The Story of a Half-Mystic. An Asellus novelization.

Hi I was bored to write this Novelization of Asellus’s quest from Saga Frontier. Keep in mind this is my first real thing so don’t be completely evil. Feel free to share any comments or suggestions. I will be using the human ending for this.

Chapter:1 Awaken to a world of tyranny and beauty.

Gina lived in Facintaru with the master tailor for three years as a maid. More specifically she lived in Rootville, a place ruled by the mystics of Chateau Aigulle. She found an attic filled with dresses given to mystics from Chateau Aigulle. They say they are for the prince that has been asleep for ten years. Gina so wanted to see him and she wished he would wake up. Little did she know that this “prince” would change the mystic world forever.

Somewhere in Chateau Aigulle a woman with emerald hair woke up. She was wearing a t-shirt that was mauled and covered with blood. She heard a voice.

“Good, you’re awake,” The voice said without a hint of caring. A man with green hair of a darker shade then the girl’s appeared. He was wearing a violet robe over a suit of armor.

“Who are you, Where am I,” the girl asked. As she said this she started to notice her strange environment. There was a mosaic of a rose on the floor, strange crystals that served as lamps and crimson drapes that tried to hide the purple light shining in the room. Then she asked, “What Happened?”

“I am not here to answer your pointless questions. I am only here to tell my lord when you are awake.”

“Tell who, my aunt,” The girl asked.

“You still do not know, you are in Facinitaru ruled by Orlouge.” The girl was about to ask who Orlouge was but he had already disappeared. She tried to recall what had happened. She remembered.

“I got run over by a… carrige?” She found the fact that people were still using carriges to be strange.

“I have to find out where I am,” she said to herself. She thought that this might be a dream, but that idea was quickly gone when she stubbed her toe on one of the crytals and felt pain. She went out the door and found the rose mosaic and crystal lamps to be a recurring theme. Their was one major difference. There were coffins. The girl’s heart skipped a beat. The coffins were made of glass and entwined with roses. After the shock she headed out and found herself in a corridor. The corridor was a series of pedastals made out of branches with glowing roses. The pedastals were connected by purple stairs. She went down and found a split. She went left and discovered that Chateau Aigulle was actually a huge tree with twisting, contorted branches. The gril thought the tree conflicted with the beautiful interior. She went up the spiraling branches and found herself in a small room with a strange pond. She touched the pond. Her finger had formed an unusually large ripple. Then flower petals cam out and started spinning around her. Then the first room melted away and she found herself in a similar room. She left the room and found herself in a room filled with white roses. She went to the center of the room. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her side. The girl fainted and started to bleed. A man with hair as white as the flowers stood with a sword dripping purple blood. He quickly vanished.

Up in the balcony a voice remarked, “Purple blood?” She woke up and found the flowers purple. The soil had absorbed the blood and the flowers were showing it. She noticed that her shirt was damp with blood again. Shen noticed with amazement that her blood was purple. Even stranger was the fact that she had no wound. The girl went back to the teleportation pond and descended to the bottom of the tree. She went into the first entrance she came to, and found that she was in another corridor much like the first, but with only one path. She followed and she came across the entrance of the castle. It had three pathways, not including the one she had exited. One was a stairway leading to the exit with pillars with the glowing crystal on either side. Another was a stairway going up much like the one she had entered this room from. The last, and the one she entered, was in the middle of the room with a beautiful carpet in front of it. She found herself in the throne room.

"The mystic on the throne asked, “What is your name?”

“Asellus,” she replied thinking about how rude it was to ask someone their name before introducing yourself. He seemed to like her name which he expressed with a small smile.

“Shouldn’t you tell me your name,” Asellus asked. All the people in the room replied at once, but the one she caught was aid by the white haired man.

“Ruler of the Facintaru, lord of the castle, Mystic Lord Orlouge.”

“Mystic? I am a human. I should have no business with you. May I go home,” she asked.

“You saw your purple blood you are no longer human.” Asellus could not believe this.

“You were stabbed by Ciato, but you have no wound. You were dead, only living because I gave you some of my blood whe I ran you over. Mystic blood is blue, blue and red make purple. You are a half mystic. You have an obligation to our knigdom. Illdon! you are to take care of her. Teach her the ways of the mystic , take her to White Rose to teach her manners and get her some decent clothes.”

“Yes my lord,” said the man with the green hair. He turned to Asellus who was still taking this all in.

“Accept your fate.” With that last remark said, he vanished.

Not bad, Dude! Asellus’ story is probably the best of all the ones in SAGA FRONTIER, and very much deserving of being novelized. It may be a difficult task, tho. You gotta make sure you research it well. This place will help you (it even reveals some secrets the game doesn’t!)

The first chapter suffers from the usual spelling and punctuation problems most online fanfics suffer from. I recommend you always run your chapter thru a spellchecker before posting them.

Also, I would recommend that you split your paragraphs into smaller ones. This avoids the feeling of run-on sentences, and helps create more suspense (which Asellus’ story needs.)

Oh, and you have to choose between the THREE possible endings of the story… Which one is up to you, but remember to feature the events/choices that lead to the one you choose.

Good luck!

Thank you. I’ve already decided which ending to use.
Edit: I read through that and I don’t think I’ll use that much. It was entertaining, but I’m trying to stick to the stuff only mentioned in her game. Some of the stuff I think was thought up by using all the quests such as Orlouge getting put in jail.

Sorry for the double post but it is time for a new chapter. I plan on continuing this to the end. Tonight’s chapter is a really long one, so enjoy.

Chapter Two
A Suit, a Friend and a Rebellion

Asellus stood there for a while taking it all in. Illdon interrupted the silence.

“Let’s Go”

“Where,” replied Asellus.

“To get you a dress. There is a shop in Rootville. Be grateful we are taking such good care of you.” They left the Chateau and headed for Rootville. Rootville was a place filled with small houses and the glowing crystals that attempted to brighten the dark village. Illdon led Asellus to the shop. They entered and were greated by Gina. Illdon told them to get the dress and Asellus cam down dressed in a suit. After all the strange things that had happened to her this did not suprise her.

Illdon suggested going to see White Rose. He told her that White Rose’s chamber’s were on the upper, right-hand tower. They crossed a bridge and entered White Rose’s room. The first room was full of coffins like the first except the room was mostly white instead of the deep crimson of her own room. They went to the back and White Rose’s coffine shone with a strange light. White Rose was awake. She wore a beautiful dress and had a crown of white roses covering her brown hair. Illdon introduced her to Asellus. After all this, Asellus felt incredibly tired. She went back to her room and Illdon and White Rose left giving her some time slone. She went to sleep and When she woke up one thing was one her mind, escape.

Asellus decided that Rootville was the best place to go to leave so she went there. She found that one of the houses was locked, but there was nothing else that seemed that it would be helpful so she went back to the Chateau feeling depressed. As she was heading up the stairs to go to her room she saw Ciato. She ignored him, but then he said, " I guess you don’t want to know how to leave."

“Tell me,” Asellus said.

“Go to the bar in Rootville and talk to the human.” After telling her this he disappeared.

"hy is he doing this,"Asellus thought. She went back to Rootville and entered the bar. She found a human and asked him how to leave.

" If you want to leave you better have money," he said.

“I’ll get some,” Asellus said.

“Good, here’s a key to the locked door. Go through the secret passage, and don’t forget my money,” he replied. Asellus decided that White Rose might have some money and that she was trustworthy. She did not have any money but she had some gold lying around. As they were leaving White Rose explained everything. She told Asellus about how most people become Princesses and why they were in coffins. As they were leaving they met a mystic with orange hair. He made some strange remarks before disappearing. Then two mystics appeared.

One said, “Did you speak to Zozma?”

The other said, " How dare he sneak into the castle, but he still might be around."

“So, his name is Zozma,” Asellus said to herself. As they were heading out Asellus saw a corridor she had never been in before. It was a room like hers and White Rose’s, but it was gold. White Rose introduced it as Princess Lion’s room. There was yet another corridor Asellus failed to detect on her first passage through. This was another one of those rooms, but instead of gold, white, or crimson this one was purple. White Rose said this was Princess Rei’s room. She explained that she had escaped by killing herself and was reborn as a human.

They continued to Rootville and Asellus decided to go in a new door. She found herself in a shop owned by a goblin. He asked why she inherited Orlouge’s blood and White Rose explained. He asked if she wanted to buy something. She picked a long, blood red sword known as the Asura. The goblin pulled out a strange jar and pointed it at Asellus. She suddenly felt as if the wind had been knocked out of her. Then she felt it come again and she was taking short labored breathes. There was one final attack and her vision got blurry and she blacked out. When she awoke the strange device had three glowing wisps in it.

“I’m surprised you survived. The three life force cost of the Asura kills most people,” the goblin said. Asellus staggered out of the store, still dizzy. White Rose chanted a quick spell. A glowing star descended on Asellus, revitalizing her.

“Is that better,” White Rose asked. Asellus nodded. The two went to the locked door. A slime opened a secret passage and they entered. White Rose asked Asellus where she found this out, and she told her about Ciato. This worried White Rose, but she shrugged it off.

“Great monsters,” said Asellus.

“Don’t worry,” replied White Rose. Two frogs had seen them. Suddenly three light purple gems appeared on White Rose. One was on the palm of her hand, another was on her waist and a final one was a few inches below her right knee. They all let out a purple aura that formed a glove on her hand, a sword one her waist, and a boot on her right leg.

“What is that,” Asellus asked.

“I’ll explain later,” replied White Rose as she struck one of the frogs with the glowing sword. The frog dissolved into innumerable particles that all flowed into the gem on her waist. Asellus tried to attack with the Asura but the attack turned into a flurry of attacks ending with a huge overhead slash. The attacked left her tired. Both of these attacks finished the frogs off with one hit.

“Will you tell me what that was now, and can I borrow a sword. This one brings me into a combo, but it really tires me out,” Asellus asked.
White Rose tossed her a sword and started to explain.

“Whoever created these worlds created a balance. Humans gain stronger by training. We mystics live forever. Of we could become stronger by training we could train for all eternity and becom invincible. We absorb power from monsters. Monsters do not give us the flexibility or dexterity needed to perform the sword, fighting and gun techniques humans use. We learn the attacks monsters use. Each of our weapons can contain a different technique for each monster. I absorbed a frog in my sword and learned gremlin touch, but if I absorbed it into my boot it would be kick and if it was my glove it would be water gun. Do you understand?”

Asellus nodded they continued through the cave taking out the frogs and other monsters that stood in their way. They even fought a few uncivilized mystics, but they were easily defeated. They got to the end of the cave and found that the human wasn’t there and Illdon had caught up to them.

“Please Illdon, I will take her punishment!” cried White Rose.

“I’d rather die then go back,” Asellus yelled. Much to everyone’s surprise she jumped off the nearby cliff. She landed on a piece of metal a few feet down. The human urged them to get on the plane. Illdon mumbled something, but Asellus could not hear it over the roar of the plane. With that they flew off.

The novelization pops up again. Sorry it took so long if anyone is reading this. Blame Fire Emblem for being such a great game. On to the next chapter.
A Mermaid’s Imprisonment

“What’s wrong,” Asellus asked.

“Orlouge will be upset,” White Rose said.

“Don’t worry.” Meanwhile Ciato was reporting Asellus and White Rose’s escape. Orlouge seemed intrigued but his face turned sour when he remembered that White Rose was gone.

Asellus and White Rose left the plane and found themselves in the beautiful port town of Owmi. The warm sun was shining and the water was catching the sun and reflecting it right back. The town had a small river flowing through the middle of the town and the two halves of the town were connected by a small bridge. As they were crossing the bridge Asellus noticed some flower petals in the water. White Rose noticed it too.

“They’re forming letters. I think it says Water Mystics are looking for their missing daughter. By the way, water mystics are mystics that live in the water,” White Rose said. After talking to some of the locals, Asellus decided the best place to look was the Lord’s Manor. After following one woman’s directions they found themselves in front of a huge, three story, symmetrical building. They entered and the lord of the manor came down. They explained to him about the water mystics. He told the two that they could talk with her but they could not leave the manor, and he led them to the water mystic’s room. They found a mermaid in the room. She could tell that White Rose and Asellus were nobles and she introduced herself as Mesarthim. She told them that she had lived in the lake but had gotten caught in a fisherman’s net. She told them that the master had been kind, but she could not stand humans. Asellus offered to find a way out of the manor and Mesarthim joined them.

