THE RPG Multiverse

Ok, here’s another crazy article of mine covering a complex (but fun) subject: This time, I want to explore the idea of RPG video games as part of a MULTIVERSE, that is, each existing in its own separate universe but reachable by dimensional travel of one type or another.

This is of course, an old idea, especially among us RPG Fanfic writers. In many of our stories, one or more characters (which may be from a game, or original) travel from Earth to an RPG World, or from one RPG world to another. KINGDOM HEARTS features a lot of interdimensional (or is it interplanetary? It’s hard to tell) travel. The very concept of SAGA FRONTIER is that an entire CIVILIZATION has developed travel between SEVERAL worlds, and people from various races travel to each other’s worlds by simply booking passage on “Inter-Region ships”! Many of our characters eventually become experienced travelers, visiting MANY worlds, often looking for specific things- to battle evil, for the thrill of it, or even (why not?) to gain power or riches.

So, I just want to set up a list that can be used as a reference when writing or reading such stories. This list would give important facts about each world, such as reasons WHY to visit (or avoid) it. For Example:

FINAL FANTASY 7: Most interdimensional travelers visit this world looking for Materia crystals, since they allow ANYONE to cast spells! And most of them (and the equipment with the slots to use them) are conveniently sold in stores!
Chocobos can also be caught and bred there, for those who want a capable riding beast, or just a cool pet. And of course, many visit just to go to the Gold Saucer, probably the greatest Theme Park in the multiverse.
On the other hand, once the star-scar plague (from FF7: ADVENT CHILDREN) begins, most travelers will avoid this world.

OK, to begin, we need a list of RPGs based ON EARTH (or at least, the Earth’s Universe) so we can see what resources (or problems) our characters may start with. Let’s see, from those I’ve played:

-Super Mario RPG: Set in another dimension, but Mario is originally from Earth, so there HAS to be a portal to it on Earth somewhere (on a sewer, most likely.) ^^

-Mega Man: Set on Earth’s near future. (Note: this is the NT WARRIOR version. MM LEGENDS might not fit in, since it takes place on a flooded Earth. But, we could place it on a Parallel Earth.)

-Xenosaga: Takes place 4000 years in our future, in another galaxy, but still within Earth’s universe.

-Xenogears: Again, in another planet and at least 10000 years in the future, but still in the Earth universe. (If we assume XG is a sequel to XS, then it is set at least 14000 years in the future!)

-The STAR OCEAN games: Again, in space in the future (only a few centuries, tho.)

-The PERSONA games: Finally! RPGs set in present-day Earth!

-Saiyuki: Set in Ancient China.

-The Parasite EVE games: Set in modern-day New York city. (Do these count as RPGs? I haven’t played them yet.)

-The EARTHBOUND games: Set on present day Earth, but might be too silly to be included. (EB fans, I need your opinions here!!)

-The .//Hack games. Set in the near future.

-Final Fantasy Tactics: Advanced- A town from Earth is transformed into (or transported to?) a medieval land.

-Illusion of Gaia: Adventures before recorded history (but involving precendents of later civilzations, like the Incas and China.)

-Secret of Evermore: Takes place on an another dimension, but starts on Earth (in 1964, then 1994.)

So far, what we know about “RPG Earth” is that:
-Our Mitochondrias are sentient, and plotting against us!! :eek: (IF PE applies.)
-Our evolution might have been influenced by aliens (Xenosaga)
-At the time of the lost civilization of Mu, there also existed earlier versions of later civilizations. (Illusion of Gaia)

  • The characters from the Saiyuki legend really existed in ancient China. (Which I guess makes Buddism true! BUT, see Personas, below.)
    -A book called ‘Final Fantasy’ can alter reality itself (FFTA.)
    -In 1964, an experiment with a dimensional machine creates an alternate Earth. (Secret of Evermore)
    -Humanity shares a common Collective Unconscious, where spirits called Personas exist, that can be summoned by certain people to use in combat. (Note, this requires permission from either Philemon (who embodies the Good side of Humanity) or Nyarlathotep (who embodies the Evil one.)
    -There’s a portal to Mushroom World somewhere.
    -A country called “Eagleland” exists (from Earthbound- perhaps it’s meant to be England?) and time travel IS possible (good, otherwise we couldn’t visit the games set in the past of future. Maybe we can borrow a time machine from Crono Trigger’s world? ^^ )
    -Cyberspace will be invented in the near future (.Hack, MM NT warrior.)
    -We’ll develop a star-traveling civilization in a few centuries (Star Ocean).
    -And eventually expand to another galaxy… and forget about Earth (Xenosaga).

Ok, any other RPGs that ast least MENTION Earth? (remember: console RPGs only!!)

Up next: I’ll start making my “traveler’s guide for Interdimensional adventurers” for every game I’ve played, as I did for FF7 above. (Feel free to suggest other games and ideas, guys!!)

Like a Hitchkiler’s Guide to the Galaxy for RPGs? FUN! I may actually take part in this thread. >_>

Assuming that the Castlevania games count as RPGs (most of the newer ones seem to), most supernatural beasts DO exist, but are limited to either one region or Castlevania itself (whose location shifts). Maybe the reasoning could be that any supernatural creature, in any location, escaped from the Castle during one of it’s appearences to cause mayhem before being destroyed? It would explain why so many cultures have the same monster legends.

