The strangest eBay auction evar.

Roffle my waffles?

I can’t fucking believe there are 41 bids for that. Then again, it’s an approved-bidder only auction, so it may all be a joke between a bunch of friends


Someone has WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too much time on their hands.

That is the greatest auction ever.

You can tell so badly that that guy made up that whole thing, waffles dont put themselves on a plate, and the dont drive a toy car that isnt even a remote control car. I cant believe people are stupid enough to actually this crap. Let alone buy the waffles that have marker on them. This wolrd is going to end soon…It was nice knowing you all, well not really, kinda wish i didnt know some of you, but thats a different story.

I think I’ve found the problem.

If they came with free peanut butter on them… I’d be all up in that shit.

It’s called a joke, dumb ass. It’s supposed to be obviously made up, the absurdity of the whole thing is supposed to be the humor. Sure, it’s not funny at all, but you really should get a sense of humor.

What is even more absurd is the fact that someone out there toyed around with waffles and nintendo and the like. Hee hee. Talk about using your time wisely.

forget what i posted, i changed my mind.

I’m just interested in the Roflcopter that they tried to fly away in after using the phone.

I want what they were smoking when they made this.

That is the single greatest ebay auction ever! Even greater than the guy who tried to sell his own kidney, and the bidding got up over 5 million before the auction was pulled.

Most entertaining auction I’ve ever come across.

Humour on EBay, how weird.

$65 CD, just ouch.

Wow. I didn’t expect it to be that big. I just kinda started reading and was like “omg wtf?!”

Quite entertaining. :slight_smile:

You guys read all through that?
And actually, I’m not even sure that the 41 bids are just between friends. It’s the promotion, trust me. Flashy colors. A language all aol-ers can understand =p It’s the single reason why the Bill gates paper doll book has no bids so far, and this thing has over 40.