The Third Annual RPGClassics March Madness Challenge

Ask and ye shall receive, Killmore.

Last year, we have the second competition. It went fine with me once again choosing the most idiotic brackets. That wasn’t quite as good as the first competition that at least had the points leader on my team. With the first team clinching a tournament bid today, it’s time to start up the ol’ competition again.

I’ll need some Representatives (henceforth referred to as Idiots). These Idiots are required to know squat about college basketball. If you have any sense of which teams are good this year, you know too much. If you know names like Billy Donovan, Greg Paulus, Tyler Hansbrough, etc, you most likely know too much. If you know random mascots for schools, you actually don’t know too much. I fully expect all Idiots to not investigate or research the teams either; that takes away from the fun experiment of a bunch of know-nothings picking teams to win based off of random things like names, mascots, or who knows what. If you’re worried you might know too much but are unsure, feel free to PM me. I’ll make a judgment call based on your concerns.

I’ll need some Team Leaders. I’ll be one. Ez will probably do it. Kero sounds 50/50. Ackbar will be goaded into competeing once more. I may need a few more people though just in case. If you’ve been disqualified from being an Idiot, feel free to volunteer to be a Team Leader. Merlin? Kaiser? Y’all care to join in? :smiley:

How it works will be like this: Once the bracket has been set, I will contact all volunteered idiots (preferably over IRC) to give me their picks. I will read off matchups to them devoid of all information; I will not divulge record, seeding, relative strength, conference, or history. Expanding on Arac’s request from last year, the only bit of information I will give is the schools’ mascots and location if so requested. Nothing else. Also, since there’s a play-in game (between two bad teams) before the actual tournament, I will select the first team alphabetically to represent that part of the bracket.

Once the Idiots’ brackets are in, I, and the other Team Leaders, will select two brackets each to make up our respective teams. I will keep the choices hidden from each Team Leader, so their choices will be just as uneducated as the Idiots. To make up for my knowledge of each bracket, I will randomly select mine.

So, any volunteers to be an Idiot or a Team Leader?

Volunteered Idiots: Him, Crazy Ivan, Killmore, Flint, Valkyrie Esker, Taran, Mullenkamp, deathstryke, Boltgun, Cless Alvein, Eden
Volunteered Team Leaders: Ezboarder, Kero Hazel, Ackbar, The 984

I’d like to volunteer to be an Idiot, because I know absolutely nothing about college basketball. No, not even that much. Less than that, actually. No, even less than that. No, you’re still overestimating me. I know nothing. I can pronounce the word “Duke,” and that’s about it. And I’m not even sure they’re a basketball team.
I’m not kidding.
So all in all, hey, this sounds fun.

Who knows maybe this year I may finally be considered dumb enough to be recruited as an idiot. So I’m so in as a [STRIKE]volunteer[/STRIKE] sucker.

Btw, I was wondering how good my picks from last year were?

I might just go with being an idiot with your game of big orange balls. Does recently being forced to learn entirely too much about the intricacies of taking stats for such a game (as part of a software engineering project) render me not idiot enough?

It depends. Do you recall which team(s) and how good they are in the grand scheme of things? If not, you’re still Idiotic enough.

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as college basketball.
(Ok, that’s not true, but I’d be lying if I said I could name a single team. I might be able to, but it might also be a college football team instead so I’d be taking a 50-50 chance there, in that there’s no team that I’m 100% sure is basketball and not football.)

I actively do my best to not give a damn about college sports at all. Am I eligible?

I’ll give it a go.

I’ll be an Idiot. I care about the professional stuff. I couldn’t care less about college.

Count me in, you crazy organizer reploid, you.

I’m somewhat pleased with the number of Idiots who volunteered, but we need more leaders. Seriously guys, I wanna actually do this.

Yep, idiot me. I know nothing of your “teams” and “players” and such.

So…um…is this not happening, or what?

The last of the conference championships and automatic tournament bids are being decided today, with the field of 65 being decided tonight.

The Idiots (and I mean it in the nicest way possible <3) will be making their brackets tomorrow.

The games are all done. The bracket will be announced tonight. The play-in game starts Tuesday. The first real tournament game is Thursday. Idiots need to come to the chat tonight or Monday night.

I seem to be having trouble gettingb into the chat, so i guessd you’re short an idiot.

Try the java chat at It should be working. If not, I can always get the picks over AIM.

I wanna be an idiot. I know nothing about college basket ball. except for the team of the pistons. Or is that in the NBA???(I might be late on being an idiot so if i am oh well)

It’s not too late yet.

sweet what do i have to do if i am a idiot?

Join the chatroom. Link above. I will then get your picks.