The System is Down

If anyone was wondering where I was last night, uhh…my internet is broken or something. The cable modem says it’s connected, so the problem might be on Road Runner’s end. Regardless, don’t expect me to be around for a little while. Campus computer’s all i gots for now. ;.;

You’re point being?

<img src=“”> <a href=“”>The System Is Down</a>?

And Yosh, did you make that typo on purpose or what? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay! I cna maek typeos nwo!

Guh, whatever happened to the not being assholes thing -_-
Anyway, it won’t be the same here til you get back, X.

Whoo, possible bannees. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, see ya X. I’ll confine these idiots for ya so you can go grammar Nazi on their asses.

OK, Yoshmeister, if I WERE here, you’d have a…umm, you know those big mouses with the trackballs on the side? Pretend you’ve been object raped with one of them. Yeah.

Anyway, to update: My dad called, turns out we got hit with a trojan that came out recently. Until Norton comes out with a fix, I’ll be gone (apparently I can connect to direct IPs fine, so if i know the address…what’s RPGC’s anyone?)

Man, viruses are becoming more widespread by the second. I probably care more if my computer had anything worth saving on it. Well, good luck with that anyway.

Whoa you’re like so zen, you’re here but not here…whoa.
Hope you’re problem gets fixed soon.

Regards, Dave

Originally posted by MegamanX2K
(apparently I can connect to direct IPs fine, so if i know the address…what’s RPGC’s anyone?)

<img src=“”>

Everything is fine, nothing is ruined!

Er… Well hope you can fix that X, see you around.

It might be the dns servers, it is possible to replace to those. See if this one works any better.

Hope to see you soon X, I hope you get that virus fixed. Sorry to hear you got hit by a Trojan.