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Okay, folks, the fic’s started, but keep signing up! It’s still wide open!

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Name: GG Crono
Age: 42
Appearance: GG looks very much the same, but time has taken it’s toll on him. He now sports an eyepatch over his left eye, and his dark, purple-tinted hair is accented with some hints of silver. In addition, his right hand is now a fully-functional mettalic prosthetic.
Description: Despite temporrarily settling down to raise his child (whitch no-one EVER thought he could do)GG’s wanderlust has never faded over the years, and is always constantly on the hunt for adventure. He is very protective of his daughter(despite knowing damn well that she can take care of herself), and would sooner die then see her get hurt.

Name: Aya Crono
Gender: Female
Age: 15, but very mature for her age.
Appearance: Fairly average build for a 15-year-old girl, but a little taller than average. Has shoulder-length light purple hair, always tied into a ponytail, and crystal-blue eyes.
Abilities: Aya is quite skilled with her katana, but is not as strong as GG. However, she is much more magically inclined, specialising in healing and support magics. She has also inherrited GG's greatest treasure: The mysterious blue orb that, when invoked, allows her to don a mystical blue armor that amplifies her abbilities greatly.
(If you forgot, the blue orb works kinda like a "limit break", and GREATLY exausts the user after it's use.)
Description: It wouldn't take a genius to tell whose daughter she is. Aya seems to have inherited all of GG's traits...his thrist for adventure, his loyalty to friends and loved ones, and his razor-sharp wit. GG had been training her ever since she was old enough to carry a sword, and she has been adventuring with GG since she was 9. For her tenth birthday, GG gave her her very own katana (Whitch she named "Earthrender" to go with GG's katana, Starcleaver.), which she has become quite skilled with.
She has a very high degree of respect for GG, and is nowhere NEAR as rebellious as most teenagers are. But don't think for a minute that she doesn't have a wild streak. Like GG was at her age, she tends to be reckless in dangerous situations. 
Power level: (I have no clue what to put for this...let's it's about equal to mine around her age.)

Just say I got REALLY drunk once, you were the onyl thign nearby, and it basically writes itself. What do you say?

Part 1: The ME of the future!

Name: Crotanks
Age: 39
Appearance: Taller, more muscular, and a few slight wrinkles. Long brown hair.
Description: After retiring from the military, he married a woman named Artisia who died while giving birth to his son, Aslan. After a few years of raising his son while in medical school, Crotanks is now a doctor at a local hospital, teaching his son the ways of life. Now lives in a small town. Other than that, Crotanks has the same attitude as always.

Part 2: My BRAT of the future!

Name: Aslan
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance: Tall, strong, cool-headed. Long brown hair.
Abilities: Skilled well with a sword and a gun. High agility and stamina.
Description: Lives with father in some small town. Intelligent and has a nice understanding of weapons thanks to his military-retired father. Has the same attitude as his father.
Power level: 3/4 of my own.

This look great. Count me in! :smiley:

Name: Booken the Blue, also known as The Lost Mage
Age: Ageless
Appearance: Looks exactly how he did. The blue caped mage in blue robes. D:
Description: Booken left RPGClassics’s community in a personal quest to find his real home, and accomplish his destiny. He travelled across the globe and found each of the 8 elemental orbs. His power decupled on the following adventure. Calling him an archmage… wouldn’t even touch his skills with the elements. He finally opened a gate to the Holy Mana Land and found the object of his quest, and the truth, the Secret of Mana. He who though himself as a part of the godess, was deceived to find out there was no such thing. The Mana clan, who’m got rarer by the ages, where the key of the Mana tree. The womens became Trees of Mana… and the male wields the holy sword on time of great trouble. Altrought, he wasn’t from the Clan. He was a shard of the old tree, when it shattered into pieces from the power of the Mana Forteress, taking form as a mage and gathering what needed to renew the cycle. After finding his love, who’m became the new Mana Tree, he watch peacefully over the Mana Holy Land, knowing his childrens will eventually come back to him and continue the cycle.

Part 2a: Your BRATs of the future!

Name: Nessa
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Appearance: The same as her mother. Long brown hair and that nice smile. Have teal clothes. :slight_smile:
Abilities: Elemental Magic, related
Description: Was found alongside with his brother. Altrough she didn’t had a weapon with her, there was a Wisp spirit hovering near her. She quickly befriended it. Said Wisp is always with her.
Power level: Half my current experience and power with Elemental Magic. Train on both Offensive and defensive magic.

Part 2b: Your BRATs of the future!

