The Supervisors are dead!

If you didn’t know, The Supervisors are a Canadian gang located in Toronto. Well, they were. :stuck_out_tongue: Actually, not many people have heard of them. But around my friend’s area, people have.

The Supervisors are a little wannabe gang composed of grade seven and eights. Some are in grade nine, though. They are always seen with a hat, seriously, a fucking hat, turned sideways. They are usually seen with a knife of some sort as well. But they all try to act cool by stealing knives from their kitchens. Hell, I’ve seen a butter knife on one of these dudes. They try to act cool stabbing and swiping the air; but it’s pretty sad. I wish I would have taken pictures of them.

Anyways, all the members went missing suddenly. 2 days after they tagged some other gangs’ turf, they all go missing. Coincidence? I find this pretty stupid, and mildy funny! :smiley: The gangs’ turf that they had tagged belongs to one of those more serious gang, of dudes in their mid-twenties with like, guns and swords and shit. I presume they are all dead (The Supervisors), considering they have all been reported missing, all of them, and are not even seen at their school.

Let me describe their tag. It looks like scribbles for the first part, usually found in black; but it has a hat on it as well. Turned sideways. I’m drawing some sort of replica tag in paint right now. My almost-exact sketch can be found here. I think this is a bad sign, mainly because of the hat. Although funny, it clearly shows who drew it. And considering you can’t go one street without recognizing a Supervisor, it’d be hard to hide from gangs that want to kill you.

If I ever start a gang, which I doubt will ever happen, I’ll be wearing a hat pointed side-ways, just to show how fucking stupid they were. Have any of you seen sad wannabe gangs? If so, list a description. :stuck_out_tongue:

So uh, yeah…


Wow. Well lets hope that they are not dead but recieve a good lesson instead.

Would that be a 50% or 60% increase in Canada’s murder rate?

Canada has a murder rate?

100% then?

Canada has like, 4 murders yearly.

As Calvin’s dad would say, murders build character. Well … probably not, but …

And damn proud of it. Go Canada

I CERTAINLY hope they aren’t dead. Just because some misguided youths do something stupid is no reason to wish death upon them. By the Gods, man, you steal money from other people- you are WORSE than a bunch of idiots playing pretend gang.

EDIT: This was in response to the canada comments.
Yeah, Japan is the only country of similar size (population size, that is) with less murders, even if you figure that about 50% of Japan’s suicides are murders their inept police force couldn’t solve, they still have the smallest for their population.

Bleh. I admit stealing far surpasses pretend gang. :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m not one acting stupid putting my tag on other peoples’ turf, then going missing two days later. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that people should take responsibility for what they do. I said more than once that I don’t feel any kind of pity towards people who play russian roullete and shoot themselves, nor people who poke a bobcat with s short stick and are clawed to death, nor towards soldiers who are killed in combat, nor towards people who bet their houses in a poker game and lose it. These kids made me add a new item to my list: I don’t feel any kind of pity towards kids who pretend to be a gang and then mess up with a real gang.

Besides, they deserve at least a Honorable Mention at Darwin Awards. If they happen to be found dead, then they deserve the Award itself.

Wanna join my gang? :stuck_out_tongue:

Only if you gimme guns. By the way, I forgot to say this in my previous post: supervisors sounds really lame for a gang name.

I agree. Totally lame name. The best case scenario would be if this other gang abducted them all and are now scaring the shit out of them.

It’s a wannabe pretend gang composed of grade 7’s, what do you expect?

Not much. Especially if carrying a butter knife makes them feel tough.

Gangs suck.

I can tolly imagine tommorow you go missing.

gangs wouldn’t touch me with a fifty foot pole.