THE RPG Multiverse

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THE GRANSTREAM SAGA: There’s not much to see on Granstream. The whole planet is covered in water, due to the use of a superweapon on a war a hundred years ago. There are four continents floating in the sky, but you can see similar things on other worlds. These continents are held aloft by magical spheres that have to be recharged every few hundred years or so. But don’t worry, they were all recently re-charged. With its Sky Pirates and Imperial Wizard armies, it isn’t the friendliest place to visit, either. Nor are there are any really unique spells or magic items- with the exception of The Scepter, which, oddly enough, it’s not a scepter, but a magic gauntlet. It has the rather unique power to create duplicates of any object, even those so old as to have crumbled into dust. It can also duplicate information (such as spells). Unfortunately, it can only be used by one particular person (and his reincarnations) so there’s no point in getting it, either.

FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: Ok, WHERE to put this one? FFT: Advanced made a mess out of things. In the original, the land of Ivalice existed in its own world (although centuries in the past). If we assume the Ivalice of FFTA is the same Ivalice, either the original got absorbed into a book (!!) or the book transported people from Earth into it. (And I hear Ivalice will be used on FF12 as well!!) Maybe we should treat all of them as different Ivalices, just as we decided each Filgaia is a different World.

Anyway: Don’t adventure on Ivalice unless you don’t mind getting caught in political and religious scheming (which were STILL going on even after the events of the game.) On the other hand, if you need mercenaries, you can hire a LOT on Ivalice, and I mean ones with the ability to learn advanced Jobs and powers! (This is a good way to create new characters for your stories.) You can also recruit a few unique characters, and even charm monsters (if you have the right spells) into joining your party! Monsters can also be poached (turned into materials that can be used to make magical items.) There are many shops that will process the materials for you. (This makes a LOT MORE SENSE than monsters just dropping items after battle.) On the other hand, many monsters on Ivalice are sentient. (UNLIKE pokemon- more on that later!). Killing sentients for treasure IS an evil act. Just so you know. 8P
While on Ivalice, things like the date and your zodiac sign influence your chances of victory (!!) so avoid going there unless your horoscope says it’s a good day for fighting. : )

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A quick thought the Grandia series is going to make an appearance in the multiverse, right? There are a lot of aspects of those games that would be useful to travels from other worlds, like… well I can’t think of anything right, but you get the idea right?

HS: I’m covering EVERY game I ever played here, so yes, Grandia I and II will also be covered. (Aren’t you guys glad I bought the guide for EVERY freakin’ game I played? Makes the research for this MUCH easier. :slight_smile: )

Edit: Just added ILLUSION OF GAIA and SECRET OF EVERMORE to the list of games set on Earth. Go see. Thanks to Valkyrie Esker for the info on those. :cool: Still to be determined: LIVE A LIVE and SHADOW HEARTS. (Opinions wanted.)

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it’s actually drawn in El goonish Shive style. And also, expect me to contribute sometime with games I’ve played that Wil; hasn’t. Or lost the guide to. he seems to do that a lot, at least whenever I need help.

And let me just say that the image is at least ten times funnier in context.

Wil, sorry that I couldn’t give you any info about Illusion of Gaia, I haven’t beaten it. I’m stuck on the vampires. Another good game would be Dragon Warrior 7. It is somewhat like earth and it has a cool plot. I’ll tell you about it if you’ve never played it.

Don’t worry, dude, I filled him in on IoG. And Evermore. And sometime soon, I’ll explain Terranigma and Live a Live.

Val: Hey! You know I HAVE helped you with some games in the past! But I have over FIFTY game guides, I can’t keep them all handy all the time. (…Okay, maybe if I cleaned my house more often I would find things more easily. But, we digress. 8P )

Val (and anybody else!) is certainly welcome to cover those game worlds that I never played. Mainly, those are from consoles other than Playstation 1 and 2, and Gameboy and Super Gameboy. Remember, a) try not to give away game spoilers and b) focus on things that would matter to visitors from other worlds.

And I still think El Goonish Shive is ripping off Felix the Cat. ^^

OK, let’s continue:

MEGAMAN LEGENDS: This supposedly takes place on Earth, AFTER some disaster flooded the World. Because of that, I can’t fit it in with the other Earth-based games. Like Granstream, that leaves little room to explore, except for the island of Kattleox(?) which is a pretty normal modern city. (It is implied there are OTHER islands in this world, tho.)
Really, the main reason to visit this World is to meet Mega Man, who is NOT the same one from the Plataform games nor the one from the NT Warrior games. I’m open to theories about their relationships. Also, fans of Marvel vs Capcom might want to meet Tronn Bonne and the Servbots- they’re from this World.
One good thing about this World is that they use Zenny as currency, same as many other game worlds. So, if you’ve been to the Breath of Fire, Dragon Warrior or (other) Mega Man Worlds, you can use your already-earned money here, instead of having to explore dungeons or take local menial jobs to be able to buy things.
As for what to buy, as you can imagine, it’s mostly equipment that Megaman uses. But if you have, say, a Mech from Saga Frontier, you could upgrade it with things like MegaBooster Shots!
Oh, and for those of you who ALWAYS wanted to be on a game show, there are several on Kattleox island… : )

Vandal Hearts: The game takes place on a continent name Sostegaria- World not specified. (Hey, maybe we could put it on the same world as other medieval lands that have no specific world- like Ivalice.) This is pretty much your average medieval-world-with-magic-added land, with internal struggles due to corruption, again, similar to Ivalice. Gold is used as currency on this World, which is handy. There are also Dojos were characters can learn and upgrade their Job Classes, including the rare Hawknight (Winged Warrior) class. You can also undergo The Trials of Toroah, a series of strategic battles that earn you pieces of that legendary warrior’s soul, and, if completed, gives you the unique class of Vandalier. To undergo the trials, you must find the lost Keys of Toroah, tho.

Coming soon: Tales of Destiny, and Xenogears!!

I think Dw7 would fit in well. The main story is that there is one island called Eteru Isle surronded by ocean. On the island there is a castle a small fishing town and a mysterious shrine. In the shrine there are a bunch of pedestals with slots in the top. If you find shards and put them in the appropriate pedestal you are warped to an island that is isolated much like Eteru Isle the only difference is that it is darker, monsters roam freely and the people of the island are affected by a plague of some sort. Example, a powerful group of monsters or a magical rain that turns everyone to stone. If you manage to fix the problems the island is facing then the island returns and becomes part of the world again.

Wil, so you know, the ivalice from ffta and ff12 look to be possibly the same ivalice, as 12 has Vierra and judges riding chocoboes in it. of course that’s kinda all messed up since that ivalice was created in ffta, though isuppose the gran grimoir can just make a new planet somewhere, that continues even after the makers leave. of course if ff12 somehow takes place before ffta, then that theories scewwed.

Dude: I own DW7, but I haven’t finished playing it (dammit, but the game is LONG, especially for someone like me who just HAS to find everything in the game in the first go-thru. However, I also own the guide ^_~ so I’ll eventually get around to describing it as well. (I’m dealing with the OLDER Rpgs first.)

Lugia: Yeah, I know about the similarities between FFTA and FF12, but it could be that they’re reusing the concepts but not the same game world. FF does that often. I’ll let you know as I find more info on the game.

And what happened to your head? :thinking: ???

More game data soon!!

You’re just like me, I really PO my dad by always buying the guide with my allowence and reading it through before facing the first boss.

I’m also a strategy guide with every game, need to get everything type of gamer. And tis my halloween sprite, though i need a new one sometime.

Next installment coming soon. TALES OF DESTINY is one of the few games I played that I don’t have the guide to. So I need to do some research online.

And hey, if anybody who played the game wants to post something, be my guest!

Never played much of Destiny, but I fancy myself an expert on the first of the series, Tales of Phantasia. If you want, I can write up a little thing on it.

Sure, go ahead, V!