After a few minutes of wandering around the manor they found themselves in the basement. The basement was full of monsters, but it was full of treasure. Fortunately, they found out that Mesarthim was a skilled fighter. After descending a few floors they found that they were at the top of a stairway. At the bottom was a giant squid blocking the bottom, but he could not climb the stairs.

Mesarthim seemed to have seen the squid before and said to Asellus, “Hurry, put this on.” She had given Asellus a blue piece of armor that had a design of an elf calming a fierce sea storm. The three went down and engaged the squid.

“Use the Asura on this enemy!” shouted White Rose. Before they could attack the squid summoned two tornadoes that surronded the three, sucking up all the moisture in the air. Then the tornados merged in front of them, creating one huge tornado. They thought it was going to fly into them,but all it did was float in the air and disappear. However, the water had not disappeared and it hung in the air before crashing down on the three. Asellus’s armor shielded her with a brilliant blue glow. Mesarthim, being a mermaid, was unaffected. White Rose was not so lucky. The tremendous power of the water had caused her to faint. Asellus went over and used the Asura’s combo on the squid while Mesarthim did something strange. She used her mystic sword to cut her wrist and as soon as the first drop of blood touched the ground, rain started to fall. The rain revitalized all of them and they were ready to continue the fight. The two mystics assaulted the beast with their mystic swords while Asellus slashed at it with the Asura. The beast could not take much of this and it was quickly defeated.

At the bottom of the stairs was a corridor leading to a pool of water. Mesarthim could tell it led out and the three said their farewells. Asellus had done her first thing to help the mystics and she hoped it would not be the last.

Orlouge’s Henchmen

White Rose and Asellus became closer friends each day. Orlouge heard of this and summoned Ciato. Ciato in turn summoned the Fire, Water, and Green Sages and gave them the same orders.

“What should we do now,” asked White Rose as they headed toward the plane.

“We should see my aunt. She lives in Shrike.” They caught a plane to Shrike and went to Asellus’s house. When they got there, Asellus’s aunt was outside watering the flowers.

“Do I know you,” she asked.

“It’s me, Asellus. Do you not recognize me because of my green hair?”

“Y-y-you must be a ghost. Asellus died twelve years ago,” she said before bolting into the house. Asellus felt shocked. She must have slept for twelve years and only mystics slept that long. The thought that she was becoming one scared her.

Suddenly a voice said, “Princess White Rose it is time for you to return to the castle, or will you disobey Orlouge and go against his wishes.”

Asellus quickly drew the Asura before shouting, “You will not harm her!"

“Fine then you will die.” Asellus and White Rose found themselves battling a mystic covered in scarlet armor and carrying a blood red sword. Asellus charged in starting the Asura combo, while White Rose started to cast a spell. The spell was called Phantasm Shot. It summoned a magic ring that conjured up an illusion of a sacred beast. The illusion released mystic energy on the mystic harming him. The mystic countered by releasing a tongue of flame, dousing Asellus in the burning fire. Asellus responded with the Asura, weakening the mystic considerably. The mystic was finished off by another Phantasm Shot. White Rose looked as if she couldn’t decide whether to go back to Orlouge or go with Asellus.

“Don’t go White Rose. You’re the only one who understands me,” said Asellus. White Rose gave her a smile that told her not to worry. Asellus noticed a gem where the mystic had been standing. It was similar to the ones on White Rose.

White Rose noticed it to and said, “Here’s your chance to become a mystic.” Asellus did not have to think twice. She quickly ground the gem into dust with the heel of her boot.

“We should go train. Orlouge will send people to fight us so we must be ready,” said White Rose.

“Let’s go to Sei’s tomb. They have weak monsters that we should be able to defeat,” Asellus responded. The two went north to Sei’s Tomb. They reached a small cliff and jumped down and crossed a small creek. On the other side of the creek was a wall of rock with a hole in it. As they entered another mystic appeared. This one was covered in dark blue armor. He was carrying a large shield and he had a sword, but it was smaller then the previous mystic’s. This one was tougher. He used his sword for quick jabs and his shield to deflect their attacks. Once he pinned Asellus against a wall with a stream of water until she had fainted because of lack of oxygen. White Rose quickly healed her and the battle continued. Fortunately, the combo of White Rose’s magic and Asellus’s sword worked well on him too. Soon he was defeated.

