The Shivao Case

Not much of a compromise.

You can probably guess my stance on it.



but in case not…

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Its ridiculous. A legal guardian has been declared, and he has stated his wish. It should have been over months ago. This kind of shit happens all the time, and those families never make such a big deal about it. <img src=“”>

You are a very evil man.

I’m with the majority of the board though: Is death truly so bad that they have t keep her in a mockery of life? I mean, dear holy mother of fuck, let her GO already.

I disagree with Devillion though. It should have been over YEARS ago. Instead, our dear Republicans are making a big deal about it.

And I know about that Sat: The “Futile Care Act”, right? I find it hilariously ironic and sadly hypocritical that Bush signed that into law when his administration claims to be so pro-life.

Bah. Politicians are idiots. Like I said, it’s time to let her go.

She has no brain and is wasting resources others with a chance of recovery could use. Unplug her.

If you believe in Christianity- just think about this for a moment: God wants her to die.

What? I’m a cruel and inhumane bastard? THINK, damnit. She’s being kept alive by a MACHINE. HUMAN BEINGS. She is not being kept alive through some divine force. She is not being kept alive by anybody but man, and it is probably a sin to keep someone in this state for this long.

I am not a Christian, and so if I’m wrong at all with my interpretations, please correct me.

I’d be with Kaiser on this one, suffering for everyone. <.< But then Nul would miss some fun. And if stuff goes on like this she might be unemployed one day. So naah. Get her away from the screen already. Find some real news, like tsunamis and earthquake. We’re the people, and we want to see scandals. But please, no scandals on a wheelchair.

I know the woman’s parents and her husband are in disagreement about this but it shouldn’t even be up to Jeb Bush. It’s not his wife or his child. He has absolutely no reason to get involved with Schiavo other than being pro life enough to keep a braindead woman in a state of subconsciousness for this long.

That aside, let her die. She’s been in this state for fifteen years now and humanity has proved time and time again that’s virtually incapable of any miracle that will allow Schiavo to suddenly spring back to life. I may be repeating what CC said but she’s being kept alive by fucking MACHINE and she’s showed no signs of recovering.

EDIT: CC, I’m pretty sure your assumption is correct.

The family is just trying to protect one of their members, but geez, she’s not going to get any better…let the poor woman go.

And as for all the people who are protesting her case who don’t even know the family, the people in the media, and the US government: BUTT OUT. IT’S NONE OF YOUR FREAKING BUSINESS. GO BACK TO WATCHING THE JACKSON TRIAL REENACTMENTS ON E!


Robots are people too. =’(


Yeah! Humanity doesn’t force you to have a human body! A soul, a mind, yes, but not a body. Therefore, Terri isn’t human, while Cherry is.

I think it’s sad that her family members who wish to keep her on this form of life support are deluding themselves into thinking that the person they knew is within that shell. I feel sympathy for them, but it’s totally unhealthy. I also think it’s sad that this turned into such an ugly personal affair that people involved wanted thrown into the public forum.

I’ve been reading letters to the editor for weeks about this thing, and I’ve been following the news religiously. I don’t know about in the exact situation in Florida, but when people marry they make a legal committment that their spouses are the ones to make decisions of a life or death sort when no written directive is left. I agreed with one letter that I read… it said something like how the family’s input should be heard, but ultimately it’s the spouse’s decision.

This should be about what Mrs. Schiavo wanted and what would keep her from suffering. I don’t think she’ll ever recover any sort of normal quality of life. Hell, what she does now is reflexive and involuntary from what I understand. I don’t believe her spirit is with her body any longer, and I think it’s been time to let her go.

More than anything I was disturbed by the intrusion of separate branches of government into the mess. The moajority in the current federal government is far too willing to cast off one of its traditionally held beliefs and to abuse power in order to promote its social agenda.

About the only positive thing I see about it is that more and more people are making clear their wishes in case they encounter situations like these in their futures. It’s hard enough on a person’s loved ones to go through such trauma, and it removes such a burden to make one’s wishes clear beforehand.

Let her go. Seriously, if it’s legally the spouse’s choice ultimately, why should the rest of the family be able to cause this huge ruckus just because they can’t? It’s worthless, IMO.

One more thing… did anyone else notice how we should “err on the side of life” when faced with these difficult questions? Good grief, how ironic (or whichever appropriate word it should be).

Yes. Al Sharpton had a worthwhile moment of existence when he brought this up a few days back, asking why the Republicans wouldn’t apply the same principle to the death penalty.

Well, the thing is, that they err’d on the side of life for like, 7 years.

Most of the arguments I’ve heard are about whether or not a person should be kept alive against their will, and to me this is pretty clear cut: let the person die if they want to. However I see the Shiavo fiasco as more than that. It’s about who has the power to enforce the wishes of someone who wants to die. I mean, what if it turned out that Terri in fact did not want to have her plug pulled, and her husband is just lying for his own selfish ends? Not to say this is likely, but it’s possible. And if someone doesn’t want to have their plug pulled, that’s their right, as much as it is their right to die. It becomes an argument about who has the power to speak on behalf of someone who can’t. I really can’t say who I can side with, as it’s tough to keep the issue separate from my own feelings about letting someone die.

I don’t see why anyone would want to NOT have the plug pulled if they don’t have any realistic chance of recovery. No one can be THAT scared of dying. Or maybe someone can, what do I know?

Well, my father says not to pull the plug on him if that happens for a couple of reasons:

A. He wants to live as long as he can, quality or not.

B. We get retirement checks from the military as long as he’s alive, whether or not he’s in a coma or whatever.

She should die and be at peace. We Buddhists feel that life should be saved, but I feel that if you need a machine hooked into you for the rest of life to live is wrong.