The "Sabin" Thread?

Can someone clue me in? Is it in the archives?

He was a guy that posted and was a big idiot. He was a racist fuck and it disgusts me how long the mods let his thread go on.

Why is this in the FF forum? Is that because you thought it was like a Sabin worshipping thread or something? :S

When the thread was really busy, most mods were sleeping. The thing got like 4 new pages in an hour.

yeah, think of the quina thread in overdrive with politics and blatant spelling errors/stupidity

Edit: basically just the quina thread in overdrive.

plus joe six-pack

I dunno. People likened it to Quina’s thread, so I thought it was something that was posted here. So I posted this here.

I think Forum may not hold it any more. But some staff has arcived the whole debarcle. If you check Main several Months back You proberbly see there a link to it, Merl posted whist looking for the Staff Pr0n arcive.

Check all the threads started by Merl and you can read it.