The Strike and Spoiler tags buttons.

Greetings everybody.

Love those [STRIKE]strike[/STRIKE] and spoiler tags buttons. Did you make them or did they come with the board? I’ve been working on an Invision Free board and wanted to add them, but I can’t seem to. Do you think I can do it?

I tried asking in the Final Fantasy Compendium board about this and I was advised to bring the question here.

Why would you ask in the FFC? Oh well.

I remember having a list of scripts one can put onto a PHP based forum. Invision is PHP, correct? But, it’s been a while. Sometime this week I’ll search for it.

Because he said it as a side comment, Setz.

I made the Strike one actually. Since the Strike and Spoiler were custom vBs, they weren’t included with the board.

Thanks, a spoiler tag is the last thing I need before launching my board (that and a custom layout but we’re working on that), so I’ll be looking forward to it :ark:

How do you get the [STRIKE]strike[/STRIKE] and spoiler buttons to show up, anyhow?Gotcha!

You have to edit the templates for the reply field. Just basically copying something like the Bold Italics Underline tags and replace the proper fields.

So what we need now is to locate the reply field templates and to be told the code to put in there.
I’ll start looking for bold and italics then, that part shouldn’t be difficult.

Actually <strike> tags <strike>already exist</strike> in standard HTML. The spoiler tag is something new.

Sorry to bump but I was wonder… were you able to find that script Setz?

Oh and Xelopheris, I’m not completely sure, but I think Invision doesn’t let you check the code for default buttons.
Too bad, maybe I could have done it on my own in that case.

If you’re using the free Invision, then no, but the payed one does.

The free one.
But we could add two more colors to the font color button, so maybe it is still possible to add new buttons.

I never use the buttons anyway, I always use the code.