maybe… 20 minutes or so. Then I get somewhat bored of that link, and move to the next one. :slight_smile: I normally go back to each one a few times too. :yipee: So fun! STOSTOSTOSTOSTOSTOSTOSTOOOOOOOORE! STOSTOSTOSTOSOOSTOS STOOOOOORE! :yipee:

fuck wads?

for some reason, I’ll always like this one though… the first one I’ve ever seen of this, which is pretty funny… it’s been posted here before, but oh well ^^ I still like this one ^^

I remember that one…still my favorite to this day.

And I think I was the one who posted that…=P

HSR is way overated. there are maybe 3 funny things there.

Frame… Homestar being one of them? Correct? Holds gun to Frame’s head :enguard:

Homestar runner is relativly retarded. I’d call it fucking retarded, but it really isn’t fucking retarded, so instead, its relativly retarded.

It just isn’t funny, so yea, thats why its relativly retarded.

good day.

But doesn’t Homestar have the coolest voice!? :yipee: :yipee: :yipee: Goes to listen to Homestar

strongbad is awesome!

but uh yeah… the SB emails is the only decent part of the site