The Sephir (This BTW is huge.)

Here are chapters 5 - 14 of The Sephir. Damn that’s long.

              Chapter 5
            The awakening

He opened his eyes and his world was flooded with light, and pain.
“Ugh. Where am I?” He asked
“How does it feel to breathe? It must be exhilarating after spending your life in a tube.” The voice faded and the pain disappeared He looked around, what he saw disturbed him, it was a laboratory, but what he saw that disturbed him most were pods like his own four of them each contained something, something he couldn’t or didn’t want to see.
“Welcome to the world, do you know who you are?”
“Yes, I am J-Type.” The man smiled.
“Good, your memory is intact. Do you know your purpose for being?”
J-Type was looked for an instant puzzled, then the answer came to him.
“Vengeance against Cloud Strife.” The man was ecstatic.
“Wonderful! Now a little test.” He pointed at the other end of the lab. “I want you to destroy that drink, and I don’t want you to leave your pod.” Suddenly J-Type’s right arm convulsed and mutated into a grotesque tendril which spiked out piercing the can with ease.
“Good, now what is your name?”
“What is your mission?”
“To kill Cloud Strife”
“Who is your master?”
“Rufus Shin-ra”
“Good remember those three things and you will live. Go now, and kill Cloud Strife.”
“Yes…master.” J-type walked out of the lab and into the stale air of Midgar, though the city was a crumbling ruin it was the last place any would look for anyone from Shin-ra. J-Type jumped into the air and began to fly towards where he sensed Cloud; he allowed an evil smile to surface. This will be fun.
“So you were a SOLDIER then?” Simon had decided to be the unofficial liaison between the group and Cloud. Since joining them Cloud had decided to distance himself from them, their friendship reminded him too much of his own friends. Half of them were dead and the others… he hadn’t spoken with since the Meteor event.
However he liked Simon. He reminded him of himself at a younger age, so enthusiastic; but Simon wasn’t as stupid as people believed, in fact he was just as intelligent as Matthew, he just didn’t choose to show it.
“Yeah…no it’s a long story.” Simon was eager to hear all about it.
“Well, we have plenty of time!” Cloud then looked Simon in the eye, that look said it all, and just at that moment Cloud’s eyes filled with all the pain and suffering his past had brought him, at that moment he wasn’t twenty three, he was so full of the pain of the past he looked twenty years older.
“No.” and Simon understood.

                           Chapter 6
                           First Blood 

In the morning Cloud and company packed up and started for the road.
“Azrael where are we going?” Cloud was supposed to be the leader yet he recognised that Azrael had led these men through thick and thin and if it came down to it, Azrael was where their loyalties lay.
“I…don’t know.” Cloud then spoke his mind.
“Azrael don’t you think that whatever is coming it should come to us?”
“No, if it comes to us it can kill innocent people on the way, I don’t want that to happen.” Cloud smiled He’s got the qualities of a true leader, so why wasn’t he chosen? Wait, in my dream, his ‘love of combat’.
“Azrael, if it came down to it would you fight a thousand monsters and keep them at bay or evacuate the people?” Azrael grinned
“Monsters, every time.” I Thought so.
And so they travelled days passed uneventful, they were constantly checking the news, but nothing. But then Cloud felt it. He sensed something evil, it was far away and faint but evil, he had sensed this evil before; it was Sephiroth, but different.
“Azrael something is coming, something evil.” Azrael looked surprised.
“All ready? Damn! How long have we got?” Cloud was still reeling from that terrible aura.
“An hour maybe two.” Azrael’s look of surprise vanished to be replaced by a smile.
“I hope he’s strong, man I need a good fight.” Cloud was shocked.
“Azrael this is no time for jokes! This thing is….evil.” Azrael laughed.
“You think I’m joking? No. I like to fight, and this guy should be a challenge.
They waited, camped out in the desert Azrael was starting to get bored.
And then it happened. The world literally exploded around them as something flew past.
Cloud got to his feet and drew the kalladak, ready for battle. Azrael stood and looked around, Simon and Matthew were quickly rising to their feet but Kai…. He wasn’t getting up. He was bleeding, badly…

                       Chapter 7
                     Darkness Falls

Azrael instantly drew his blades looking around frantically for whatever attacked them.
“Someone cast a fucking cure spell!” Kai was hurt, a deep gash was visible in his stomach and his lifeblood stained the ground red. Simon and Matthew tried their best but it seemed impossible.
“Stay here.” Matthew asked Simon. “I’m gonna kill that bastard.” Matthew drew his War axe and readied it. Azrael had good eyesight but that thing was too fast! All it did was fly and cast magic.
“Azrael, I’ve sensed him before its Sephiroth!” Azrael’s eyes widened in shock.
“No it can’t be! He’s dead!” Azrael had heard of Sephiroth’s skill and if it was him then he was in trouble. But then Azrael realised something: Sephiroth had been killed before, and he could be killed again. The thing landed, indeed it looked almost identical to Sephiroth, except burned into his forehead was a J.
“I am J-type,” he said “And you Cloud Strife must die.” And with that J-type drew the long Katana Masamune, and stood ready in Sephiroth’s trademark combat stance.
Azrael cracked his neck sideways. Matthew stepped forward, but Azrael stopped him.
“Cloud, run, guys: he’s mine.” Cloud understood and ran. “Hey ugly! Let’s rock!”
And with that Azrael charged, J-type just stood there smiling. And then Azrael attacked, slash after slash was dodged, J-type’s speed was amazing and with one blow he sent Azrael flying, a thin line of red appearing on his stomach. Azrael got to his feet and spat. Azrael stood and charged again this time jumping high into the air and landing behind J-Type slicing the warriors armour off as he landed, but with a backwards kick he sent Azrael flying.
“Impressive for a human yet not good enough.” J-type stood over him readying the Masamune for the killing blow. Then Azrael took his chance.
“Hey asshole, a bit of advice.” J-type cocked his head
Azrael smiled.
“Never leave your nuts unguarded!” And with that his leg shot up with bone crushing force. J-types eyes crossed and he fell to the ground.
At least the bastards got balls. Azrael thought with a chuckle. Then Azrael stood as far back as Horrocks’s range would allow him and brought his Katana down severing the monsters head.
“And never EVER hurt my friends.” Azrael whispered. He then rushed over to Kai and cast a cure spell, with the combined efforts of Cloud, Azrael and Simon Kai was healed. Matthew spat and walked away.

                         Chapter 8	
           Plotted pain, passionate embrace.  

“Nooo!” The scientist screamed in rage, J-type’s loss was infuriating
“That bastard! My creation! My beautiful creation!” Then suddenly a calm voice broke the silence.
“Relax doctor,” it was Rufus “ Allow them to think it’s over and then… then Blood Wind will avenge him, do remember doctor there are five of them. Even if they destroy the other three,” he smiled “they will be no match for… him.” Doctor Morgan regained his composure and smiled.
“Of course sir, I apologise, ever since Hojo’s death I’ve wanted to avenge him, he was a genius. When shall we awaken Blood Wind?” Rufus again smiled.
“Oh not for a while at least, don’t worry doctor. They will die; it will just take time.
But I have an idea, you see Azrael?” Morgan nodded “He is strong, and,” Rufus chuckled to himself “He fights dirty. I think we shall hurt him. We hurt him then we kill him.” Morgan was puzzled.
“How do we hurt him sir?” Rufus allowed an evil smile to surface.
“Rachel” Morgan’s eyes lit up.
“Yes! That would hurt him. I will reprogram Blood Wind right away! He will kill her then him!”
Far away Azrael and company walked into a town called “Typhus Creek”.
“Come on guys, we need supplies, and man I need a piss.” The town of Typhus Creek was small and not very technologically advanced, but a place to piss was a place to piss and food was food after all. But Cloud was uneasy, he was sure that there was more to come.
“Azrael I don’t think we should relax, I think there’s more to come.” Azrael smiled.
“Please, Cloud that guy was simple. If there is anything else and it’s like him then there are no worries.” Simon dashed out of the nearest phone box smiling.
“Az! Az! Rachel’s coming!” Azrael’s head snapped to Simon at Rachel’s name.
“What? Why?” Simon walked up to Azrael.
“She was lonely and decided to come here. She should be here soon.”
“How’s she getting here?” Azrael queried.
“Teleport materia.” Ever since the Meteor event materia was acknowledged worldwide. Azrael frowned.
“I knew I should have bought one. Most useful things on earth I swear. Too damn expensive. The damn fuel companies knew it was the end, so they bought the rights for teleport materia. Bastards.” And then just next to Azrael there was an explosion of light indicating Rachel’s arrival. Azrael pounced on her, knocking her to the ground and engaged her in a passionate kiss. Simon ‘s eyes rolled.
“Oh brother, come on Az.”
“Go away I’m busy!” Azrael said in a muffled voice. Rachel was indeed beautiful, stunning looks; dark blonde hair to her shoulders and entrancing blue eyes, Cloud was impressed. This is one of those times Aeris would have made flirting jokes about. Cloud thought, allowing a tear to fall.

                          Chapter 9
                     Azrael Unleashed

Blood Wind opened his eyes to a world of light, and then when his eyes adjusted he saw a laboratory and a man in a white coat.
“Welcome to the world of the living Blood Wind, I trust you know why you are here.”
Blood Wind stepped out of the pod and looked around.
“Yes I do. I am to kill Rachel Firth then Azrael Carvado and then Cloud Strife. I am also to kill any and all who interfere.” Morgan smiled an evil smile.
“Excellent. Now go.” Blood Wind ran so quickly from the lab that a gust followed him.
Elsewhere Cloud and company were still watching the two lovers locked in their passionate embrace. Simon was getting bored.
“Come on now Az, get off Rachel I think she at least needs oxygen.” Simon said with a laugh. Azrael finally stood up, with Rachel attached.
“That’s not what I meant!” Simon chuckled. Azrael and Rachel finally separated lips and Azrael introduced Rachel to Kai and Cloud.
“Kai, Cloud this is Rachel, the love of my life, Rachel this is Kai, one of my best friends, and this is Cloud Strife, ex-SOLDIER and hero of the meteor incident, he’s kind of a travelling buddy. We travel, we fight, we kick ass. The usual.” Rachel smiled and laughed. Azrael stared at her smiling. Simon grabbed Cloud’s arm and tugged.
“C’mon they’ll be like this for hours, then they’ll go to a room, have sex for a couple of hours take a shower get dressed then come back out as if nothing had happened.”
Cloud’s jaw dropped in amazement.
“How’d you know that?” Simon smiled again.
“Pul-lease! They do that every time they’re together. Don’t disturb them, once I went for a piss and walked passed her on the bed naked, so he broke my nose.”
“Why?” Simon looked over at the couple.
“He’s very protective, I think he really loves her, man I would NOT want to be around if she got hurt.” Cloud was puzzled.
“Why not?” Simon snorted.
“Cloud, he would go BERSERK! Seriously, once she was pushed over by some moron so Az broke the guys legs. She knows he’s only trying to protect him but I don’t think she approves of the violence.” Then Cloud’s head exploded, his sense Materia was going haywire.
“Uggh, Simon! Get everyone out!” Simon’s laugh turned to concern.
“Cloud? Cloud? What’s wrong?” Azrael’s head snapped side wards to Cloud.
“What’s happening? What do you sense?” Cloud’s eyes filled with shock.
“Se….phi….roth!” And he collapsed. Azrael leapt to his fallen friend and picked him up. He beckoned to Simon and Matthew.
“Guys I know what he sensed, I sensed it too, get Rachel and Cloud to the inn NOW!”
Simon was about to stutter a protest but Azrael leaned in closer to Simon.
“Get her out of here,” he said between clenched teeth. “If she gets hurt because of your incompetence I’ll rip you to pieces, understand?” Simon did and solemnly nodded.
Cloud awoke, sensing the energy of Sephiroth.
Sephiroth? No, wait, it’s like that other Sephiroth only much more dangerous.
Cloud got out of bed and got dressed strapping the kalladak to his back. He went outside to see Azrael sitting on the porch Horrocks and Townsend drawn on his lap.
“Nice to see you awake.” Cloud decided to have a bit of fun.
“Where’s your lip clamp?” Cloud chuckled.
“In the inn, and Cloud,” Cloud looked up.
“At least I have a lip clamp.” Azrael said with a satisfied smile.