Name: Kaith
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Appearance: Kaith sports a dark red armor, blond hairs, and somewhat a midly musculated body.
Abilities: Skilled swordman, use a sword he had since his childhood
Description: Kaith was dropped in Potos Village alongside with his sister. With him was found a rusty sword. He would give his life to protect his sister, Nessa
Power level: 1/2 as mine to swordmanship as I am to Magic. Altrought he ain’t the best out there, his passion in the fights and the often careless slashs often makes him on par. He’s also learning fast.

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Just say I got REALLY drunk once, you were the onyl thign nearby, and it basically writes itself. What do you say?

That’ll do, but let’s say that I raised her entirely by myself.

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Part 1: The YOU of the future!

Name: Owyn
Age: 42(but looks 29)
Appearance: blond short hair. Blue eyes that on occasion change color and a strange dislike for common clothes. Can become a demon or a spirit at will.
Description: Heir to the throne of dra by marriage only. enjoys wasting away his time at rpgc and going out on adventures on rare occasions. Is 3/4 Human and 1/4 Demon

Part 2: Your BRAT(s) of the future!

Name: Seth
Gender: male
Age: 10
Appearance: Has blue hair golden eyes and dresses like me.
Abilities: has too many abilities. Has the potential to become many times stronger than me. Can use all of my current abilities except my spirit form plus some of his mothers.
Description: Is very active. Can’t stand staying still and loves to run me ragged. Even after reaching 10 he’s still like a 6 year old.
Power level: Lets see. He’s a 1/4 dragon 1/4 orakian 1/3 human and 1/6 Demon. Gotta do 1 hell of a lot of damage.

Name: Sarah
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Appearences: Has golden blond hair and purple eyes. Dresses like a valkery after reading too much fantasy.
Abilities: like her twin brother only less focused on human fighting and more on her much stronger transformations.
Description: Is absolutely insane. Whatever you do do not give this child suger. Not even a god could stop this child when she’s on the sweets.
Power level: Same as her brother. exactly equal.

Late as hell, but what do I have to lose?

Name: PC Glenton
Age: around 50 (still not sure.)
Appearance: Now has silver in his hair, and three scars across his face: Horizontally across his forehead, downward across his left check, and diagnolly across his chin.
Description: Despite the workout thieving gave PC, age was not kind to him, and he find himself getting stiffer and stiffer. He was forced to turn to assasinations and mercenary work to make a living, and has done so for the last five years. Unfortunately, all this killing has worn down on PC, and sapped his own enthusiasm, topped by losing his Dragon Tooth Sword while renting the services of a whore. Currently, he is staying home, just wasting away in his depressing Mid-Life crisis.

My brat:

Name: Alex Miper
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: To make it easy, its the male Alex from Deus Ex 2.
Abilities: Street fighting, street smart, gambling. Also skilled with a pistol, and that glowing blue light-sword dropped by a client of his mother.
Description: Alex was born to a Las Vegas prostitue and one of her clients (PC, of course… don’t ask). His mother died a few months later thanks to a drunk rapist, leaving Alex to be picked up by a very dingy orphanage. He quickly ran away at age 12, with only the reminder of his mother… the blue light-saber like weapon she claimed a client dropped. Since then, he has lived off the streets, mainly by thugging or by hustling money. Since its Las Vegas, he also learned a few con tricks, and some hints about gambaling.

Alex never met his father, nor really cares. While a rather tough punk, with an awful temper, he still remembers his mother foundly. Thus, he often jumps to defend the women of the streets.

Late, late, late…

Name: Weiila
Age: 46
Appearance: Hair nowadays mainly kept in a braid to keep it out of her face when bending over peeps needing healing. Wings have grown about three sizes and are rather irritating because of that (but she STILL won’t let Zero eat them!!). The red dress has been changed to a pair of black pants and a green, knitted sweater with silly little embroideried flowers on.
Description: Married to StarStorm and alternates between keeping his pervertedness in check and stop said pervertness to COMPLETELY spoil their kid, and keeping the healing agency she’s running up. Magus and the other characters still lurk around in the shadows, but edge of their hatred have grown a bit dull lately, especially since the original Kerr irritated the author once too many and ain’t coming back apart from on birthdays.

Part 2: Weiila’s brat

Name: Kerr
Gender: Male
Age: What was he, fourteen? Whaa, I’m such a horrible future mother!
Appearance: Dark short hair, avarage size. The most outstanding feature would be all the hair and the cat ears he got from his dad.
Abilities: High speed and a combination of Star’s and Gallo’s techs, I hear…
Description: Stuck between a cat-boy-man-thingy who likes petting (pets the kitty) as a father and a healer-alternating-as-a-dommie-with-a-whip as a mother kinda sums it up, I’m afraid. Oi.
Power level: Oh my. :stuck_out_tongue: I believe Gallo knows this better than I, having trained him and all.


