THE RPGC SAGA 2005: Join thread!

Officially no longer known as the RPGC XMAS SAGA, to avoid direct competition with Galloway’s stories, but still (hopefully) the same Fun Big Adventure I create every year as a Thank-You to RPGC and all its members (and don’t worry, there WILL be some Holiday stuff in there, too! :slight_smile:

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this idea, it’s basically like an RP except I write everyone’s parts. The basic concept is that the RPGC (Righteous Protectors of Good Causes) is really a secret organization of adventurers that protects Earth and explores other worlds (from RPG games, of course!) This isn’t a comedy but rather a serious adventure (though there’ll be humor, too) that will hopefully thrill and delight you. This is my fourth annual installment, and they have proven more popular than even I expected. Will I be able to uphold the quality? Let’s hope so…

This is open to ANYBODY who is a current member of RPGC- no matter how new you are. You can join at any point, even right before the ending. Of course, the sooner you join, the more likely that I’ll find a good way to use your character. However, EVERYBODY who posts in this thread is GUARANTEED an apearance in the story. However, whether it will be major or minor will depend on how the story turns out. Nobody, not even I, am assured a starring role.

Note to those who have to participated in the past: YES, you have to post your character description here. No fair saying “Use my stats from last year.” It’s been a whole year since the last story, think of this as a chance to check on your character’s development.

Note: If you suck at creating your own character, I can create one for you, or fill in the details, but with YOUR imput, OK? Note also that the character DOES NOT have to be based on the real you. Take the chance and invent your ideal self, or even a totally unrelated character.

This is what I need you to provide. You can be brief if you want to, but the better you describe your character, the more likely I’ll be able to use him or her more.

Identity: Names, occupations, location, etc.

Personality: Tell me if you want to be Good, Evil or Neutral, funny or serious, etc. This is IMPORTANT! I’ll be writing your character acording to what you say here. No complaints later!

Appearance: Race, age, sex, hair, eyes, costume, identifying marks, etc.

Powers and abilities: And weaknesses and limits as well. Equipment, too. Again, the more info here the better.

History: Again, the more you can tell me, the better.


Identity: Wilfredo Martinez AKA as “WM” or “Wil”. Experienced interdimensional adventurer and mage from Puerto Rico; member of RPGC.

Personality: Known as both a wise man and a wiseass. Utterly dedicated to protecting innocents. Has a weakness for pretty women.

Appearance: Adult male human. Short black hair (YES, I have full hair in my stories. Whatzittoyou??) and dark eyes. Big eyebrows. Wears green and blue casual clothing, and a green cape during adventures.

Powers and abilities:
-Magic- knows nearly ALL magical spells. However his healing and detection spells never work well.
-Combat skills: Good with a staff, but overall no big fighter. Hardier than the average mage, tho. Master of strategy.
-Noncombat skills: Knows a bit about everything- not always useful stuff, tho. More theory than practice.
-Weakness: Epileptic; must take pills once a day or risk having seizures.
-Equipment: varies (has a large collection of tech and magic items) but usually includes: A magic staff, protective devices, and healing items.

History: Born in Puerto Rico, Wil discovered he had the Gift of Magic as a child. But his superstitious family forced him not to develop it. When he became a teenager, his parents passed away, and Wil left his world rather than be raised by his misunderstanding siblings. He grew up adventuring across many worlds, becoming a powerful wizard in the process. As an adult, he returned to Earth to check in on his family, and discovered RPGC, deciding to join the group. While based on Earth, he still adventures thru the multiverse often. Recently, his niece Nelimar (aka Makko) also manifested magical powers, and he convinced her parents to let him train her for her own good, and got her to join RPGC so she would have the support group he never had. Last year, Wil developed epilepsy for unknown reasons, but has come to deal with his condition.

I’ll start the story on the third week of November, and HOPEFULLY finish it on time for Xmas Eve, thought that hasn’t always been possible in the past. I’ll try my best, thought.

What are you waiting for? POST!! :hahaha;

Identity: Seth lonestrike, the Videospirit. Human who fused with his own soul taking on various traits and memories of his previous lives and aquiring the ability to assume a highly magically powered spirit form that is both solid and immaterial at the same time.

Personality: Carefree, is able to walk into a heavily gaurded fortress and talk to one of his friends who’s being held prisoner as if it was a peaceful park, is extremely hard to anger, but has a strong sense of justice and will fight to protect his friends, or convince them to change their evil ways as happens more often than not. He also has an extremely low tolerance to alcohol, and although when he’s sober he rarely drinks, once he’s had any alcohol in him he becomes a raging, womanizing, lazy, alcoholic with too much magical power for his own good. The only thing that truly angers Videospirit is any being with divine energy that uses this as an excuse to call itself a god and treat mortals as lesser beings, and he also hates people who force others to take on a role of their past lives.

Appearance: Wears a light blue scale male Leviathan armour, with golden dragon emblazed magical red light clothing underneath. He has blond hair, purple eyes, and a purple Crystal on the center of his forehead.

When he takes his spirit form he has the ability to transform into any creature he can effectively stretch his mass to fit, but is always the bluish purple color of his spirit form when he does so. When he isn’t taking on some other form he looks like a large blue transparent cloud, with a humanoid shape visible on the inside. It looks a lot like the casper the ghost style specters, no legs and all. He has no mouth or nose, he has purple eyes, and his hair is just thick strands of spiritual energy the same color as his skin.

Powers and abilities:
-Magic- knows nearly ALL magical spells. However his healing and divination spells rarely work well.
-Combat skills: Is trained in the use of sword and spear, as well as various guns, and futuristic weapons.
-Noncombat skills: Has an above average skill with technological devices, and is able to fly just about any machine, but rarely makes use of these talents.
-Weakness: Spirit form has little mass, must intake massive amounts of water to supplement how light and weightless it is. He is also weak against Holy and Etherbane while in spirit form, and his leviathan armour burns like paper when exposed to etherbane energy.
-Equipment: varies (has a large collection of Videan equipment and artifacts) but usually includes: A Magically Conductive Crystal Katana, Leviathan Force(Water boosting orb/Amphibious dragoon armour/Spear only 1 at a time, transforms), and A standard Plasma Pistol and Videan Interdemensional Communicator.

History: um, yeah just read that, it’ll tell you all you need to know.

Well, after that history Videospirit met Chris Chris and Chris of the Brood, and Pink Lugia, and Alyx Thantius, and GG chrono and a lot of other people that he went on various quests with, then he came to find his spirit form destabalizing so he went on a quest to learn more about his past lives in an attempt to strengthen his soul while a man named Salon who Videospirit often assisted, who was a real crazy old Scientist obsessed with giving magic to the magically inept worked on a way to fix the problem. He found that the survivors of the species he’d been a member of in his first life were still alive, but had been crippled by an alien invasion and forced to retreat to another universe to a planet Called Videa. So along with his closest Allies(Salon, Starcane, Gunther, Anaje, the android Orion, and some interested Videans) As well as 1 of two beings who’d split from him during a strange incident that destabalized his spirit form so much he split in 3(His “sister” Peach) he started an academy on the planet devoted to sharing the knowledge of countless worlds in order to better the universe. Salon decided to fund the academy by starting up M.E.T.H.O.D. the mercenary elite Treasure Hunting and Overseeing Division. Which constantly explores new worlds, and visits already explored worlds looking for new knowledge, as well as working as mercenaries for allied worlds.

He still hangs out at RPGC a lot, not interested in constantly worrying about his duties as headmaster of the academy.

I’ve also got a slew of other npcs I could tell you about but I really doubt you’d want them.

Wheee, another fic by Wil.

Identity: Pink Lugia, aka Pink. Works as a mercenary, though it has collected a large enough fortune from past jobs that it is very likely to work for free when it comes to just causes. Describes itself as an expert Red Wizard. A Member of RPGC all the same.

Personality: Claims to be true neutral, but is more of a neutral Gopd type. Definately not serious at all, and mostly carefree. Likes a tall mug of Ale and moogle on the side as a meal. The only time Pink will become serious is when it’s friends are threatened.

Appearance: It’s most common form is that of a human looking being with long Bright pink hair and eyes that constantly shift colour. Stands about 6 feet tall and has no determable gender. Nearly always seen in full body armor and a grey cloak. Claims to be several million years old, but appears fairly young yet. It can be rarely found in it’s true form of a lugia (you’re a pokemon fan Wil, so you should know what a lugia is), which is larger than the average lugia and coloured pink instead of white.

Powers and abilities:
-Magic- Knows a large quantity of decent spells that range from attack to curative to supporting. Quite skillful in using them, and the spells are quite powerful, however there is no dedication to any particular school of magic, so pink has little knowledge of truly powerful spells (For your knowledge Wil, I tend to use spells from the Dragon Warrior games. A good list to use if you need is the DW3 spell list). Loses use of magic and summoning powers while in lugia form, but gains control powerful and dangerous skills like Hyper Beam, Aeroblast, and extreme psychic powers.
-Combat Skills- An excellent who is skilled in the sword and magic, using both in great harmony. While it’s sword skills aren’t that of a master, They are still very good and the added use of magic usually compensates. In lugia form it is pure primal power and destruction, leaving no enemy left standing.
-Noncombat skills- Has a strange absolute immunity to poisons that is yet to be explained, but allows for Pink to out-drink anybody. Also has an ability to make portals to travel around the multiverse, but unless it’s given a map to where it’s supposed to open the portal or already knows the location, it is usually unable to use them. Overall, somewhat wise and knowledgable, but not too much.
-Weaknesses- Simply that it is not a master of magic or combat, and without use of one or the other pink is slightly crippled you could say. Also slightly naive, espiecially about cute things
-Equipment- A Sturdy Blade made of mithril, as well as Mithril full body armor. The cloak is also made of an enchanted material that increases pink’s agility and decreases it’s overall weight, as well as being fire resistent. The cloak also has pockets that hold a variety of random objects, such as it’s money and such, but for some reason only pink can find these objects.
-Lugia form- Capable of transforming into a lugia at will, but rarely uses this. Becomes more primal and less intelligent in this form.

History: Just happened to come to RPGC and join up without a fuss one day. Never one to volunteer much about it’s past besides that it has lived for a long time and is the last of a people that once lived in a place called “The Void.” Pink Usually just hangs about rpgc when it isn’t busy, goofing around and attacking anyone who genderizes it (in a playful way though). Has shown a slight interest in minerals at times, but nothing too much. People it considers friends are Videospirit (Vid), Chris Chris(CC), Chris of the Brood(Brood, broody boy), Wil, Alyx, Xero Cavelcade(Darkness), and Warsaw pack(Nagumo), and it has a casual way with names(names in brackets are preffered ways pink addresses them).

If you need anything else give me a shout.

Identity: Poke Freak, lives in north sweden, member of RPGC, otherwhise unemployed

Personality: A happy-go-lucky guy who is definately on the side of good. The only thing that could cause him to willingly switch sides is if his friends would become evil first since they are the single most important thing to him. He would love to go on the missions/adventures that other go on, but he thinks he would probably just get in the way on most of them. Still, this means that he tries that much harder when he does come along.
He can’t stand boredom and depression. Not in himself and not in others. He always tries to lighten up the modd when it gets too dark and gloomy.
Most of the time he is calm and friendly, and the only thing that is sure to get a violent reaction out of his is if you hurt his friends.
Hit <I>him</I> and he’ll probably just try to figure out what he has done, but hit one of his friends and he’ll definately won’t forgive you.

Appearance: He is a 20 years old human, but he likes to joke and say that he is a “freak”. Poke is slightly shorter than the average person and has green eyes.
He has long blue hair, held back in a ponytail and he usually wears whatever he get his hands on when he wakes up. And since his wardrobe consists of jeans and t-shirts as well as a few sweaters, it is not that hard to figure out what he finds when he checks.

Powers and abilities: He is one of the best, and one of the worst summoners ever. Both at the same time. He can summon almost anything, but he his results are more often than not extremely random, so he tries to not rely on that.
Poke has also has a lot of contact with demons, and most of it has actually been friendly. Or at least as friendly as it gets, so he knows much about the different kinds of demons that one can find in, or between, different worlds.
As for equipment, he usually has a quarterstaff when on adventures. He can handly it pretty well but he isn’t really a fighter. He is mostly just general support in case anyone needs an extra pair of hands.

History: He was born and raised in north sweden where he lived a pretty boring and uneventful life until he found RPGC, almost by accident. Then his life was just <I>mostly</I> boring and uneventful.
He spends most of his time there doing whatever needs doing at the moment, as he isn’t exceptionally good at anything, but likes to help out anyway.
He usually says that he does one of the most important things at RPGC.
Cleaning the coffee machine. Because obviously you can’t run an organization without proper coffee.
He never drinks it himself, though.
Also, he has been semi-posessed by a demon once. It was over a longer period of time, but the only thing that really happened was that he talked to “himself” a lot as the demon would borrow his mouth to argue with him.
He actually misses Moranath (the demon) a bit, because things were a lot more intersting when he was still in Poke’s head.
He also used to be a real pokemon fan, catching and training most, if not all, of the first 151 pokemon known.
Now he has set most of them free, but he has still kept his first and dearest pokemon. A charmander named Pyro. Partly because he didn’t want to part with him, and also because Pyro didn’t want to leave either.
The only problem is that Poke sometimes needs to get new furniture to replace the old ones. And he has given up on completely getting the smell of smoke out of his apartment.
Accidents like that rarely happen anymore, but they used to quite often. (And people with cats complain when the cat pees on the carpet. Hah!)

I think that would be all. If I remember something else I might add it if it is really important. Otherwhise I just hope that this will be enough.

And I also hope that this will be as awesome as the previous episodes, if not more so.
Don’t disappoint me (and everyone else who hopes that) Wil!
But you would probably have trouble doing that even if you tried. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoo, good to see you starting it up, Wil! And while I am certain you know me well enough by now, let’s do it for the sake of protocol.

Identity: Robin Escara der Lesser, known as Valkyrie Esker, or Val to her friends.

Personality: Lawful Good, but the fun side of it. Just because you have a respect for the natural order doesn’t mean you can’t get drunk and party like there’s no tomorrow. Serious when she needs to be, with deep loyalties to those she calls friend. TO insult or hurt her friends is to do the same to her. And she’s a bit touchy about that.

Appearance: Short-cropped blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin… About as germanic as you can get. Well-toned for battle, and rarely seen without her armor and at least one weapon.

Powers: a strong fighter, with above-average clerical magic. A wide arsenal of equipment, though she hates switching ebtween them too often. Her greatest weaknesses… Well, you know what it is, Wil. We were talking about it just the other day, remember?

History: too damn long to bother. Has known Wil for years, and trusts him wholeheartedly. A bit hard on him at times, but just because she holds him to the same standards she holds herself… which is never good enough for her.

Anything else you need, Wil, just tell me the next time we’re both on AIM. Oh, and I still get to ghost-write for that one character, yes?

Identity: Evil Dave, mostly known just as Dave. Street-wise wanderer from the streets of Boston. Die-hard city boy. Recently joined the RPGC for his own unknown reasons.

Personality: Chaotic Neutral bordering on evil. Very independant. Quiet most of the time unless making smart-ass comments. Tends to rant and swear profusely when pissed off. Has a very dark sense of humor, and likes to laugh at other’s misfortune. But is really a fun-loving guy who likes to party and have a good time as much as possible.

Appearance: Adult male human, 24 years old. About 6’. Short, light brown hair. Blue eyes. Always is wearing a Boston Red Sox hat. Always. Wears casual clothes, jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, hoodies, sports jerseys.

Powers and abilities:
-Magic- No magic.
-Combat skills: Skilled in knife combat, but prefers unarmed fighting. Believes that his fists can do more damage than any weapon. Amazing marksman, but doesn’t like guns because they make things too easy.
-Noncombat skills: Impressive survival skills in both nature and the meanest of urban environments. Very street-wise. Can hold liquor like a champ!
-Weakness: Likes to party a bit too much. Easily distracted by alcohol, weed, and women. Sometimes parties to the point of impared judgement.
-Equipment: Red Sox Hat. Carries a pocket knife as his only weapon. Usually has a big bag of weed and some blunts.

History: Born and raised on the streets of Boston, Dave grew up having to take care of himself even in the roughest of situations. Living in the city gave him a deep sense of distrust and contempt for other people, but also a strong sense of loyalty to those few he calls his friends. It also gave him a bit of an ego, thinking that he can handle himself in any situation. Dave recently joined the RPGC stating very vague reasons. He secretly doesn’t care about helping people, but thrives on the chance to fight those who “think they’re so damn tough.” Plus, the parties after saving the world are frigging awesome.

Identity: Christian Dermin Maxim, alias Mabatsekker, Finnish Blue Mage Superhero.

Personality: Neutral Good at heart, Maxim is a calculating young man who wants to help people. Studying to be a reporter, he has natural interests towards issues which affect not only himself, but others around him. Mabatsekker brings out his chaotic bent which makes him slightly more independent, but he keeps his cool most of the time. Doesn’t like people who tell others what to do or push them around. Both have a thing for catgirls.

Civilian: A 19-year old male with average build, (170 centimeters tall)blonde air and blue eyes. Dresses approppriately for the occasion, seeing he lives in the northernmost capital of the world. Prefers comfort over fashion.

Hero: A tall (180 centimeters) Blue-haired male with a muscular build. Wears a sleeveless white martial artist’s coat and blue baggy pants. Ever since winter came, he traded his martial artist-reminiscent costume for a warmer version which adds a dark blue trenchcoat over a white breastplate.

Powers and abilities:
Civilian: Fast-talking, average strenght and endurance. A fast learner, able driver and a superb dancer. Has military training and is self-sufficient. Trained in non-magical healing, I.E, First Aid. Possessions and Equipment include a cellphone, a notepad, a general access public transport pass and usually, a bag of yoghurts. Ability to change to Mabatsekker at will.

Hero: Mabatsekker is a Blue Mage who combines his learning ability with martial arts. His primary style is Saikyo Karate, but combines it with various spontaneously learned techniques. His Blue Mage learning ability works several ways around, for he can learn magic not only by experiencing a spell’s effect, but also by witnessing it happen, although spells so learned are usually slightly less effective. His eyes provide him insight upon a foe’s strenghts and weaknesses, as well as the foe’s power level. This visual lore’s learning ability also has been confirmed to work on people with powers; Flight, Super Strenght and Speed have been added to his arsenal temporarily when he has witnessed them in action, although he cannot quite aechieve the results the original user possesses. A leaper.

Has knowledge of most Blue Magic spells, and continually learns new ones as he encounters different types of magic (BoF skills for example, Last Resort, Super Combo…). Usually starts out with defensive techniques such as Force Field and Mighty Guard, and then goes wildly out to the fray.

Mabatsekker carries no weapons save a long silver dagger for parrying weapon attacks. Wears bracers and a padded armor under his costume for preventing worst blows.

Weaknesses: Although his wits keep him away from worst case scenarios as Christian Maxim, Mabatsekker prefers a straight-on approach which in his reflexes aid him greatly, but aside from having considerable resistance to magic which is blue in nature, his endurance and magical power capacity isn’t that great. Also, if his natures conflict and he suffers mental distress, he may phase out of his hero costume unexpectedly. Also, if knocked out, he’ll revert instantly, as his mind fuels the transformation. Tends for the seriously wounded first if no-one else does, diverting him from combat, and often causing a reversion due to the conflicts among the personalities. Holds liquor badly if on a serious drinking binge. And we talk SERIOUS here.

History: As per origins story, but…

Christiam Maxim noticed at a young age that he had a rather wild imagination. So wild, that they manifested as local weather phenomena, minor incidents and such. Independently training these traits, he learned some illusions to cover his identity with and then became Finland’s Superhero #1. Solo’d for a while, until he discovered a personality within his imagination. This personality manifests itself as a Catgirl, approppriately to his favourite drawing subject. Altough recently, he has been able to suppress the effect, but others still think he talks to himself.

Has travelled to many other cities in search for studies, new magical knowledge and experience. Joined Paragon City’s campaign for a while, and the drifted through several New York-like cities until he stumbled upon RPGC’s group, which most appealed to him. Learned the subtleties of blue magic from Wilfredo, whom he refers to as Mr. Martinez out of respect, although he himself might not approve. Joined the RPGC Task Force at one point, left as he was drafted but then once again rejoined, much to Galloway’s dismay. When not taking out the trash of Helsinki, he works alongside the greatest heroes of the Righteous Protectors…

Wears a Blue Mask when working with a group such as the RPGC, as he identifies himself as the hero of his own country by not sparking suspicions by wearing no mask there.

Ignore this post!

Weee, Wil’s doing his story!

Identity: Referred to as “demi”, since he pretends not to have a given name (Sean).

Personality: Neutral Good, and believes in equality and justice on the individual level, but doesn’t necessarily trust large orginazations. Demi recently took up a job to get money that he can spend on entertainment, primarily in the form of video games, books, and alcohol. Demi has just acheived the legal age to purchase and consume alcohol in the States, but doesn’t drink more than a pint at a time, since he has yet to truly aquire the taste for it. For the most part, he doesn’t bother other people. In fact, he’s frequently downright oblivious to what’s going on around him. His top priorities are the wellbeing of others, and having fun. Doing both at the same time is a bonus.

Appearance: Tall and light, looks more like 16 than 21. Not quite shoulder-length brown hair. Prefers jeans and T-shirts as casual wear, although khakis and button-up shirts are just as acceptable.
On occaisions that warrent RPGC level fighting, demi has an alternate form, somewhat resembling Nightcrawler from X-men, but with wings (and no neat teleportation trick). He can fight in human appearance, but feels more agile in the freakish-looking crime-against-nature form.

Powers and Abilities:
Demi is fairly skilled in White and Black Magic, and he focuses on healing/curative and protective in White Magic, with a preference for elemental direct attack Black Magic. He also knows some basic Time Magic, such as slow and haste.
In close combat, Demi prefers to use his spear, although if it isn’t available, his non-human form has claws that serve just as well. At a distance, magic is preferable, although if the possibility is there he would attempt to use stealth to reach a more advantageous position.
Demi has spent a bit of time browsing through the RPGC’s library, especially the sections on enchantments and magic.
Finally, Demi has excellent survival skills in wilderness conditions.

Weaknesses: Demi is very indecisive, but when he does reach a decision, he does not usually spend much time weighing all the consequences. This doesn’t often make the situation worse, but it surely doesn’t always make things better. Frequent occurences of this trait include rushing out into a mob of enemies to provide a distraction for his allies, but being overcome by the foes.
Also, Demi is not exceptionally strong, and so doesn’t fare well against physically tough opponents.

History: Demi was originally from another world in which he was one of a great multitude of deities. In frustration at the corruption and decay of that world due to the lack of involvement by its four ruling gods, Demi turned against, and eventually slew them. After the ensuing chaos had subsided, the true ruling deity of the world banished Demi from that world. Demi found that this had lessened his abilities and stripped him of his most destructive spells. Some time later, he happened across RPGC, and decided to attempt living a normal life, or at least that’s what he tells himself, despite joining its members on various escapades.

Identity: Known as Griever, as far as location he just travels around as a bit of a mercenary…

Personality: A more or less nutrel guy, quiet and laid back, unable to ignore any female he perceives to be in trouble…

Appearance: About 19, shoulder length, straight brown hair, hazel eyes that are almost grey, worn, stressed leather jacket, black jeans, old black leather steel toe boots and a white, short sleeve, button-up shirt. Wears a dragon pendant and steel long sword.

Powers and abilities: Refuses to use magic and instead relies on his blade.

History: Orphaned at the age of 11, wanderer since the age of 15. Choose the life of a Merc at the age of 17…

Identity: Dude789 called Dude
Personality: Good. He is intellegent and a nice guy who enjoys being with people. Likes to talk, laugh, and have fun. If in a new or uncomfortable position often becomes withdrawn and only talking to the people he completely trusts. When he gets used to something he is lively and often makes witty coments.

Appearance: 6 ft tall. Brown hair and green eyes. Has glasses and looks older than he really is.

Magic: All crest spells (magic from Wild Arms). Crest magic provides him with a huge variety of magic. It includes the usual black and white type spells, but the support spells he can cast far excede any other type of magic. Crest Magic allows him to double cast magic and he can use the mnystic power. Mystic draws out the magic inside weapons and items. He can spread an items effect to everyone or he can draw out the power inside of weapons and other items. Very useful for when he cannot speak the incantations to his spells
Close Combat: Not that good at it. He’s better than average people, but far below those who specialize in it. He uses a spear he found in his travels. it is also above average, but far below the quality of the spears wielded by those who really focus on finding a good one.
Weakness: Physical combat. After he’s casted all his support spells he is as good as the best, but that takes a lot of time, sometimes underestimates enemies.
Equipment: Wields the powerful Dist Dims and Necronomicon. Always carriers many recovery items and a few miscellanious items for mysticing their power.
He also has three tools. (Things used for exploring dungeons in Wild Arms)

Flame and Freeze Staff: A staff with a blue glowing ball of energyon one side and with a ball of red energy on the other. The blue shoots balls of ice and the red shoots balls of fire.

Attraction Orb: When it is thrown it teleports Dude to wherever it lands. It only works for him, but if someone elso throws the orb it will still teleport Dude to wherever it lands. Useful for when someone has better aim or is stronger.

Indention Sticker: A sticker that when placed on a flat surface creates an indention on it. Useful for helping other climb up or down a wall or cliff. If placed on a flat surface while something is inside (like the side of a bookshelf) the items inside will be unaffected.

History: Discovered the RPGC when Wil came to Filgaia to fight an evil entity. He saw them fighting and couldn’t stay idle. He immediately joined and has helped them ever since with his magic and special abilities.

Identity: ALyx Thantius. Also known as Alyx-sama. She is a goddess of helthyruin which happen to be located on the plane Helthyruin. Has been married a few times and has over 7 kids most of which are estranged. She is a demon but more chaotic neutral then evil.

Personality: As I said before ALyx is very chaotic, but also serious when it comes important things. Is usually happy with lots of sarcasm which often offends people who don’t know she isn’t serious. Thinks only how to better herself though she is loyal to the few friends she has.

Appearance: Is a Kastraugh demon has purple eyes, clothes changing as often as her appearece as she is a shapeshiter. Often take the appearence of an elf with purple hair and eyes… there a recent picture. always wears a crescent moon chocker when in a humanoid form.

Powers and abilities: Can cast majority of Black magic spells, very powerful in druidic magic. Has two long knives she fights with effectivly. Cna shapshift into almost anything and take on simple powers or imitate them. ie: turns into dragon can breathe fire. Often over extends her power and isn’t good against melee fighting over all. loves to use magic overall.

History: Was born and raised as a human as her parents abandoned her. eventually learned her race and found her father and killed him. After much fighting and learning and crap she made her way to the goddess of Helthyruin and killed her taking her place. During that process became friends with Videospirit, Chris of the Brood, Pink Lugia and Xero, Chris Chris, and CAvelcade/Darkness Beckons.

tail moving back and forth like a cat on the prow sneaks from behind wil, glomps him :3 Chris-chris will join!!!

Identity: Chris-chris, Cc, Chrissy (perferable not to be used too often,) or just Chris. Most of the time she’s seen around, traveling everywhere. If she’s ever seen in one place twice… that would be either the jail room or an Asylum. Otherwise… just watch out of a monkey tailed teenaged girl running around singing “Chris-chris chris-chris chris!” Or you can find her in the Writer’s Liberary.

Personality: Still as crazy as ever. Though, she has matured a lot from the “hyper-crazy”. Cc has been through many trama’s and it’s taught her a lot. She takes some things serious (such as stealing her cookies away from her or someone trying to take away her butcher’s knife) and has a tendency to BITE someone. Chris-chris has grown a habit of smiling widely when around strangers and friends. She seems to have become more insane that anything really. (A good insane mind you.) But… she still has that Dragon-ish taste for battle.

Appearance: Blue eyes, brown hair, fair skin, and a monkey tail is kinda poor to explain. Her hair is wild and untidy… unevenly cut it seems. Her blue eyes seem to have deepened and darkened slightly, but still having that glitter of lost innoncence. Her skin seems to be slightly more tanned that before… not by much though. Her stature has gone from scronny and short to medium height and a little more meat (not a whole lot of muscel.) She can smile the widest, happiest smile you’ll ever see. And of course… that monkey tail still exsist!! She wears blue jeans most of the time. Sometimes her old dragon armor. Other times she’s in a gray sweater that hangs off her shoulders. There is, tee hee, a pink collar with sliver spikes around her neck and a little bell that dings every time she runs, jumps or hops around.

Powers and abilities:
Once a half breed, always a half breed. You bet she still has her dragon abilities! Dark magic is her strong suit but she does know a few fire and lightning spells. Chris-chris has picked up a lot of odd abilities (such as teleportation, defense spells, ect.) She’s trained herself the hardest she can in the ways of the sword, leaning from other swordsmenin her travels. But… she also seems to have picked up the ability that only a serial killer would seem to have. Her favorite toy is now the butcher’s knife!

Despite knowing how to fight, kill and survive… Cc has a few weaknesses of her own. She’s still young and inexperienced… she realieses this more than you would know. Even with this fact, Cc tries her best to not be pushed to the side. Besides that… she also has a tendcy to get distracked if you give her a cookie…

We know a little about her past… Father, king of dark dragons tried to destory human race, blah blah blah. She has become suicidial AND HOMICIDAL after losing the man she once loved. The scars all over her left arm are proof of what she’s done to herself. After a long while… Cc has overcome her pain and took a little more… insane route of life. The only thing keeping her from snapping to complete chaos are that of her caring friends (whom she all values so dearly.)

You know I’m in, man.

Identity: GG Crono, wise-cracker and occasional wandering adventurer

Personality: Allignment = Good. Generally friendly, and bluntly honest to the point of being a fault at times. Is known for being a wiseass, but is very loyal to those he calls friend. Quite slow to anger, but is said to be suprisingly nasty when his temper gets away from him.

Appearance: Basicaly looks like a recolored version of Crono, with purple hair. Has tried to keep the spikes down in the past but long since given up.

Powers and abilities: Has a magic katana which he has named ‘Starcleaver’ just beacause he thinks that sounds cool. Katana is apparently indestructible and can be set aflame with a sort of magic. That aside, has no apparent superhuman abilities. Is quite dextrous and agile, but not terribly strong and has a low tollerance for pain.

History: The following bit C/P’d from Gallow’s story beacause I don’t feel like retyping it:

The story of the man known as GG Crono is a cliched one…he woke up one day with no memory of his past and a sword in his hand. He looked into a mirror and stared into the face of a recolor.

Cursing the fates for giving him such a background, he has sworn to go against the flow of the story he was being set up for. He might be the last survivor of an ancient race, or a demonic entity fated to destroy the world, or some idiot who hit his head on a big rock. He doesn’t know or care.

End copy/paste.

GG eventually found the ever-mysterious castle of RPGC and decided to crash there, joining the freaks and nerds that hang out within. That was a few years ago. He’s since made a few friends and is more than willing to lend a hand when things get hairy. He’d be the first to admit that he’s not the bravest soul around, but he’ll never back down when his friends need him.

Still loves pizza and hates puns.

I had to cut back my profile because with all of the details that I added, it became far too long. If you want extra details on some aspects of my character, just ask me.

Name: Sir Percival Rhyndon (or Sir Percival the Gallant)
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 25 (technically older, but the Holy Grail’s power keeps him about this age)
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 188 lbs.

Appearance: In short, a knight in shining armour. A stunningly handsome young man of a very strong, healthy, and classically masculine build (though not excessively muscular) with a gallant and noble countenance. He has neat sandy-blonde hair that falls to his shoulders, sky-blue eyes, and a clean-shaven face. He wears a sachet with him often, so a pleasant scent follows him, and he wears fine mediaeval clothes (fifteenth-century fashions) when not armoured.

Attributes: He has excellent strength and vitality, average agility and dexterity (except in melee combat and horsemanship, where he excels). He has awesome charisma and appearance. His intelligence is average at best, but he is rather wise (though traces of youthful naiveté occasionally slip through). His overall power is very high (he is a legend, after all), but not yet at its peak.

Abilities, Combat: Overall, nothing short of excellent. He is a master swordsman (especially with the bastard sword), but can use most other mediaeval melee weapons, too. He is also a master lancer and mounted combatant in general. He forsakes most other weapons and only knows very basic unarmed combat. He does know a significant number of feats to complement his combat abilities, however.

Abilities, Other: He is an outstanding horseman, able to execute all manner of difficult equestrian manoeuvres even in the thick of battle. He has awesome leadership skills, not to mention diplomacy and etiquette. He has good concentration and resolve. His knowledge includes British and Celtic history, some religion, heraldry, falconry, aesthetics, castle management, (mediaeval) military strategy, and some music (he can play the lute). He knows a number of languages, some ancient (Latin) and some uncommon (Welsh).

Abilities, Class: He has all the regular D&D Paladin (Edition 3.5) abilities, combined with some of those of a paladin from Diablo II (treat these as divine feats and divine spells), with a few exceptions. First, Sir Percival has a few more uses of the Cure Disease ability than the rules describe (about 7 or 8 each week). Second, Sir Percival can summon his special mount more than once per day (but no more than three or four times). Otherwise, I assume that you know what all the D&D abilities do, but you can ask me if you do not. If you have never played Diablo II, you can find paladin abilities described here:

Weaknesses: (1) He is not slow, but he is slower (on foot) than many other members of RPGC (but not because of his armour!) (2) He is quite vulnerable to dark/unholy attacks if they breech his defences. (3) He is useless at stealth and hiding, though he can still scout well enough and detect ambushes. (4) He is inept with post-mediaeval technology, and tends to cause accidents when he uses it: the higher the technology, the worse the accident. (5) He sometimes acts more out of naïve honour than strategy. (6) He speaks in an archaic idiom. He does know Modern (British) English, but the archaism is natural to him. This sometimes confuses or annoys others.

Equipment: His weapons include a holy avenger (bastard sword), an enchanted roundel dagger, and heavy lances (when he needs them, some are enchanted and/or blessed). His armour is a (probably) enchanted and/or blessed sterling full-plate armour, topped with an armet, of masterful craftsmanship. His shield is also probably enchanted and/or blessed, and resists dragon breath very well. It bears his blue-and-white coat of arms. His warhorse (special mount), named Llewellyn, is a white stallion of the destrier breed (a kind of mediaeval warhorse), equipped with tack and harness, and barding of the same quality and design as his armour. Sir Percival also owns a great castle of white stone and blue turrets and a sizeable tract of land around it in a distant forested land, much like mediaeval Wales or western England, populated by peasant farmers.

Biography: Sir Percival is a former Knight of the Round Table and former Grail Knight, who, after achieving the Holy Grail, went on to other worlds to carry out quests as an errant paladin, eventually making his way to RPGC. He still has some secret relationship with the Grail itself of which no one (not even his closest friends) fully knows, and which even he does not fully understand (yet, at least). Though he was born of noble (actually minor royal) blood in Wales long ago, he just considers himself a Briton and his estate (or social rank) that of a knight.

A very popular member at RPGC, he is known for general openness and acceptance of even the shyer and more obscure members of RPGC of good alignment, as well as friendliness and optimism, and general gallantry, noblesse, and unfailing courtesy. Thanks to his popularity, he has won many friends, allies, and admirers, with his best friend being the cleric Shalcar. He enjoys the attention that he receives, although he carries himself with grace, temperance, and chastity (that is, by the mediaeval definition of chastity). Though he refuses association with criminals and evil members, he has virtually no real enemies (thus far, at least). (Just as a note, last year, you had Sir Percival act like a wallflower at one point; this is not like him, as he is not shy).

In recent times, however, Sir Percival has only been making brief and occasional visits to RPGC, though no one really knows why. Rumours surrounding him have abounded, though: crusades against dark armies, risings of evil dragons, quests into deep dungeons, custodianship of the Holy Grail, betrothal to a princess whose fortune includes a kingdom literally bursting with gems and jewels, and scores more. The truth remains to be known to RPGC.

Final Note: There are some details about my character which I shall send you either by private message or by email (whichever is more convenient); I do not want to reveal them openly because, if you want to use them, they will spoil some of the mystery around my character at this point.

Identity: Kirokokori, or Kiro. I live in New Hampshire

Personality: I’m hyper and I like to play videogames and draw, . I can be funny too, but actually I’m kind of smart for my age (Top honors! :P). Oh, and I’m a Harry Potter fan girl.

Appearance: I’m a catgirl who is 12. I’m a girl, my cat ears and tail are white my hair is medium length brown and I have grey-blue eyes. My out fit looks like this:

Powers and abilities: I can do some white and black magic, and I have a bazooka. Weaknesses, I have a condition in my left knee that hurts like crap when pressure is on it.

History: I helped with defeating Naryl (Sp?). Other than that, I’m just the youngest member of RPGC.

Guess who’s back. Again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Name: Sairan

Personality: Sairan’s personality tends to vary at times; depending on his current mood and the situation, he could be cold, dark, and somewhat sinister, or more easygoing and eccentric. He tends to either get the attention of everybody, or nobody.

Appearance: He’s strongly resembled Ilpalazzo of Excel Saga before, but he’s since changed his look a bit; his blue hair, while still rather long, has been cut shorter, and he now wears red robes over a set of light armor. He still wears the same mini-glasses of his anime counterpart, though, and his eyes are still yellow and slitted, like a cat’s.

-He still has Mysteltain, his trusted black-bladed sword. As far as he knows, it has no special abilities, aside from apparently never breaking or becoming dull.
-He knows advanced fire and darkness-realted magic.
-Due to being set on fire countless times in his life and some of the magic he knows, he has been changed slightly. He is now completely immune to fire, and cannot be hurt or harmed by it in any way. He can still be set on fire…it just won’t do anything to him.

History: Sairan has always been driven by a single desire: “to conquer and purify the world”, as he would put it.

To accomplish this goal, he’s been to a great deal of places throughout an assortment of worlds, and he’ll occasionally show up at RPGC as a result. Even he’s not exactly sure where he’s from…all he knows is that he’ll probably need to take it over at some point.

He has both helped and gone against RPGC at times. Sometimes, he’ll appear to help one or two of RPGC’s residents, and sometimes he’ll show up just to try adding the place to his list of conquests, as was the case last year. However, he has since realized that conquest is a long journey, and he may need to first help someplace before it can be his.

Sairan has recently been sighted around RPGC again…and nobody knows what his intentions are this time. Will he be on the side of good or evil this year?

Identity: d Galloway, aka the other Christmas writer (somewhat)

Personality: Neutral Good. He is, strangely, quite serious, although he does occasionally show a sense of humor.

Appearance: A 20-year-old saiyan, except with spikey red hair instead of spikey black hair. He is about 5’6" in height, with very little muscle mass. He usually wears silver and red armor, a breastplate being the most focal. Has blue eyes, although they are seemingly always covered by a pair of shades.

Abilities: Despite his seeming lack of build, Galloway has a good deal of control over ki. Unfortunately, this Galloway lacks the power to go SSJ, but he is still capable of increasing his strength using energy, as well as throw balls or beams of energy. He also has a katana, but he doesn’t use it as often as he used to. He knows no magic.