“Oww, below the belt Az!” Cloud and Azrael both turned to see Simon standing beside them on the porch Battle-blade drawn. “Where’s the big bad? I need some ass to kick, or slice or whatever.”
“Coming.” And that was all Cloud said. And then Rachel walked out onto the porch wearing a very thin see through nightgown. She sat on Azrael’s knee.
“Morning love.” Azrael smiled and gave her a light kiss.
“Shouldn’t you put some clothes on? I think your making the guys jealous of me, besides that I think the guys are having an anatomical reaction to your state of clothing.” Azrael said with a snigger. Rachel smiled her beautiful smile.
“Well, which would you prefer? I go put some on and join you out here, or you join me in the bedroom and take some off?” She said with a wink. Azrael thought for a moment and with a pained smile said.
“I’m sorry, but this evil’s close, after we kick his ass we’ll have plenty of time.” Rachel was satisfied and walked back the way she came. Simon’s smile broadened.
“One amazing woman.” Azrael smiled.
“More than you know.” Rachel reappeared wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans.
“What was it like Cloud? Being a hero?” cloud looked at Rachel and his answer was short.
“Painful.” Rachel looked surprised.
“Painful?” Cloud flashed her the same look he had given Simon at the campfire.
“It was nice, but I met someone, I think I was in love with her. Sephiroth killed her.
That’s why it was painful. But the rest of it was nice. But afterwards the respect and love turn to shit, how’d you think I ended up as the Chocobo guy at Gold Saucer?”
Rachel looked saddened.
“Oh.” Azrael put his arm around her.
“Look at it this way, no-one knows who you are, and you live well enough, so if people know who you are it might not be as glamorous as you think.”
Cloud’s eyes widened in shock.
“Azrael! Look over there!” They saw a man impaling someone with a long Katana; he had mystic symbols all over his face. As soon as the man was killed the murderer used his nail to carve another symbol on his face. He looked up at Cloud. It was the face of Sephiroth.
“Mwahahahah, these humans are so weak and stupid; and so fun to kill.” Cloud seethed with anger.
“You’re an asshole!” The man smiled.
“Yeah well, he’s a dead asshole that’s the difference, I’m Blood Wind. Who are you?” Of course Blood Wind knew who the man was, he just wanted to make sure.
“Cloud Strife. Now, you’ll pay.” Cloud drew the kalladak and charged, Blood Wind dodged easily, Blood Wind then sent Cloud reeling with a punch to the kidneys.
“Too slow.” Azrael stood Katana’s in hand ready to defend his fallen friend.
But Blood Wind did not attack; he raised his hand fingers spread.
“Ahhh Azrael. Now let me see your pain!” Azrael looked puzzled, but suddenly a burst of yellow energy shot from Blood Wind’s hand, and straight through Rachel. Blood Wind calmly carved another symbol into his face. Azrael dropped to his knees in shock. Rachel was dead.
“No, Rachel! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” He let out a shriek of pure agony, Simon, Matthew and Kai stepped back.
Holy Shit! Simon thought. I wouldn’t want to be Blood Wind right now.
Slowly Azrael raised his head, his eyes now showing a tinge of black. Suddenly he screamed in pain as two giant dove wings burst from his back. He threw his katana’s to the floor, his eyes now fully black.
“Now you will die!” Azrael said in an otherworldly voice not his own.
And he charged.

