The RPGC Graduates '04.. Who? From what?

High School is (finally) over for me. Finals results came in… and I got the best possible English grade there is… (Laudatur) …Good results for Finnish and Swedish too! (Magna)

So, who else here is graduating from a well of education this year? Personally, I commend such persons for completing a dire task such as graduating, since… well, you bothered, and you succeeded. Congratulations. Party’s on the last weekend of May.

Well, I graduated a year ago, but I’m most likely dropping out of my current college to attend a different one. So uh, yay?

I’m pretty young to be a college sophmore. It’s since I skipped a grade.

By the time I graduate, I’d be, let’s see, 19 or 20.

God forbid I do postgrad!!

I am. But not from High School.

I Convocate next week from Memorial Universty of Newfoundland, with a BA in Social Cultural Anthropology. I’ll be returning there in the fall, I think, to do my Honors, and scout around for a few good places to apply for an MA.

Woot. :moogle:

Once my highschool finishs I’ll be a graduate. When that time comes I never -ever- want to go back to highschool. Sure it’s easy. Really, really easy. You get to see your friends no matter what! But frankly, after 12 years of the same system with little to zero choice, I am glad to be gone.

… which is funny since if you asked me this, like, 7 months ago I’d be mortified at the thought of graduating :stuck_out_tongue:


What are Laudatur and Magna, Mabat? Grades?

I’ll be graduating from university this year too, but in December.

I’m done June Second baby!

Sometime by June 20th or so, I’ll be graduating from my Electronic Game Design course with a kick-ass game to show to the world :smiley:

I congratulate everyone who is graduating soon,be it from high school to college.And i graduate this Wensday :yipee: :yipee:

You better show us that kick ass game Dragon,or else :enguard:

College graduation sometime in May of 2006…so I guess I’ll wait for me to put this up in two years… :thud:

I’ll be graduating from high school soon. Going to college after.

I’m graduating highschool, and then there’s a two year Computer Technician course at the local college, which if I take, can get me into the fourth year of a five year Computer Network Engineer course at Carleton University. 2 year course counts as 3 years, I’ll take it :smiley:

I graduated from high school last year, and decided to take a year off before going to college, so I’m heading to my community college this Fall for two years, then transfer to either Michigan State or UNC to get my degree in teaching.

Done with College in two weeks, on to University!

I’ll be graduating from high school next week.

In my opinion I don’t have nearly enough foreign language credits though, only two in Latin, two in French, and three in Japanese.

I graduate from gymnasiet June 11! AND I GOT MY HAT TODAY!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!11 :hyperven: :victoly: :yipee:

And I’m not going to explain the Swedish school system; no one cares or will remember anyway. =P Gymnasiet is usually three years and you usually graduate the year you turn 19. Jing was an exchange student, so Jing is a year behind. Which is awesome because I loooove my class and I’m so happy happy bounce bounce that I get to gradute with them instead of those boring people I was with in grade 1 (yeah, gymnasiet has grade 1-3 =P Or 1st - 3rd ring, but no one says that anymore) and when we got the hats everyone was jumping around and cheering and singing the graduating song and it was so much fuuuun! ^^ bounces Ignore me. >>

I think Weiila posted a pic of herself in her gratuating hat if you’re wondering what I’m talking about.

Oh, and then University this fall. Psychology, I hope. Mmm…

Spring/fall 2005 is what I’m shooting for. Even if I die trying, I wanna graduate early!! ;p

From Keene High in Keene, NH, about a week before Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors. :smiley:

Still have a year to go. Congrats to all those that are graduating soon ^^

I’m most likely graduating summa cum laudae with bio sci honors in december 04. I’ll have a BS in biological sciences.