The RPGC Graduates '04.. Who? From what?

Heres to the finest crew in star fleet! raises glass

I graduate next year.

I’m finishin 6 classes this year, and another four next year… but I’m done the 3rd of June wich means ultralong holidays!

Well, I’m currently doing my AS level exams. Once I’m done with them I’ll have another year doing my A2 Levels.

Then I’ll probably be going to university. So I got a bit of time left in my educational life.

School finishes on Friday, then we have exams on Monday for 3 weeks, then it’s all over. Yay?

I’ll be graduating with my BS in Business Administration with a Specialization in MIS (Management Information Systems) in May of next year. That unless my lovely college decides to fuck me over and not offer the courses I need to graduate.

I graduate from high school June 2. And I have to go to the silly awards ceremony next week, because apparently I’m getting an award… for god knows what. Improved attendance is my best guess. rolls eyes

5 days after graduation, I have a dentist appointment, and then I will have NO obligations in this helltown. FREEDOM! :open_mouth:

I finally graduated from high school yesterday :yipee: :yipee:

I have about half of today left, and the ceremony is on Monday, if I thought everyone could make it, I’d invite everyone on the boards to the ceremony.

I just graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BA (a major in mediaeval studies and a minor in English language). I intend to take the next year off to work as a tutor, and then go to graduate school the following year (in England if I can afford it, otherwise somewhere else in Canada, preferably Toronto).

Sin: Summa cum laude.