                        Chapter 10
                     Azrael: Mortis Angelo

Blood Wind just stood there smugly smiling.
“Oooh you got wings, but you’ll never beat me.” But Azrael leaped into the air and violently spread his wings causing a shockwave of pure energy knocking Blood Wind back several feet.
“No! No it’s not possible!” And with a stroke of pure disbelief and anger swung his katana at Azrael, which simply shattered on the Angel’s chest. Blood Wind’s shocked expression turned to horror as the Angel’s hand grabbed his throat.
“Bastard, now you will know PAIN!” And with that last word Azrael’s hand twitched shattering Blood Wind’s neck, Azrael then ripped Blood Winds head off in a shower of blood, bones and cartilage. Azrael’s berserk fury did not end there; he picked up the headless body of Blood Wind and tore it in half in a gory display of blood and organs; he allowed the carcase to fall and walked over to Rachel’s fallen body.
“I’m so sorry my love.” Azrael wept, he sheathed his Katana’s and stood. Simon placed a hand on his friends shoulder, a genuine look of sorrow in his eyes,
“I’m sorry man.” Azrael’s elbow shot into Simon’s stomach knocking the wind out of him, then Azrael flipped Simon over by his hair and drew Horrocks.
“What do you know of sorrow?” And with that Azrael impaled Simon on the beautiful sword with a sick smile. But then as soon as Azrael realised what he had done he backed away, his eyes returning to there normal blue. He dropped to his friends side.
“Oh god, Simon I’m sorry. No! Don’t die! We still have to visit Gold Saucer! Please!” Tears streamed down Azrael’s face as he cradled his friend.
“It’s. Okay.” Simon whispered with a smile. “I’m sorry about Rachel, thank you Azrael, you have been the best friend I have ever had the pleasure to mee…” Simon never finished that sentence. Matthew charged forward and kicked Azrael in the face.
“Bastard! He was your friend!” Azrael staggered to his feet and flapped his wings flying away. Matthew threw his War Axe at Azrael but it fell short. Matthew collapsed to his knees and cried; he was alone now. No lover to hold him, no friend to comfort him and no brother to be there for him. He let out a long moan of pain.
“SIIIIMMMMOOOONNNN!” And continued to weep. Cloud got up to his feet finally recovering from Blood Wind’s punch; he sheathed the Kalladak and walked into the inn.

                                   Chapter 11
                          Godly power, Angel Emotion

Matthew sat on his bed at the inn silent. He was still reeling from the shock of the day before. His best friend had killed his brother; his world was rapidly turning to shit.
He reflected on the events of the previous day and slowly forgave Azrael. Though Matthew had lost a brother he realised what Azrael had lost, not only had he lost the one woman he had ever loved but he had killed his best friend, not only had he lost his friend but his friend had died by his own hand; the grief and guilt would be unbearable. So Matthew decided to forgive his friend but Matthew secretly knew that if they ever met again then he would kill Azrael if he could.
But after what I saw I don’t think I could.
As Azrael landed he broke down, he couldn’t live without her. He considered suicide but realised that would not be what she wanted, to pass the time he meditated not eating or sleeping for days. He had destroyed Horrocks and Townsend and vowed never to wield a sword again. Instead he trained in various martial arts. And one day he had a dream. He was walking through a world of pure black. And suddenly a flash of light appeared, and a female angel stood before him; it was his mother. She looked young, barely twenty he guessed but he knew she was far older than him.
“Son, please let go of your pain. Your friends need you.” Azrael’s eyes were red from tears and he looked his mother right in the eyes and said:
“I can’t, not after what I did.” But his mother simply smiled.
“Don’t you understand? Whether they hate you or not is irrelevant, they need you.”
Then a smaller flash of light shone out and two gauntlets formed.
“These are yours. They were made to be used by one of angelic blood; they were made for you the chosen one. Millennia ago in heaven there was a prophecy that five warriors of purest darkness would arise. And those five would ravage the land and kill all who lived unless the chosen one realised his full potential. You have now, but Azrael I must teach you of the four types of angel. First is the Angel. An Angel is more powerful than a human could ever be. But next comes the Dark Angel, these are the polluted souls of angels. They can enter the mortal realm and are extremely dangerous. They have been killed except their master, Pyriel. Then there was you.
Azrael you are a True Angel, the most powerful. We Angels feel no emotion except love, but imagine a being with all the powers of an Angel, but with emotions; anger, hate, will to survive, vengeance. All these we lack. But you do not; right now you are an Angel. But should an event such as your lover’s death occur, the immense emotions created will push you to the brink of Angeldom creating a True Angel. But then there is the last of all, the Final Angel. There has only ever been one Final Angel, and his power nearly matched that of God himself. You my son are he reborn. When the time is right your power will shake the Earth and shape the fate of humanity. Seek Pyriel and gain that which you seek.”
Azrael looked puzzled.
“Which I seek?” His mother nodded.
“A way to revive your friends.”
And Azrael awoke wearing the gauntlets.

