The Simpsons: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

So I went to see the movie yesterday and basically this thread’s title says it all. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, but of all the pathetic attempts this year this is by far the most accurate conversion to a movie from it’s source material.

So who else has seen the last good movie of the year?

You mean academic year?

I have. It rocked.

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You mean academic year?

No, I mean ‘unless something good comes out of left field within the next 5 months’ year.

Also I forgot to add this during my first post but my favorite scene was when Homer and Marge are getting some romantic mood help from some Disney woodland creatures.

I saw it with some friends on Saturday.

Best line in the movie:


What do you mean, nothing good?

Stardust? Beowulf? The Golden Compass? These aren’t going to be good films? You, sir, are mistaken.

Barney Gumble imitation What’s Beowulf gonna be based on? “Beowulf”?

Except Maggie already said her first word in the tv show.


Just saw it the other day loved it

Stardust does look really good.

Spiderpiiig, spiderpiiig~ ^^

As an assistant manager of a theater, I can say without a smidget of reluctance that The Simpsons is NOT the last good movie we’ll have for the year. Heck, a better movie came out a week later which, at least the theater I work at, took a huge chunk out of The Simpsons ticket sales - a little something called The Bourne Ultimatum.

Superbad (friends saw it at a special screening, they said it was awesome), Shoot Em Up, Beowulf, Stardust (I’ve heard mixed things), Lions for Lambs, I Am Legend (Will Smith movie), The Golden Compass and etc.

You know, I liked The Simpsons but I didn’t think it was THAT great. Knocked Up, what I saw of it, was more engaging to me.

I seem to be taking alot of flak from my previous comment, but to clarify I did use that qualifying unless statement in case there was a movie out there that would be both good and completely unknown to me at the time I stated the comment in question.

On that note, I will admit that I was wrong about Ultimatum. I hadn’t been to impressed with the first two movies and with Die Hard 4 failing my expectations (and I’ll admit to not having high expectations to begin with). My enthusiasm for the movie has since not been as high as it might have been earlier.

As for Stardust, I didn’t even hear about it until the week before it came out in theaters, but in my defense I did state that “I mean ‘unless something good comes out of left field within the next 5 months’ year.” which does cover this as it took me completely by surprise.

I also failed to plan for the contingency of everyone not sharing the same opinion about movies that I do as I’m certain now that at least someone’s going to enjoy movies like Fred Clause and UnderDog.

Lo siento. I took your phrase in a different context; since I would know more about the movies coming out due to my occupation, I forgot that nothing’s really all that “left field” to me but could be to others. Heh.

Underdog…you know what? It seems to me that if you make a kid’s movie its hard to lose. It could be horrible, but it was packed and got a lot of sales. Kids bug their parents and then they have to bring them no matter how bad it might be. Studio’s have a win-win with kids as long as it doesn’t go against stiff competition. There’s some honor in Bratz falling short though. I can’t believe I had to screen it…

…You didn’t like Die Hard? sigh

I saw The Simpsons movie and it is probably one of my favourite movies of the year. It stayed true to the show and was essentially a two hour long episode(hour and half? eh I dunno wasn’t keeping count). The humour was there, the characters personalities… sure some characters didn’t get a big role but what can ya do, it was about the Simpsons.