Um, Video, I’m afraid to ask, but how do you get into thirds and sixths with heredity?

I don’t know if I’m going to submit for this story; my character isn’t very well established yet and, although is virtually immortal, will likely die a virgin.

Yes, a late reply, and I found it!!!

Name: Gemini de la Merkel
Age: Using very complex Chemistry equations, I could figure out that I would be 7.18*10^16 years old.
Appearance: Despite my Age, I would still look 15
Life: I am still the RPG News Reporter/ Very supreme Black Mage that I was a loooong time ago. I still have my traditional Etnie Blast. I still hang out with my twin brother, Glenn, and Joey, who is from Blue Gender.

Brat’s name: Matthew de la Merkel
Age: About 100.
Appearance: A lot like me.
Spells: Simalar spells like me. He learned using the Traditional Merkel Method. He knows how to play with Fire magic (and lots of it.
Life: He was a graduate of the local High School. That’s pretty much all he did. He is an apprentice Black Mage, training under me.
Power Level: After what Glenn, Joey and I have put him through, he could do a lot.

Matt: Daddy! Guess wehat I can do?
Gemini: What?
Matt: BOOOOM!!! a big explosion kills Gemini.
Glenn: Revives Gemini.

Part 1: The YOU of the future!

Name: StarStorm
Age: 47
Appearance: He doesn’t acutally look that much different, except for quite a bit of graying/whitening fur. Still wears loose clothing.
Description: Is now the guildmaster of one of the local thieves guilds, a more noble, Robin Hood-ish one. He trusts his men and treats them well, giving what they don’t need to the poor and opressed of the city. His guild steals only from the rich and corrupt, though fortunately there’s enough in the city to go around. He’s made a lot of enemies… but those who attack his wife, children, or guild are dealt with very efficently: they dont’ even have the time to regret their mistake.

That said, he remains married to his wife, although he is a flirt and a bit of a skirt-chaser (wether he’s caught any, though, he won’t say. Only he and Weiila know for sure). Despite this, he adores his wife and stays by her as much as possible.

With his take from the guild, he also dotes on his children, and would happily spoil them rotten.

Part 2: Your BRAT of the future!]

You all know Kerr…

Name: Angela
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Appearance: Fairly small for her age, not very well developed. She has no fur on her body, and a pair of small wings on her back. She seems to have a lack of ears, which is disturbing, but her ears (a pair of cat ears)are small and usually hidden by her hair. They’re poking out though.
Abilities: In this case, she takes after her mother, and is actually a proficent healer. She shows no interest in her father and brother’s prefered activities, but does have a bit of speed and dexterity. She HAS picked up one or two things though… she can’t help it. She’s not a very skilled combatant.
Description: Young and just entering high school, she’s usually teased for the seeming lack of ears. She has matured quickly (although not completely, she’s still a child), however, and takes it in stride… she just tunes it out now, and stays with her friends. She has yet to enter her rbellious stage, and loved her parents dearly, as they dote on her and teach her what they know.
Power level:
Combat: 40
White Magic: 2300
Black Magic: 0

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I’m late but Galloway said it was alright so here I am.

Part 1: The YOU of the future:

Name: Heaven’s Soldier
Age: 42
Appearance: Pretty much the same, but probably would look wiser. And would have a few battle scars, especially on his arms.
Description: Is now one of the best bodyguards of RPGC. Still uses his Tempest katana, his skills have only gotten better over the past 25 years. His wife (a former bodyguard cilent) brings a lot of joy to his life. He would give his life to protect her, and their son.

Part 2: Your BRAT of the future:

Name: Alexander.

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Medium height and build. With the same black hair as his father (which he always has spiked up), but has his mother’s piercing green eyes. As for his clothes, uses my avatar’s stuff just without the stuff on his wrist.

Abilities: Like his father he has the ability the create wings on his back allowing for fast manouvering. He also has his mother’s ability to tell when people are being untruthful, usually (doesn’t work 100% of the time, only about 75%).

Description: For most of his life his father has trained him in the same style he was. So he has been raised as a protector. Which means his weapon of choice is a blade similar to the Tempest katana, but slightly smaller. He is a very cool and collected person, so is good in a crisis. Also because of his parent’s styles, he has been raised to be an honest and honourable kid.

Power Level: He’s slightly weaker than his father, but he is just as fast. And has a little magic ability (from his mother’s side of the family), so he can do the basic white magic spells.

I’m planning to introduce characters soon, so I’m bumping this up.

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