                              Chapter 12
                         Pyriel: Master of evil

Azrael had decided to test the power of his new gauntlets, so as he landed he made sure to make enough noise attract every goddamn Malboro in the forest. Which he did. Suddenly hundreds of the vile creatures appeared. Before Azrael would have been frightened, not any more. With one punch he killed four of the creatures, which caused the others to back off. Azrael smiled.
“Damn. That is one fucking cool weapon.” After he cleaned up his fists he sheathed his wings and walked to the edge of the forest and saw a gleam of light.
“It’s him. He thought.” Suddenly a fist embedded itself in Azrael’s chest knocking him to the floor. It was Pyriel, black wings spread, an evil smile on his face.
“So the one returns to grace the mortal plane. Scum.” Pyriel shot his foot into Azrael’s chest causing Azrael to gasp and cry out in pain. But Azrael was stronger than that; as Pyriel readied another blow Azrael performed a back flip landing on his feet. He then cried out as his wings shot out of his back. Pyriel laughed.
“You are the one indeed, but you are weak.” Azrael allowed a smile to appear. He cracked his neck left and right.
“We’ll see; let’s rock!” Pyriel dodged the first few blows with incredible speed but he did realise the power of the gauntlets. Azrael jumped back and let out a scream of rage, his gauntlets glowing. Pyriel’s overconfidence shone through as he just stood there waiting.
“Gimme your best shot kid.” Azrael’s eyes glowed gold.
“Sure.” And Pyriel was embedded in a wall ten feet away with a broken nose.
Pyriel pulled himself free and stood up, sheathing his wings.
“That’s enough. You have earned the right to use Magick.” Azrael cocked his head.
“Magick? What the fuck is that?” Pyriel laughed gently.
“You sure you’re part Angel?” Azrael nodded.
“Yes, of course!” Pyriel shook his head.
“Sit down, this is might take a while.” So, albeit cautiously Azrael sat down. “Magick is… well imagine Materia, well you call that Magic right? Well Magick is Mako in its raw uncompressed form. It’s the same as Materia just ten times more powerful; and with it anything is possible.” Azrael was now interested.
“Anything?” Pyriel smirked.
“No, but it’ll do what you want it to.” Azrael stood up and grabbed Pyriel by the hair.
“How do I get it? Magick? How? Tell me or I’ll rip your fucking head off!”
“Heh. I’ll teach you, but there is only one thing that I want from you.”
“What?” Pyriel was now ecstatic.
“Your soul.” Azrael’s eyes widened.
“My…soul?” But then the half angel realised what it was he came here for, who he came here for. “Fine, but why would you want it?”
“The Arch-dark-angel has many uses for a soul, mainly for entertainment.”
“Okay then.” Pyriel’s hand shot into Azrael’s chest.

