The Spirit of RPGC

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I’m n radical leftist in my right wing family and radically right country.
I’d hardly call this country a radically right country. A radically right country is Iran.

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I’d hardly call this country a radically right country. A radically right country is Iran.

You’re a radically right-handed person.

But that doesn’t say anything on your political tendencies, Bostonian.

You say Bostonian like that’s an insult. You askin’ for an ass-whoopin’?

Hey. Is Merlin from Boston?


Then he’s a Bostonian, and if you can whup my ass for making fun of Boston even though I didn’t (It’s not like I said Bostonians suck and I don’t because Merl r teh dev0l.), I can whup yours for making fun of french-canadians, thank you.

Hey, I ain’t dissin’ French-Canadians. I’m 1/4 F-C.

And I’m not dissing Boston because Boston…I dunno, seriously. I have no freaking ties with Boston, but there’s a lot more towns to make fun of.

Like Albuquerque.

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Hey, I ain’t dissin’ French-Canadians. I’m 1/4 F-C.

Yeah, well I’m 100% French Canadian ^^

I’m 100% Friggin’ Loony.

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One spot was left in that puzzle… one piece that would be my girlfriend (yes, I now have a girlfriend thank you very much, and she’s almost a spitting image of Princess Zelda).

<img src=“”> Congrats.

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I’m 100% Friggin’ Loony.

I’m the mayor(ess?) of Crazy. Wanna be a Congresswoman? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, I’ll be a congreswoman, MAYOR.

You be dissin’ mayors?

I promised 5 more shrines, and I promise to at least finish this season of Get Wise. I just wish that before I leave for good that I start to see RPGC back to the way it once was, instead of the endless bickering that I see constantly.

Case and point. goes back to shrining

What are you talking about Ave? Coke is much better than Pepsi! You Sux0rs! C0k3 r0x0rs j00r b0x0rs!


I’ve only been here a couple months, but it has changed. For instance, since Manus came, alot of people blantatly attack him (Reason or none). But Kagon is right, the only thing that is perminant is change itself.

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You be dissin’ mayors?

No, I be dissin’ yo lack of good grammar.

Sigh… :fungah:

you have much to learn about soda, wizardmaster.

Coke is AWESOME! Vanilla coke is the best thing ever! EVER!!! Sorry Mr. “Pepsi Blue”.

Yeah, Pepsi’s commercials are way too desperate and Coke-bashing and not funny. Coke’s commercials are about polar bears, which can kick Pepsi’s commercials ass any day :stuck_out_tongue: Hence, Coke is better :stuck_out_tongue:

people! it is just frickin’ soda!

…besides, mountain dew is the best.

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At least, I always was a cynical, cruel, and evil, little bitch: Some things do not change. nod, nod

No argument here…
I think RPGC will just grind on, dropping the dumbasses along the way, and keeping the good members with it.

As a side note, I bumped F12 while typing, and found a popup blocker in Opera :stuck_out_tongue: