The Tarantula Hobby has lost a legend ;_;

Thought I’d share this bit of shocking news here.

Pasted from the American Tarantula Society Forums

Post by Stan Schultz, co-author of the Tarantula Keeper’s Guide, the best book on the market by far !

One and All -

It is with great sadness that I must report that my wife, Marguerite Schultz, passed away this morning of pneumonia.

To the world she was known as the “Tarantula Lady,” or the “Grande Dame” of tarantulas. She is best known as co-author of The Tarantula Keeper’s Guide, and was responsible for personally introducing literally thousands of people to these incredible animals and the tarantula keeping hobby.

She is survived by her husband, Stanley (Stan) Schultz, and a passel of grand children, great-grand children and even a sprinkling of great-great-grand children too large to enumerate here, plus untold numbers of friends around the globe.

Please note that we do not accept E-greeting cards and would prefer receiving simple condolences in these threads instead.

Those wishing to do to so, may make donations to the American Tarantula Society in Marguerite’s name instead of sending flowers or greeting cards.

She will be missed by all.

Thread in question:

What a terrible way to start my weekend !

I can’t wait until I die.


Way to show sympathy, genius !

As much as people are always sad when their idols die, I’m always one to say hey, no one lives forever.

That said, my condolences to her family.

I wonder what happened to her children? Got eaten by spiders?

Nah; I’m kidding. It’s sad to hear someone go (even if they’re old enough to be survived by three generations not directly related to her). At least there should be plenty of spiders to study and befriend in the afterlife (and plenty of spiders to feed in the cold earth in the meanwhile).

I don’t imagine there are many carrion spiders, as most are hunters. Plenty of other things to feed though.,

I actually got that book for my cousin when he got a tarantula. It must be pretty solid, since his tarantula is still alive all these years later. Condolences.