                             Chapter 13

Simon shot forward through a world of green; the Lifestream was fascinating, he saw everyone he had ever known, even those who had died, but then he hit a wall and was shot back….
Ghost teleported out of his capsule to stand next to Rufus.
“I know why you have awakened me and I shall do it.” Ghost disappeared
“Well, he’s focused I’ll give him that.”
Calita dropped from the ceiling her fingers wrapping around the guards neck, a sudden twitch made sure he would never wake again. She walked to the sword and lifted it from the pedestal with ease, but as she did two pillars of smoke appeared forming into giant Golems. The martial artist raised the sword and ran to the nearest Golem, quickly jumping to a wall she crouched there and leaped, beheading the left Golem. The other Golem turned only to have the sword shot through its chest. Calita sheathed the sword and walked away leaving two crumbling Golem’s in her wake.
Azrael’s eyes widened in pain as a wisp of white smoke shot out from his chest into Pyriel’s waiting left hand. As soon as all of the smoke had left him the Angel dropped to the floor. Suddenly Pyriel raised his hand.
“Thanks for the soul, now die!” A ball of green energy shot from Pyriel’s hand towards Azrael, but it simply bounced off.
“We had a deal. Don’t make me kill you.” Pyriel laughed.
“Fuck the deal, and you would not kill me yet, it’s not written.” Azrael smashed Pyriel to the floor and grabbed his throat.
“Written? Where?” Azrael raised a clenched fist ready to strike.
“The prophecy of Angelo Mortis Azraelus. There was once an Angel known as Azraelus, the Final Angel, and my nemesis. He was unstoppable, only God would have been able to defeat him, had he wished. He died, fighting my Dark Angels, yet he killed thousands. But an Oracle prophesised his rebirth, and said this: though they would meet many times the reborn Azraelus and the dark one would never kill each other, until the end.” Azrael released his grip.
Matthew’s War Axe slit another green head open, another Malboro fell to the Kalladak and Kai’s Broadsword sliced off three tentacles. But they kept coming, hundreds of the foul creatures surrounded them and all hope seemed lost. Suddenly the biggest Malboro let out a bloodcurdling howl and all the other Malboro’s retreated.

                                Chapter 14

Matthew stood there puzzled, ten seconds ago they were fighting for their lives against Malboro’s, until the leader called them off.
“Cloud! What the hell’s going on?” Cloud ran up to Matthew, his eyes wide with fear.
“The leader sensed something, and it scared him, something that…IT’S ONE OF THEM!” Cloud screamed as his sense Materia kicked in.
“What? Another clone?” Cloud solemnly nodded. “Shit! Can you fight him? I know I sure as hell can’t.” An explosion of light happened around Matthew as something teleported towards them. And a fist shot out at blistering speed, the impact breaking Matthew’s nose and making him fall from the hill. Cloud made a sudden slash at the light…but nothing happened. A strange figure stepped out of the light, he didn’t seem real Cloud could see right through him. He made a quick stab at the figure… but the blade went straight through the clone. With a swift backhand Cloud plummeted to the ground. The figure walked slowly towards Matthew who readied his War Axe.
“Put it away boy, you cannot hurt me, I am Ghost! I am invincible!” Matthew started to run, but as he ran a fist appeared in front of him and he rocketed backwards.
“DDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Kai let out a primal scream as he dived down from a tree sword downwards in a motion that would slice any other being in half. But Kai landed on the floor and his Broadsword smashed. Ghost picked up the fallen warrior by his throat.
“Foolish mortal, no weapon forged by man can harm me, I am a Sephir!” But Kai saw something behind Ghost and his eyes flashed with hope.
“Well then, what about weapons forged by angels?” The silver hair, the shining wings, that unmistakable voice; Azrael had returned.

Seph, Azrael, whatever. Look, I like your story but there are two things I’ve been tellin’ ya:

<I>And with that Azrael charged, J-type just stood there smiling. And then Azrael attacked, slash after slash was dodged, J-type’s speed was amazing and with one blow he sent Azrael flying, a thin line of red appearing on his stomach. Azrael got to his feet and spat. Azrael stood and charged again this time jumping high into the air and landing behind J-Type slicing the warriors armour off as he landed, but with a backwards kick he sent Azrael flying.</I>

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