The “Seraph is stuck in Valkyrie Profile” thread.

I’ll use this thread to help me trough the game, so I’ll be posting questions here whenever I can’t sort things by myself. I’m in Hard Mode by the way. For now I have this:

[li]What do I need to have in consideration to get the “best” ending? I read that I need to get the “Seal Rating” (That’s kinda like Lenneth’s version of Hero Value right?) down by doing some stuff (Like taking off the Nibelungen Ring before Sacred Phases).
[li]How do I do the “Guard Crush”? Because every time I try it against the Dragon Servants the only ones that can pull it off are Lenneth and Arngrim, leaving only Llewelyn to attack, which does a miserable amount of damage.
[li]Is there some trick to getting those “crystals” (The ones that increase experience) during battle? Or they just appear at random when I attack?
[li]Should I save the CP of the characters that cannot be sent (Like Arngrim) for something, or I just use them up as I see fit?

To get the Good Ending, you must meet the following requirements.

1.) Recruit Lucian and send him to Asgard no later than the end of Chapter 6.

2.) You must go to Brahms’ Castle, and choose NOT to fight him.

3.) You must recruit Mystina.

4.) By the end of Chapter 6, your Seal Rating must be under 37, and it must remain lower than 40 until the end of the game.

5.) During Chapter 8, visit Weeping Lily Meadow when it is indicated via Soul Concentration in Chapter 8.

Here’s how to affect your Seal Rating.

<li>12 points are ADDED to your Seal Rating when you send a character to Asgard.
<li>2 points are deducted from your Seal Rating when you recruit a character.
<li>2 points are deducted from your Seal Rating if you are not wearing the Nibelungen Ring during a Sacred Phase.
<li>10 points are deducted from your Seal Rating when you meet Brahms.
<li>10 points are deducted from your Seal Rating when you meet Lezard.
<li>15 points are deducted from your Seal Rating when you meet Mystina.
<li>15 points are deducted from your Seal Rating if you visit Lucian before Chapter 5 and watch the scene where Claire throws the rock.
<li>15 points are deducted from your Seal Rating when you visit Weeping Lily Meadow.
<li>20 points are deducted from your Seal Rating when you recruit Lucian.

To keep your Seal Rating down, keep the ring off, and don’t send any characters to Asgard. Keep an Artifact you don’t need on you at all times, so that if your Evaluation hits 0, you can send the artifact up to Odin to raise it up to 1 and save yourself.

As for Guard Crush, the only way to perform it is to simply overwhelm your enemy with attacks. Try having Valkyrie and Llewelyn attack at the same time with “3 hit” weapons, and more often than not, the Dragon Servant will not be able to block it all, thus crushing his Guard.

EXP Crystals are more likely to appear if you hit an enemy when it is in the air after a successful hit. Fire Storm is a good spell for launching your enemies into the air. Purple Gems, which reduce CT, can be acquired by hitting an enemy when it is down on the ground.

And finally, there is little reason to save Arngrim’s CP. Use it solely for his skills.

For Guard crush I often do a very strong hit after a series of hits,for examble: before a third hit from Lenneth I would have Kashel with a powerful 1 hit sword attack right after the third hit,or you could use the cheap way,the spellcasters familiar attack ALWAYS break their guard.

I believe it for the happy ending you only needed only to have 37 or lower seal points by the end of chapter 6 and then you could forget about it,at least that was what I been told an worked for me.

Just follow what Dalton said and you should be ok,as for the meeting with Brahms absolutly DON’T fight him just meet him in his castle.

Thanks, next one:
[li]What are those marks under “Attack power” on a weapon’s details? The ones that say something like 1->X 2->X 3->O.

Those represent how many attacks a character can get on any given turn. So basically, if all three numbers have circles next to them, your character can attack 3 times per turn if you press their attack button again and again. Each attack is different though, and the attacks will always play out in a predetermined order which you can change from the Ability menu.

Keep in mind that weapons with 3 attacks tend to have lower attack power than weapons with just 1, but the trade-off is worth it; more attacks per turn mean more opportunities for Guard Break and Purify Weird Soul moves.

I get it, so a OOX Weapon would attack twice… but what about weapons like Jeweled Blade “Grimrist” that say XXO?

That would mean that only the third attack would activate. As I may have mentioned, the attacks have a default “order” that they follow, and you must have a O in that attack’s “position” to be able to use it in battle. For example, let’s say Arngrim’s High Wind sword swing was his default second attack. He would have to have a weapon with a O in the second position to be able to use that attack.

Gotcha. Next one:
[li]What just happened? I was in Atrolia recruiting Lawfer (Chapter 2) and the scene ended abruptly. He was in the prision next to Roland, said “Although it may not be the tipe of Law my father had in mind” and suddenly I’m back with Lenneth flying on the World Map with Lawfer in my party. When did he die?
[li]How high do I need to take the requirements for sending? In this chapter I need a warrior (I’m planning to send Belenus) with the skills Tactics, Leadership and Identify. How much should I develop those?

The answer to your question about Lawfer is never explained. Some believe that the Artolian King killed him for attempting to free Roland from his cell, while others follow the story of the official manga and say that he was killed by a vampire.

You can send anyone up aside from Arngrim as soon as they hit the required Hero Value. However, with skills such as Leadership and Tactics, the higher the stats are raised, the happier Odin will be with you, and pleasing the all-knowing all-seeing father of the gods will pay off handsomely during later chapters in the form of rare items.

