THE RPG Multiverse

Wil: The SoulBlazer Series takes place on ancient Earth. Well, at least IoG and Terranigma do, Soulblazer we jhust assume does, since it’s the first of the three. And if you want more info, try talking to me on ICQ. I know way too much about these games.

It’s true. It’s almost unhealthy. :hahaha;

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It focuses a lot on ancient cultures.
Here’s a picture of the world map here.

Err, the link doesn’t work, Dude. But thanks anyway, I’ll check Gamefaqs by myself later.

OK, NOW I’m ready to continue! (BTW, in case you’re wondering, I’m using a list of the RPGs I played to prepare this, so I’m commenting about games in the order I played them.)

BREATH OF FIRE 3: Again, no name for this world. I’m open to suggestions here. Note that, since every BoF game is a new version of the same story, we can assume that each BoF world is an alternate version of the other (Hey, why should Earth be the only world with Parallels?)

This world is fairly typical of most Magical Medieval Worlds. One immediate difference is that animal people not only exist here, but coexist freely with humans… even gasp intermarrying! (So, if you REALLY want to marry a catgirl, this is a good place to live!) :slight_smile:

There is technology on this world, but it’s rare; people don’t make machines, they just find and repair them. Most of these machines are powered by crystals called chrysm, which are formed, ironically, from the fossilized remain of dead magical beings, such as the Brood (An intelligent race of Dragons that once existed on this world but was hunted to extinction.)

There existed a particularly cruel criminal organization on this World; willing to even kill children to achieve their purposes. Although their leaders were recently killed, the organization might still survive.
Also, the being responsable for the extinction of the Brood (and the limited use of technology) might also have survived a recent attack by the local heroes.

This world features several ‘Masters’ who can teach a variety of skills and powers to anyone who meets their eccentric demands. (Note also that items called “skill ink” allows you to exchange skills with others!)

Most towns also have an “innoculation service” that temporarily boosts your resistance to one type of attack. Some adventurers come to this world just to be innoculated before going to a particular battle or dungeon where they know a particular kind of attacks will be used. Note that the effects lasts only until you rest.

This world is also famous for its fishing spots. The fish look like Earth’s but have magical properties, and can also be traded in for magical items (but only with the fishmen called Manilos.)

There’s also a sub-dimension where tiny faeries live, which makes a cute place to visit (but you need a special tiara to use the faerie circle portals.)

FILGAIA (WILD ARMS!): (Again, each Wild Arms game takes place on a Parallel Filgaia.) Filgaia is a world whose local culture resembles that of the American Wild West (a rare case of inter-world parallelisms?) However, it has BOTH technology and magic. The planet isn’t much to look at, however, having been left desertic by an alien invasion centuries before. Still, some people visit this world just for the chance to dress up and act like cowboys. :slight_smile:

The aliens recently returned to this world, but were defeated.

Filgaia features some of the trickiest dungeons in the multiverse. Looks like the Ancients of these world enjoyed puzzle-making a LOT. Make sure you have a local help you navigate them…

Things to look for :
-Runes: Relics that allow you to (briefly) summon the powerful magical beings called Guardians, provided your level of Life Force is high enough. Might only work for those with a) summoning talent and b) permission from the Guardians.
-Elemental Rings: These give your physical attacks an elemental effect of a specific kind each. Useful.
-Goat dolls: If you wear this item, and are given a death blow, they will “die” in your stead! Only once each, thought.
-Crest Magic: You can buy spells in most towns, but you have to find the crests (scrolls) to write them on your own. Not practical.
-Arms: The Arms Meisters of this world will improve the power, accuracy, and number of bullets of your gun-type weapons- for a price.

More later!

Actually, Wil, the concept of Magic and science blending together is not an uncommon thing when considering the Wild West Genre. It wasn’t all about “horses and guns”, as one idiot I talk to seems to think. It['s a land untamed by man, and where both old and new ways come together to create a beautiful genre. Old folklores and superstitions combine with the steampunk feel, and you have the Wild West.

I think too much about this stuff.

Sounds pretty good. I, personaly, believe that the BoF universe is the same world, with events happening eons after each-other. But this is just my oppinion, your version of BoF3 sounds pretty good.

I’m pretty sure that the Wild ARMs universe IS like that. It’s less obvious in two, but three makes several referances to the events of one, including a returning villain.
Oh, and also, only Crest Sorcerers/Sorceresses can use crests, but there exist items called “Crest Caps” in WA2 that can store one spell, which anyone can use. Once used, a new spell can be written into the Cap.

If you want more info on Wild ARMs, you ask Dalton of Zeal. He knows Wild ARMs better than Val knows Soulblazer.

Val: YOU think too much about this stuff!? :hahaha;

Anyway, I catch your drift: yes, Westerns are indeed about the old meeting the modern, so something like Wild Arms is a logical extension of that. Still, you gotta admit that (outside RPGs, and some comic books) you rarely see both magic and technology in the same story.

GG: Hmm… it MIGHT be that the BoF characters just keep reincarnating over the centuries… but I haven’t seen evidence that specifically proves that, so I’m going to treat the games as different worlds for now.

Oh, and I know about a certain villain returning in WA3. However, despite his similarities to the one in WA1, his origin was described as being different; besides, each of the games gives a DIFFERENT explanation as to why the planet is so desertic. Not to mention that it would be really odd for the type of culture (western, in this case) and level of technology to remain the same over thousands of years. Not to mention that many of the games’ heroes achieve legenday status (this is especially true in WA2) and it would be very odd that they are not mentioned in the other games, even if only as legends. So no, I don’t think that the three Filgaias are supposed to be the same planet. BUT, you people feel free to argue in here if you think you have proof, that’s what the thread is for. :slight_smile:

BTW, other than the way the spells are gained, I see no real difference between Crest spells and those of other worlds, so any magic-user should be able to use them. (On the other hand, since the ability to summon the Guardians was specifically granted to the WA heroes, they might not be usable by other summoners.)

Back tonight with more RPG World reviews.

I’m gonna have to go with GG on the Crest Sorcery thing. It’s kinda like Realm magic in SF: only natives can use it to the fullest. Or at least people who have studied there for YEARS. I mean, when you look at WA1 and 2, you see people who trained for years and only have about two or three spells to their name in the beginning. It’s GOTAA be tough to learn initially, but easy to implement afterwards.

::doh:: It doesn’t oh well.
And Val, you can’t forget about mystic magic it’s just like realm. What possessed you to use young Rydia.

Mystic’s slightly different from Realm and Crest Sorecery: Mystic magicx is completely in the blood, while Realm and Crest apparently take study from childhood. So, while a Mystic child COULD theoretically learn to master Realm magic, if raised there, but a human could never master Mystic. Ya see?

And I used it for the hell of it. so shut up.

My approach for magic (and other abilities) is this: It’s not so much the origin of something, as its game effects, that matter. If it’s something truly unique to a particular game, it might not work in other worlds. However if there’s something similar in other games, then I don’t see why interdimensional travelers would not be able to exploit it. So, while Crest magic is learned in a different way from, say, White and Black magic in FF, the use and effects are pretty much the same. It’s just that the people of Filgaia developed a different way to learn it (by combining elemental symbols on Crests.) My opinion is that normal sorcerers could use it too. But, most wouldn’t bother to find the crests to use it, since there are easier forms of magic on other worlds. However, please keep in mind that I’m just listing ideas for ALL of us to use here, this isn’t a “definitive” thing- just use the theories you all like the best! : )

Ok, moving on…

THE REGIONS (SAGA FRONTIER): It isn’t exactly clear where the Regions exist. The game made me feel like they’re a series of worlds that each exists in a different dimension. However, some material I found in the Net (about a book based on the game) suggests that it’s actually a solar system in a strange area of space (but doesn’t say if the system exists within Earth’s universe.) So, I’m considering them extradimensional for now.
In any case, The Regions are a series of planets linked by frequent travel, thanks to “Inter-Region ships”. This makes them extremely easy to explore! In particular, look for the Cygnus, probably the coolest passenger ship EVER. (These ships travel thru a strange, dangerous void that does NOT look like outer space; might be an interdimensional limbo, or the inside of a nebula. You decide.)

The Regions were once (long ago) dominated by highly advanced civilizations (including one called ATLANTIS! Whether it was Earth’s Atlantis is unknown) but they destroyed each other during a war, leaving some powerful artifacts behind.

Today, each world is independent, and has its own culture, form of magic, and level of technology. The Regions are inhabited by several different races: Humans, Mystics, Mechs and “Monsters”. Mystics come in different forms; some look just like humans, but some resemble creatures such as trolls or mermaids. (It seems the “human” Mystics are the ruling class.) Mystics, however, have blue blood, the ability to learn Mystic magic naturally (see below) and some unique abilities like the Mysticweapons (the ability to create energy weapons that can literally absorb a monster, just as the monsters do (see below) except each weapon can hold only one ability at a time.) Mystics are tolerated by the other races, but there are ugly rumors about them. Mystics, for some reason, don’t like Mechs.
Mechs are sentient robots; most of them are machine-like in appearance but speak just like humans. Still, they’re kind of second-class citizens, still treated as mere machines by many. Mechs cannot learn magical or combat techniques, unlike Humans and Mystics, but can learn or absorb special software programs from other Mechs. (They can also install almost any type of objects -even magical ones- into their bodies, becoming stronger.)
The ‘Monsters’ in these worlds will be most puzzling to visitors from outside the Regions, since they often look like the kind of creatures they are used to KILL for a living on other worlds (even things like slimes and skeletons!) In truth, the Monsters are a race of shapeshifters that have the ability to absorb monsters in combat, gaining their form and powers. They are considered odd by the other races, but still tolerated. (So, be careful about what you kill on the Regions!) Monsters can’t learn human skills, nor use most pieces of equipment, except small things like talismans (probably because armor and other such items would get in the way when they change forms.) Blue Mages might be able to learn some Monster Skills.

The main reason people visit the Regions is to learn the various skills and forms of magic that are found there, some of which are very powerful! Note that anyone can buy basic spells at shops, but the “Gift” (the ability to develop the spells on your own, including the ones not sold in stores) takes some special quests to gain (and some just plain cannot be obtained except by locals.) Note also that each type of magic has an opposite; you can’t learn both at the same time. If you try, you’ll lose all the spells you knew from one type and start with the minimum ones in the other.
Gun-type weapons (including lasers) can be bought or found on most of these worlds.
Curiously, there seems to be no schools or masters that teach the powerful martial arts, sword, and gun techniques that are used on these worlds. You have to learn them on your own.
There are many adventurers willing to join adventuring parties for free in these worlds; maybe you can learn skills from watching them.

A criminal organization called Black X is operating on many Regions. Although their leaders were recently defeated, the organization might still exist, or reform. On the other hand, there is an inter regional police organization (IRPO) whose secret agents may be found anywhere, helping uphold the law.

Types of Region Magic (and their opposites):
-Arcane (Card)/Rune
-Mind/Evil (note you can’t buy or learn Evil magic, only one character uses it.)
There are two other types, Mirage and Life, that are only available to certain unique characters.

