The Spirit of RPGC

Lately I have been shocked to my very foundation, as I was forced to rethink my opinion of people whom I know through these boards, those people that to me are the embodiement of RPGC. I have seen these boards go from a bastion of life, creativity and humor into these dead and lifeless entities that they are today. The constant cynicism and downright mocking attitude of many of the new and old members has brought me to the realization that not all of whom I speak to are as polite and civilized as I had thought them to be. While the obvious choice is Manus, he has not been the only target of such attacks in recent times. I dont care about the blame that either party places at the other feet, all have their noses bloodied and none can walk away from this clean. That such blatently disrespectful and offensive behaviour can come from those whom I hold in high esteem makes this a bitter pill to swallow indeed. While I do not long for the “glory days” (mainly because they had their own set of problems) I believe that an effort has to be made to inject some hiumor and good-will back into these boards. The spirit of RPGC, that which I held very dear indeed, is dead, cold and shrivelled as I hold it to my breast. As cold as those without heart and without soul. I know not if I will stay, but that is neither here nor there. I only hope that some of what we had can be regained, for what we lost is precious indeed.

Our sense of community.

Thank you for listning to the ravings of a tired, cold and lonely old man.

Wow, that red wine made you really drunk. Anyway, nice speech, I haven’t really been around long enough to make any comments on how this isn’t like the glory days, but after a while everything starts to become worse over time.

(Apart from alcohol apparently)

You can’t escape the law of entropy.

Let’s not talk about “the good ole days”, shall we? This will only bring people down, and decide to leave this place for good and crap like that. Things WILL get better, I’m sure of it.

Things get better when I’m not around.

Big whoop, I’m staying.

Shut up, old man, before we put you in the home.


Right. Anyway, I wouldn’t consider these forums dead by a long shot. Maybe there’s more harsh words and confrontation, sure. But there’s always been a little of that, and a big piece of it is and has been Sin or SK telling people [myself included on occassion] that “You’re Wrong” in their own special way. Yeah, it’s not always pleasant when they do so. Maybe they’ve increased their aggression.

And yes, I’ve noticed Manus drawing a lot of flak, some of it excessive.

But in my view there’s still an abundance of good will here, and while I’ll agree that hostility has increased a little bit (and that ugly “anti-newbie-ism” is starting to show up even here) it’s still miniscule compared to other places I’ve been (i.e. this still has that special feel of community as far as I’m concerned).

Also, remember that we live in darker times than “the good old days.” Which makes it a little more natural to be on edge and harsh and angry. I dunno if RPGC tended to shy away from The Big Debates in the “good old days” but we certainly don’t now. And if we did, that would account for more of what you’re seeing. After all, nothing brings out the personal insults and heated words quite like discussing Religion, Abortion, War, and of course most serious of all, Coke v. Pepsi.

So, to sum up:

Still lots of good feeling and friendliness on this board.

Meanies on the rise but still well below the norm for an internet discussion board.

People are darker because the world sucks more than usual the last year or so.

Very well said. :smiley:

It would take frogs, locusts and pestilence to make ME leave this place! :slight_smile:

Whatever you’re smoking is some pretty powerful stuff.

RPGC has been changed since I came (and that was december of last year). Feels like a much less positive attitude.

Pepsi is better than Coke.

There will always be problems. Some times will be worse than others really Right now there’s been a bit of tension and sour moods possibly due to some of the stuff that’s happen lately sitewise (2nd deletion and some staff issues) or a lot of the stuff that’s gone on either globally or personally for people. I know for myself and some others, there’s been a lot of crap brewing in their personal lives, so it’s possible that some of the attitudes might have been altered due to that.

You also have to look at it this way- the supposed glory days of old was a small community. Hell, you could count the regular posters that weren’t staff on your hands then- Eden, Sorc, Hades, X, Dai, and Vicki amongst a few others. Sure, the board weren’t as active, but they might have seemed livelier and just a generally better place because there weren’t as many people. You felt more tightknit to a smaller community.

The community has grown since then. We’ve gone from one a small one on the Miva boards (can’t really say much about those since I wasn’t at the boards back then) to here. The number of regulars has increased exponentially. You aren’t going to have the same atmosphere since, simply put, the community isn’t the same. We’ve had quite a few old regulars leave, and tons of new ones appear. You just gotta get use to that.

I don’t think the spirit of RPGC has gone, and I don’t think it ever will. We’re still the same guys trying to do stuff the same way we always have. Yeah, people and times change, but there’s not much that can be done about it. There’s nothing to be pessimistic about- things will improve. You’ve got to ride through the low times to get back to the high ones.

Pft. RPGC will never die!

I plan on attending the site and chat as long as I live.

Originally posted by OmegaflareX
Whatever you’re smoking is some pretty powerful stuff.

You mean me, or Shalcar?

Cuz I don’t smoke. [I pop pills like there’s no tomorrow, though. Mmmmm…pills…]

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have been growing more cynical because of whats going on around me, globally and personally (as more than one person has mentioned). I might not even be considered a nice, or even a tolerable guy anymore. I’m n radical leftist in my right wing family and radically right country. My father recently survived a bout with cancer, I did horribly in school, and nobody wants to talk to me. I’m very lonely, I guess.

To top it off, one of my only reliefs, RPGC, has filled with people who can’t tell their hand from a sausage or a book.

I have been extremely depressed, and I’m not exactly an optimist anymore, as I have succumbed that there isn’t MUCH I can do about my situation.

Sorry about that sobstory, as I know someone will just tell me to quit whining, and then I can feel even more fucking wonderful about myself.

Grah, whine all you want RPGC is RPGC. And I doubt this thread will do anything about it.

It might actually change people a bit. (Except Orian :P)

Well, I’ll stay here until the end of time, or until I lose interest. Whichever comes first.

Hmmm, my thoughts on this topic. I really do agree, when I came here 7 months ago it was pretty much norm but it’s starting to turn into a war zone. But hey, the only advice I can give is don’t be an asshole we have enough of them on here…

At least, I always was a cynical, cruel, and evil, little bitch: Some things do not change. nod, nod

It is something that will happen to all messageboards as they grow, become more pluristic: They lose the feeling of unison they had in the beginning and become more pragmatic. I don’t think anything can hinder that from happening: Except an admin that doesn’t allow new members.

In these last few months, I’ve been battling some pretty bad health problems. I’m not going into what happened because a lot of us know what happened back in April. Since these events though, I’ve really no longer felt a strong sense of brotherhood among the people here at RPGC that I once felt. It kinda seems as though everybody is going off in their own direction… including myself.

The only reason I stay here is because believe it or not, I have a few friends, a few fans, and a few people who look up to me. By me leaving, never to show up or anything, would be like turning my back on these people… you know who you are.

But after the incident that happened, I had to start piecing my life back together. Like a jigsaw puzzle, I put everything together piece by piece. The picture was clear, except for one thing. One spot was left in that puzzle… one piece that would be my girlfriend (yes, I now have a girlfriend thank you very much, and she’s almost a spitting image of Princess Zelda).

I had my friends (irl and here), my school, my sports, my family, and my girlfriend all in this picture… RPGC wasn’t even in it.

It kinda feels funny. I’ve been feeling for some time now that whatever spirit I had with RPGC, it faded away. One of these days, I will probably be gone once and for all from RPGC. I feel that there is really nothing left for me to do here, and probably a few other people feel that as well. But maybe someday I’ll run my own gaming site, or maybe I’ll come back here, or maybe neither will happen. I guess it would depend on how openly you’d all welcome me back.

I promised 5 more shrines, and I promise to at least finish this season of Get Wise. I just wish that before I leave for good that I start to see RPGC back to the way it once was, instead of the endless bickering that I see constantly.

Originally posted by Orakio
I promised 5 more shrines, and I promise to at least finish this season of Get Wise. I just wish that before I leave for good that I start to see RPGC back to the way it once was, instead of the endless bickering that I see constantly.

Forget about that. Conflicting individuals exist within these walls. Hell, just the 2-D versus 3-D debate would kill this site.