Weaknesses: Using ki is draining on a person; as a result, Galloway becomes weaker as the battle continues, meaning he cannot stand long in a massive, drawn-out battle. Although he is not susceptible to magic like PC Glenton, he has very little magic of the arcane, and thus is ill-equipped to properly resist magical attacks. His skills are generally limited to combat, although he does have a strange understanding of bad movies for some reason. Also, his appearance can frighten small children.

History: Galloway has no idea how he came to RPGC. Although he knows he is the only Saiyan to have ever lived there, he doesn’t quite understand why he hasn’t actively moved to destroy it. To make it even stranger, he can remember very little from before his sixteenth birthday. He generally acts like a guard for RPGC, although he is still under scrutiny after the mass rampage he went on two years prior. For whatever reason, Wil has threatened to humiliate him this Christmas…

(WIL: I have proof. Don’t try to deny!)

That’s all I have time for.

Yay, time to sign up. ^^

Identity: Zimmie. Has been around rpgc for three years now, and is about as innocent as they come.

Personality: Zimmie is generally quite shy in crowds, but loves to talk one on one. She can be blunt at times, which has gotten her into trouble more than once. She has a sense of humor and every now and again will make a crack at the expense of someone she dislikes. She has overtime become more relaxed and friendly towards everyone she meets. She’s a bit of a pacifist, but will fight when those around her are in danger. She’s good I guess, but you can put her wherever you need her.

Appearance: She looks hispanic and is 18, but definetly can pass for a 14 year old depending on what clothes she wears. Her hair is a deep blue tied up in pig tails. Her eyes are also deep blue. She wears black pants that are probably pajama bottoms with pictures of a grave yard and skeleton on them and a black knit top and a jacket that cuts off at her knees, and she has a necklace with a pearl charm on it. I’m sure this is no identifying mark, but she’s definetly one of the shortest people at rpgc- 5’1.

Powers and abilities: She’s a summoner, with her specialty being water summons. She knows a number of healing spells. She’s been working on being able to summon stronger things for the past year with some success. Her most powerful summons is her guardian that sleeps in her necklace, but she uses that one only in desperate situations. She’s also a pickpocket because she thought it’d be a fun skill to aquire.

Weaknesses: She’s inexperienced in battle, her only real experience is the past attacks on rpgc. She lets emotions get the better of her, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on whether she can maintain control on whatever she calls forth.

Equipment; none really. She carries around a dagger because she has a thing for swords but definetly can’t use one. She’s fairly skillful with it, whatever that means.

History: Zimmie has family issues, I just noticed. She is the daughter of a nymph and a human. Her father left her at an orphanage when she was young and dissapeared. She’s spent most of her teenage life searching for him. In the process she managed to find two of her older half brothers, watched one of them die and accidently destroyed the other. She inherited her power from her dad, but the ability to use it from her mother and is protected by one of the three guardians of her homeworld. Her guardian is also responsible for the destruction and rebirth of her planet. Her father is definetly still alive; he somehow managed to escape the destruction of their homeworld by traveling into the crossroads of the universes. She’s been on a number of searches since then, but to no avail. That doesn’t get her down, she figures she’ll find him when the time is right. She hangs out at rpgc when she’s not off on an adventure in one of those worlds.

… And Glenton joins another story thread.

Identity: PC Glenton, theif for hire, and personal gain, travels a lot, but his HQ/safehouse is in Hong Kong.

Personality: Cold, calm, and calculating. He cares for nothing, but his own survival. Life, except his own, matters little to him. Ethics, honor, chivilary… in his mind, are all social controls and scams… not even worth considering. Not that he will go out of his way to kill you… only that if you GET in his way, he will kill you. Well, except for Valkyrie Esker. She qualifies for both. Anyway, will prefer not to kill, but only because it attarcts too much attention.

Appearance: Black hair, slicked back; piercing eyes, usually covered with sunglasses, lithe, but also pale. Square-headed, and wears nothing but black. All covered up in a black trenchcoat. Like my avatar.

Powers and abilities: Glenton is not superhuman. Everything he learned, every ability he posseses, come not of any extraordinary coincidence, but out of his own experience and prowess, and a good array of tools.

Sneaking, lockpicking, trap disarming… all the thief abilities. His sneaking is so good, he can blend with shadows if quiet enough. THough, he isn’t THAT good of a pickpocket. Kinda apathied in the search of loot BIGGER then what can be carried in a pocket. Also, a great liar and planner. Finally, good with electronics and comptuers… you HAVE to be, to pick locks and get by obstacles in this modern world.

As for more physical outlets, fairly good at martial arts, preferring to use his feet to free up his hands for his guns, and a decent acrobat.

Equipment: Dual pistols, hair triggered, with optional silencer capability. Not semi-automatic, but fast enough for a sensitive finger. Goes in his jacket when not in use.

Sniper rifle, collapasble, even the barrel, which is engraved with the name Mia… ask about it and die. Goes in a slit in his jacket, over the right shoulder. Also has silencer capability.

Grappling hook: Just a basic fire and release hook. Capable of holding his weight. Also in his jacket.

Various thief tools: Picks, decoders… whatever is needed to get the job done. Variety of modern and not so. Goes in the jacket as well.

Sometimes various grenades, and enough pockets and hiding spots in his jacket to smuggle all of the diamonds from S. Africa… Hmmm…

Weaknesses: Magic. Can’t cast, can’t stand. Offensive magic seems to WANT to hurt him, while healing and support magic barely works (if at all.). No clue why that is, perhaps will discover sometime in the future. While he can wield magical weapons, any enchantments on them do not activate.

History: Does not talk about it… acts like he doesn’t have one… which may not be far from the truth. Anyway, is more concerned with the present and future to even discuss it. Maybe he just dosen’t WANT to think about it?

If you need anything else, let me know… I may of gotten carried away here.