Assuming Terra (FFIX) is a far-future, high-technology Earth (we’re talking maybe tens of thousands of years), at some point almost all of humanity will seal themselves into sleep to avoid an oncoming catastrophe. Earth is then destroyed, with only Garland and the soulness, blank Genomes (the pinnacle of the present-day Genome project) remaining. Zidane’s Gaia is either another planet where similar conditions for life arose, a forgotten colony of Terra, or a parallel Earth.

The Parasite Eve games are, indeed, RPGs. And EarthBound, while being quite silly, could very well have taken place on Earth, though probobly an alternate one, what with all the places like Winters, Dalaam, Scarabia…though most of them ARE based off places in the US. So yeah, EB world would probobly be an alternate earth.

A few people have said that some of the Final Fantasies take place on the same timeline. I would reccomend reading this fanfic here for a good example. It’s a shockingly well-written crossover story that places FFs 7, 8 and 10 in the same universe, some odd thousand years apart.

And on another note, I wouldn’t mind visiting the Mushroom Kingdom. :hahaha;

Yeah, Ref’s an awesome writer. The first four names on his profile was our little Pre-RPGC community, before I got here. I haven’t spoken to them in ages though. :frowning:

It’s a shame he never finished Genesis. ;_;

This sounds quite cool…

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness could be considered part of this world, although you’d have to say it’s the underworld. And I can just see people going there and making it the Black market of Souls. Which sounds really, really cool.

Yeah, I know. :bowser:

I used to talk to him quite a bit…nice guy. But I havn’t seen him in ages.

GG, I PM you. Lozls.

Val, YES. Disgaea NEEDS to be included, if only for Captain Gordon and the Prism Rangers. :smiley:

I think we should change ‘Earth is mentioned is the only criteria’, for the simple fact that we’d, eventually, have someone suggesting DBZ and Gundam (not that I don’t like Gundam. Rock on GAT-252 \m/) and I don’t think we need Saiyans. :stuck_out_tongue:

Earth IS mentioned in Disgaea, albeit a fairly far future one.

Wil, if you havn’t played Disgaea, I would highly suggest rectofying that ASAP.

Eagleland = United States
(The Bald Eagle being representative of the country.)

And Winters = Canada or something, Summers = Some kind of tropical area, Dalaam = the Orient, and Scarabia = the middle east or something similar. Like I said, the whole world of EB is like that.

Although…I don’t recall exactly, but EB0 might say that it makes place in America in the intro. Can’t remember offhand.

Thanks for your enthusiasm, guys!

Pierson: I have heard nice things about the CASTLEVANIA games but have never played any. If it’s mostly an Action Game, I’m going to have to leave it out, otherwise there would be TOO many games to include (note I’m also not including the Plataform versions of Mario and Megaman.)

Are the DBZ games RPGs? Even if they were, the Earth of DRAGONBALL is most definitely NOT our World!

Terra is supposed to be a future Earth? I saw no clues of that when I played FFIX.

GG: Sounds like Earthbound might just be a Parallel Earth… On the Other hand, that may mean there could be counterparts to Ness, Etc, in OUR Earth!

PS. Thanks for the link, I’ll read it later (but for now, I’ll assume each FF is its own, separate World.)

Val: I like your idea, but I need more Disgaea info. (and you can BET I’m buying that game, first chance I get… which won’t be for a while, apparently.) -_-

OK, let’s start!:

MUSHROOM WORLD (SMRPG): Few people bother to visit this world, as (they believe) there’s not much of use there (then again, most foreigners don’t know about the legend of the of the wish-granting Star Road) and they find most of the inhabitants (The Mushroom People, The Goombas, The Tadpoles, The Cloud People, etc.) too silly-looking to take seriously. Those who visit it treat it as more of a vacation spot, since most of the inhabitants are friendly. Among the local tourists attractions are: Princess Daisy’s castle, where you can meet Mario and his friends, and play games with them; Toadovski’s musical performances, and the wedding chapel (watch out for killer wedding cakes!) A popular souvenir are the healing mushrooms on sale there, but beware the ones that turn YOU into a mushroom! :slight_smile:

FINAL FANTASY 7 (Updated): (Don’t you hate the fact most RPG worlds have no official names? We’ll just have to make them up. I like to call this one ‘Gaia 7’.) This world is not exactly a tourist spot, being as it is scarred by pollution, war, and meteors. However, many travelers come to this world looking for Materia crystals, since they allow ANYONE to cast spells! And most of them (and the equipment with the slots to use them) are conveniently sold in stores!
Chocobos can also be caught and bred there, for those who want a capable riding beast, or just a cool pet. And of course, many visit just to go to the Gold Saucer, probably the greatest Theme Park in the multiverse, and a place to gamble for riches and items of power.

Warning: Do NOT approach any creature large enough to see from a distance, unless you’re supremely confident in your power!

Once the star-scar plague (from FF7: ADVENT CHILDREN) begins, most travelers will avoid this world.

More later!

Well, at least include SotN and AoS. Both of these used EXP, levelling up and stat-building in their combat. I can understand leaving the rest out though. PLus the idea of the Castle randomly appearing and disgorging monsters always appealed to me. :smiley:

True about Terra, but I tend to make the assumption that Terra = Gaia = Earth unless there is some direct contradiction, and I saw none in FFIX, but meh, it’s your idea, you roll with what feels right.

In direct contradiction of the previous sentence (:P) You should DEFINATELY (sp?)include Disgaea. The Netherworld and Celestia (Heaven and Hell basically) are physical locations that can be reached by standard travel means (well, spaceships anyway). Plus it’s just so damned awesome as a game. And it has penguins that say ‘D00d’ a lot. