The Rules Of RPGs

Many times you may have wondered about some aspects of RPGs which seemed a little weird. Reviving dead characters is the best example. Now, those odd rules have been written down. Here:

Hehe, now you know what you’re against! :hahaha;

Amusing, but these are still the best:
The Grand List of RPG Cliches
The NEXT Grand List of Console RPG Cliches

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Some of my favorites:

-A small, ragtag group of vigilantes can accomplish what endless legions of soldiers cannot.

-To hit an enemy, it is not necessary to make contact with your weapon, or even move that far from where you are standing. It is generally considered enough to take a step forward, swing wildly, and then step back.

-It is rather common for seemingly ordinary people to pick fights with God…and win.

I always wondered why Cloud never used a pheonix down on Aeris.

There was also another rule that has been (rightly) removed, it was something along these lines:

“Enemies in battle are very bidimensional and will not nod, breathe or show any other sign of life. RPG characters have often been found picking fights with paintings, but fortunately this trend vanished in the mid-90’s”

I came up with one (the Seymour Rule): The justification the main character has for disliking a villain before he/she reveals any villainy is inversely proportional to how villainous said villain will be. There’s a “low point” to dislike, however, at which point justification and villainy become proportional again.

Say that ten times fast. :toast:

Company rules of RPGs.

Atlus USA, and to a lesser extent, Nippon Ichi America, do only ONE production run of their games, and never make any publicity for them.

One thing came to mind playing FFX today, when I crash Yuna and Seymore’s wedding, Master Kinok (sp? I prefer to play with the subtitles off) holds a gun at my party point-blank. Just kinda wondering, why should I be afraid of a gun? Haven’t the last 20 or so guards I beat up already shot me?
Because The Plot says.