The start of WW3,12858,1416319,00.html

The alliances form.

Well, it’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel a little bit gassy but otherwise I’m fine.

(Let’s see if this turns out to be the end of humanity, or is just another no-show like the Black Death and the Cuban Missile Crisis.)

The black death was a no-show? A third of europe died dude :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought Iran and Syria and Lebanon were already in alliance against the UN and US? Is this really that new?

I hope Canada stays out of this one. That’s all I can say.

Oh, for the love of…!!! >_< throws her hands up and leaves

I read about this earlier and I’m not happy. Iran really seems to be pushing for war and taking the pre-epmtive action this time. I think that they are counting on us being in Iraq and being strained from that. Iran doesn’t realize that more countries are willing to go there though.

Which ones?

As long as Stephen Harper isn’t the PM, Canada will probably be safe.

What are you talking about? Harper’s a good Canadian man. He wouldn’t war over this shit. He’s more concerned with repairing the proverbial damage done by the Liberals.

Edit: Shit, I’m doing that thing where I have too much faith in people again, aren’t I?

Harper’s scum and that’s the end of it. Search your heart, you know it to be true /vader

Always so cheery, Sinistral. :slight_smile:


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“It has begun…may God help us all.” -FDR at the start of WW2

It’s in times like these that I am so glad nobody in the world gives a shit about my country. Hope everyone gets trough it alright.

That… one. Y’know, with the… girrafles…

wheee. Somehow I have a feeling that the balance of power in the world will be shifting in a big way in the next 10 years or so.

Well, fuck.
That’s all I’ve got to say…

Thus, the following countries may intervene:

Wtf^3. Maybe people will finally come to visit me in China! :smiley: If we stay here, that is.

All the more reason to become a Canadian citizen. I’m seriously looking into it.