If you are leveling a character up to increase his skills, equip said character with the Emerald Bangle. This wonderous accessory grants a character 200 CP at each level up. Just MAKE SURE you remove it before sending the hero up to the heavens, or you’ll lose it! Remember, all equipment worn by characters sent to Asgard becomes property of Asgard, and you won’t be seeing it again. For that matter, don’t worry TOO much about what you have equipped on your sent characters; it really doesn’t make much difference in regards to rewards handed down by Odin.

However, should the requirements call for something such as “a good swimmer”, equip that character with the decoration that grants them swimming skill before you send them up.

And the last ones for today:
[li]Where do you get the Emerald Bangle? I’m using the Emerald Necklace (100CP) now.
[/li][li]Is it okay to upgrade my characters’ equipment as soon as the chapter starts or should I save every Materialize Point I have for something more important? Because I at least want to have Lenneth and Arngrim fully equiped.

Ack, my bad; my memory failed me there. The Bangle doesn’t exist, just the Necklace. Looks like I got the number of CP wrong, too. Sorry. -_-

Yeah you should ubgrade them since you won’t have better things until the next chapter.

Note:When you get to the horrible nightmare that is the Castle of Lezard Valeth,before finishing the place look for an orb(forgot the name)if you get this orb the transmutation ablity for items will get an ubgrade and you can transmutate much better items (I belive you have to trasmutate said orb too)

Edit:forgot to mention something,Lucian must be sent to asgard during the chapter that requires a drogonslayer (no the sword a person) to get the happy ending,however you might want to use him instead of using the party EXP because his 3 hit might be the best in the game,why? because it hits around 8-11 times but the glory of it is that it drops cristals,and gems like there’s no tommorow.

[li]Lawfer or Kashell? I’m in Chapter 3 and they both have the same skills (All traits/warrior-enhancing skills maxed out plus Counter, First Aid and Cure Condition) same level (14) and almost same DME (Kashell’s a bit higher since I trained him with the Bracelet of Zoe as well as the Emerald Necklace)
I’m not planning on transferring them (I already decided for Janus) but who do you think I should keep on my active party for now?

That’s a tuff one,see their both great,however right now they should be better weapons for Kashel,since for now there aren’t great spears for Lawfer so stick with Kashel for now.O yeah return to where Kashel died for a dungeon.

I know, I’m abusing the Zombie Dragons for the EXP, and it only costs 1 Period :stuck_out_tongue:

Since we are talking about Valkyrie Profile,I would like to ask something that came to mind,does the dragonslayer work with Bloodbane?

(sorry for using your tread to ask this seraph)

Sadly it doesn’t work for BloodBane. The only thing I found really effective on him at the point in the game you fight him are poison crystals. The ones in the bonus dungeon are a little easier simply cause you have more levels and much better weapons.

I also think the only way to get every single voice thing in the game is to have 1 memory card filled with nothing but VP data

Hey, no problem asking for help here, this is what’s for anyway.

Now: Voice Clips

Yeah, I’m a completion whore and I wanna see the cool shiny pictures. I’m in Chapter 5 abusing the re-spawn trick in Arkdain Ruins to train everyone and I want to get Lucian’s and Jayle’s clips before I send their asses up. I’m missing two clips of the “ouch” kind for Jayle but that doesn’t matter, what pisses me is that I’m missing the exact same clip for both her and Lucian: One of the three “begin battle” clips.

I know that each character has a “this is going to be easy”, a “let’s give it a go” and a “we are fucked” clip that seem to come up at random regardless of what enemy appears (Or at least that’s what I think). I’m missing the average difficulty (Of the “Let’s give it a go” kind) clip for both. Is there some trick to getting these?

And what’s with Lenneth? She has like five or six clips empty that I have no idea what they hold.

EDIT: By the way… Lezard is sick :stuck_out_tongue:

She has a few speciel begin battle ones that only appear during the good ending of the game. HOwever I have never managed to get a 100% for her. Missing 1

Also some of the speciel bosses have a 100% rate to them also. Like Geniviere or whatever her name is. Only way to get hers is to play hard mode though also simply cause she uses one of the pen ultimate spells only when you fight her in that mode. I believe it was Cosmic Spear . . . which also royally destorys ones party at the same time.

Also another thing with the triple attack weapons is they will also cause more damage during one of the ultimate moves then single weapons. Thats actual true trade off with the weapons. Single weapons although doing more damage on the single hit don’t often do a ton of damage for the speciel.

However the ones with more attack slots will do great speciel damage. Which brings me to Lenneth. Lenneth is the only none mage character that I know of with a speciel that has different “levels” in itself.

First level is the tri-spears coming outta the ground hitting the enemy.
Level two has her jump into the air and throw a firebird spear at the enemy.
Final level (only three weapons allow this but it pays off when you have them) is that the energy caused from the fire bird crashing will circle for just a second before crashing into the enemy and causing an explosion for mega damage (seen upwards of 100 thousand)

Arg! Everyone got to things before I did!!

Btw, between kashell and Lawfer, go with Lawfer. He is one of the most powerful fighters in the game once you get good spears. Keep both!

And if Bloodbane were that easy he’d just suck. I mean, come on.