The two continued to explore the cave. They found that training together was fun. The enemies were easy to defeat, but they could feel that they were quickly becoming stronger. They found lots of treasure and developed tactics for evading enemy attacks and defeating them faster. When they left they were tired, but happy.

“Were should we go next,” asked White Rose.

“How about the Shingrow Ruins? I always wanted to see them,” replied Aselllus.

“That would be fun, and we could fight the monsters there,” said White Rose. They went to the Shrike Port flew to Koorong and from there flew to Shingrow. As they entered the ruins a third mystic appeared. This one was wearing a green robe and carrying a long staff. He had skulls floating around him.

“Don’t get too close,” yelled White Rose. Asellus pulled out a gun she found in Sei’s Tomb and fired a few shots. After using all her bullets she tried to reload, but the mystic let out a horrific scream. The scream’s sonic waves tore into to her. The evil sound was eroding her body and mind. The attack had even eroded all of the bullets she had. The only thing left was the Asura. Thinking quickly, she threw it at the mystic. It hit the target and the mystic was defeated. White Rose had been casting Phantasm Shot, but she noticed that the mystic was defeated. She healed the hurt Asellus who looked better but still drained. White Rose could tell that she was too tired to explore the ruins.

“I want to relax. Let’s go to Kyo’s garden,” said Asellus.

While this was happening Orlouge was watching with disgust. He had sensed that Princess Lion had awakened. She asked of she could try to bring White Rose back. He figured it wouldn’t hurt so he decided to let her try.

The pair arrived in Kyo as planned. Kyo was a small town split by a series of small rivers and creeks, but connected by small bridges. The garden was a small area filled with golden and red leafed trees. There was a small pond in the center that some of the fallen leaves were floating lazily on. After admiring the beauty for a few seconds a woman with blond hair wearing bronze armor and carrying a long, slender sword and a small, round shield appeared.

“Princess Lion, I hear you are the bravest of all mystics,” gasped White Rose.

“I hear you are the kindest, but I am still going to take you back to Orlouge. Now draw your blade,” she commanded. Asellus could tell just by looking at her that she was strong. She had absorbed three mystic abilities and it seemed that each was there to enhance her ability to use her sword. She managed to keep the two off balance by alternating between her sword strikes which were simple but powerful and her mystic abilities. The two were quickly being weakened. Then Asellus thought up a strategy. It was a simple one, but it worked wonderfully. Asellus went up and parried all of Princess Lion’s sword blows, while White Rose cast Phantasm Shot. She was easily defeated this way, but she was not bitter. She seemed rather proud of the two. White Rose warned her that she would be punished.

“For you two I can take any punishment,” she replied. As they were leaving Illdon showed up.

“Do we have to fight you too,” Asellus asked.

“No, Rastaban asked me to protect you. Ciato is coming.”

“I don’t need your help,” Asellus replied.

“Ciato defeated Rastaban and grew stronger by absorbing his energy. Rastaban requested that I protect you.” She considered it and decided that any help was welcome, so she let him join.

“We need to train you to fight. I know a man skilled with a sword. We meet him in Koorong backstreets,” Illdon continued. They flew back to Koorong. This was the first time that they had been outside the port. Koorong was a bright city filled with neon signs and a wide variety of people. This was a town that you did not want to find yourself alone in a dark alley. Regardless the three made their way to the outskirts.

Ciato appeared to them in the outskirts and said, “I absorbed power from Rastabn. If I absorb your power I will be unstoppable.” Ciato transformed into a knight wearing heavy grey armor. He had wings that were the same color of his armor allowing him to float slightly. His only weapon was a crossbow. His main attack was phantasm Shot. Once he flew into the air and tried to ram into someone, but Illdon noticed what he was doing. He quickly cast a spell that conjured up a thick wall of glass around Asellus. Right before he hit Asellus he hit the glass. The glass shattered and impaled him with the shards. White Rose finished him off with her own Phantasm Shot. Before they could kill him he vanished. Asellus was confused. Orlouge would have a punishment waiting for him that would be much more painful then him dying here.

“Mystics live so long that they fear death. He knows Orlouge will punish him, but he thinks it won’t be as bad as dying,” explained Illdon. After he made this comment he continued to lead them through the outskirts.