List of each Region (Note that there are some worlds and locations I’m not mentioning here, since their existence is either secret, or would be a game spoiler):
-BACCARAT: This world sports the Regions’ most famous casino, in a huge (200 stories or so) building. The casino is secretly owned by gold-loving gnomes who live in a cave below it. Not much to do here, other than try to get the Gold Card (one of the four cards you need to learn Arcane magic) from the gnomes, who will trade it for gold. Along the way you can pick the supermodel-turned-spy, Emelia (one of the main SF heroes!) as a party member if you want.
-DESPAIR: This is actually the Region’s maximum-security jail! Why would you want to go there? Only if you want the Freedom Rune (part of the Rune Magic quest.) You’ll need the help of a woman named Annie (see Koorong) to get there.
-DEVIN: This world is full of magicians, both real and fake. Here you can buy your first Arcane or Rune spells, and begin the quests to gain the Arcane or Rune Gifts if you want. The priestess at the local Shrine can send you to Kylin’s Paradise (see below.) The mysterious (but friendly) wizard called Rouge can sometimes be found in Devin (or in Luminous) and recruited.
-FACINATURU: This is the home world of the Mystics; their ruler lives here. The culture resembles that of colonial-era Europe, and the Mystics rule over the humans. Technology is not welcome here, and that includes ships and Mechs. (There is a human pilot on Owmi who will smuggle you in or out of Facinaturu for a price.) You can buy Mystic Spells here, but only Mystics have the Gift needed to learn the spells on their own. A lower-class Mystic named Gozarus makes some unique items, but he only accepts part of the buyer’s Life Force as payment (!!) (In game terms, it reduces your maximum HP.) You need one of those items to reach the Time Lord’s Realm, however…
-KOORONG: This crowded world is the hub of the Regions, since its Region Port has flights going to almost all other Regions. There’s a Gold Exchange shop here where you can buy or sell gold (which is valuable on most known worlds.) There are lots of specialized item shops, such as one for armor, one for helmets, etc; some are illegal and are thus hidden. Unknown to most people, the headquarters of the secret organization Gradius is located here as well, as is a cave where the Hide Rune is, well, hidden. Two Gradius agents, Annie and Liz, can be found here, and be convinced to join your party.
-KYLIN’S PARADISE: Kylin is a Monster (resembling a Chinese unicorn) who loves children and created this world for them (it looks like it is made out of candy and toys!). He also happens to be the only being in the multiverse with the Gift of Space Magic (there can only be one.) If you succeed in navigating his maze, he will sell you some basic Space Magic spells, or, he might join your party if you ask.
-KYO: This world resembles ancient Japan. There’s a dojo where Mind Magic (psionics?) is taught, but only to those who pass a test (which involves mental combat.)
-LUMINOUS: This world is hardly inhabited at all. The few inhabitants wear Arab-type clothes. Mainly, this world is visited by those who want Light or Shadow magic. You can buy the spells, or undertake some short quests to gain the gift to learn the magics on your own. This requires being transported to either a hidden labyrinth in Luminous, or to this world’s Shadow counterpart, Omble, a world inhabited by the shadows of people and monsters. You can find the Mystic called Silence (he’s mute) who happens to be an IRPO agent, in here; he’ll join you if you find his shadow in Omble.
-MAGIC KINGDOM: No, NOT Disney World!! This is a Region dedicated to the cultured study of magic; they’ve even developed their own form of magic, Realm Magic. You can buy its basic spells, but only the locals have the Gift to learn the higher spells. A Mystic called Furdo actually built a workshop here, but he vanished. Maybe you can find out what happened to him…This region was recently destroyed
-MANHATTAN: Not New York, but a futuristic city. There’s a shop where you can buy jewel-type magical items, as well as the Headquarters of the corporation called CTC. You can also often meet the top IRPO agent, Fuse, eating at a local restaurant.
-MOSPERIBURG: This realm is ruled by a Mystic Lord called the Ring Lord. He will transport you to the Time Lord’s realm if he thinks your party is strong enough. Another area of Mosperiburg can be reached from IRPO’s Headquarters; you must go there if you want the Shield Card. There are other treasures to find there, as well. This area is snow-covered. If you can rescue the frozen Monster know as Suzaku jr. (looks like a firebird) it’ll join you.
-NELSON: A small region that has a big rivalry with the others. Can only be reached from a port in Owmi. There’s another Gold Shop here; you can make a lot of $$$ by trading between this one and the one in Koorong. You can also buy some powerful armor and weapons here.
-OWMI: Owmi is just a small port world, used mainly to get to Nelson. There’s also an abandoned (?) mansion full of treasure, monsters, and a Mystic mermaid named Messarthim who will join your party if it includes a higher-class mystic noble in it.
-SCRAP: Scrap is a Region dedicated to recycling the materials and items dug up on a nearby region called Junk. A man named Don Caballero uses illegal means to pressure people into working for him. The local pub is visited by notable people, such as the ancient Mech T260G, the traveling bard Lute, and the Monster called Rikki (all Main SF heroes) and their companions; you may hire any of them.
-SHINGROW: This world resembles Ancient India. It is most famous for its treasure-filled ruins (one of these is actually an ancient, crashed starship) and the “Masked Wrestler Tournament” often held in the royal palace.
-SHRIKE: Shrike is a semi-urban Region; it contains both the tombs of ancient kings, and modern companies and laboratories. It is the home of Nakajima Robotics; there you’ll find a Mech called Engineer Car who will join you in looking for adventure. The tomb of the undead king, Sei, contains some unique treasures; you can collect them or Defeat Sei in combat, to have him join your party (or gain his magical sword).
The other Tomb, Mu’s, contains the Victory Rune; Roufas, secretly the leader of Gradius, is there, and will join your party if you mention you’re looking for the rune.
Also on Shrike is the Bio Research Lab; something went wrong there and all the scientists have been turned into monsters (as in dangerous creatures, not the race). There IS a good Monster there, however: Cotton, a cute Monster resembling a white porcupine. (He’s actually a secret IRPO agent.) Save him and he’ll join you in gratitude.
-TANZER: Tanzer is a “Living Region”, a HUGE invisible monster who occasionally swallows ships whole! Fortunately, it IS possible to survive inside of it… for a while. The Martial Artist Fei-On and the Monster called Slime can be found there (among other people) as well as the lost Vitality Rune.
-TIME LORD’S REALM: Time has stopped in this realm, preventing you from exploring it without a certain item from Gozarus (see Facinaturu.) It’s a realm of clockwork devices. In here you can meet the Time Lord, a Mystic who is the universes’ only being with the Time Magic gift (as with Kylin, there can only be one.) He will sell you Time Spells, or join your party, whichever you want.
-WAKATU: Wakatu is another Region resembling ancient Japan, except it was ravaged in a war years ago. Now, only ghosts and ninjas live there. It was famous for its swordmanship skills, and the Saber Card can be found there, but you need the help of Gen, an ex-samurai, to find it. You can find him at the Scrap pub.
-YORKLAND: This is a rural region that resembles the English countryside. Lute is from here, and (if you have him in your party) you can pick up his “kid brother”, the huge Monster Thunder, as well. This region is most famous for its breweries, and you can find the Grail Card here- but you’ll have to drink along the locals before they tell you where it is. A LOT…

Whew That was long! But I guess you can see why I feel SF would be such an important (and interesting) part of our “Multiverse” RPG stories. Anyone who finds any mistake on the above description, let me know!

More later…

Re: Breath of Fire worlds and Filgaia.

There are several connections betwen the worlds, although there are enough differences to warrant them being considered differing. The most likely idea is that each world can have the potential to impact the other, especially in AF Filgaia which alters the events of the Metal Demon War.

There’s in-game evidence that in some fashion, the BoF worlds are somewhat connected. BoF III has the mural at the start, II has an appearance by a character from I, it’s implied that a character from IV creates the villains of the first three.

Doma: I would like to know how the events of the Metal Demon wars are changed in WA: Alter Code. Also, I played BoF IV and I don’t remember the reference you made (about a villain there creating the ones from the first three.) Since most people aren’t as immune to spoilers as I am, could you Email them to me? I’d appreciate it.

I don’t know about this but what about Secret of Evermore,were a scientist builds a machine to travel to a parralel world composed of four different time periods,you could use that,maybe the machine works for other dimensions as well.

It must, Mastermune, since Cecil from FFIV appears in the game, along with several characters from FFVI. It was one of my insane theories that EVERMORE was the original Kingdom hearts that kindasorta started this concept. And the project of mine to prove every game world connected to one another through similarities and cameos.

Hey people. What about LIVE A LIVE that’s got the whole earth on it and um future and everything.

In fact just take a look at all the shrines on rpgclassics and you’ll have so many worlds you won’t know what to do with them all.

Hey gang, sorry I haven’t been terribly active these past few days, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather. But I’ll be continuing this (and my other) projects soon!

Meanwhile, some comments:

  1. Rats, I forgot to mention the Duplicators on Filgaia! Those magical keys would be another big reason for our characters to visit. How many times you’ve been frustrated by finding a door or a chest you couldn’t open because you didn’t have the right key? Well, these keys duplicate the form of the key needed to open a particular keyhole (original key not needed) thus the name! Too bad they only work once each!

  2. Master and Val: looks like Secret of Evermore is another game important for this concept. Please let me know all you can about it.

  3. Video: I have heard of LIVE A LIVE . But I didn’t know it took place on Earth. Remember, many RPGs have worlds that resemble Earth in many aspects, but really are not (like Crono Trigger’s.) I’m sure the RPGC shrines would be a help, but I have to be sure that the games have the info I need first. Besides, I want you people to give me YOUR takes on those games I haven’t played as well.

Back soon!

Wil: Next time we’re on ICQ, I’ll tell you about Evermore. And as for Liva A Live, It is based on Earth. There are 8 chapters: Prehistoric, Bakumatsu (ninja, ancient japan), Kung Fu (Ancient CHINA), Wild West, Present, Near Future, and Science Fiction (Far future, in space). There’s also a Medieval chapter, but that’s later. And the great thing is, all of these stories are small, and not world-changing events. They could have happened, and we’d not know it!

Good work Wilfredo Martinez.