The Sims 2

Has anyone played it? I’m thinking of getting it.

I’ve never played the Sims, but I think this is kinda stupid.

I mean, they made HOW many expansions for The Sims? And now they’re making a whole new game that will likely be better than the first in every way?

Yeah, I could never quite figure out what the deal was with The Sims. The whole concept seemed kinda dumb to me.

Funnily enough most people seem to hate Sims for one reason or another which sort of makes me to wonder who the hell buys that game anyway. I’d imagine Sims 2 can’t possibly be worse than it’s prequel so, uh, if you want more of the same crap then go for it.

My sister adores The Sims. I tried it once for a few days, got bored. Never played it again.

The Sims is incredibly addictive, and I never even bothered to buy an expansion. I tried to pirate a couple, but two hard drive disasters later let’s just say…I gave up :stuck_out_tongue:

as for the sequel, it makes many improvements. A significant graphical overhaul, for one. Other gameplay changes include the ability to switch neighborhoods, your “children” and their looks and traits are derived from the looks and traits of the parents, and your Sims will die of old age in the sequel.

As opposed to fire, malnutrition, lack of sleep, drowning, and bad hygeine like in the first? ;;>_>

I own the original Sims and I liked it, although I just abused the rosebud cheat and built my dream mansion. :stuck_out_tongue:

But the real question which affects whether you buy it is do we get to see hot action in the Jacuzzi!

Quite contrary, actually. It gets boring and repetitive really fast if you’re expecting it to have some real content. I guess it’s fun if you just want your own Black & White sand box - the doll house edition™.

Sims 2 is out already!? Ahh I want that game. I don’t think my comp meets the requirements for the game though.

I plan on getting it when it comes out (read go to suprnova). Personally I don’t really care what happens to your sims, as long as they bring in enough money for me to play around at making my themed houses I’m perfectly content if they all starve to death in the pool…

Serious, the sims is one of those games that you either love or hate, there’s no real middle ground, but it can be quite amusing.

tell` me the cheats!!! p:unch::

I liked the first one for a while, only it gets boring and annoying when your Sims are unable to do almost anything for themselves

interests- Displays personality and interests.
rosebud- gives you 1000 simoleons
!; - put rosebud in first and copy and paste this code for 200,000 simoleons
autonomy <1-100> - Sets free thinking level.
set_hour <1-24> - Sets game hour.
grow_grass <1-150> - Sets grass growth rate.

I’m looking forward the The Sim 2. I really like the first one. Designing and building a dream home is so much fun when it starts to flesh out. The expansions don’t do much for me though. I got Hot Date (which is siad ot be one of the better expansions) and it took some of the fun away sicne you could build dating areas with no regard for expenses and you couldn’t work to build up the businesses. The console versions were better in some regards since they had goals for you to complete and different environments which was a lot of fun and gave the game focus.

Well, sims was entertaining as an aside. Addictive, even. Sims 2 seems to have a few ideas I could like, as well (namely the whole aging thing and having children grow up)

does anyone know if you can tickle other people other than ribs and extreme?

I really like the Sims and want the sequel but my wonderful laptop can’t handle it.

I just got my guy and girl to get married. Kid’s on the way.

Well, Over here it comes out next month, and I’m getting it for my sister for her birthday. She seems to love the games, but they just don’t do it for me.

I only ever played the original Sims and I thought it was pretty fun. I couldn’t play it for more than an hour at a time… I’d just get bored. But then the next day I’d be roaring and ready to play it again. Eventually I guess I kind of just stopped playing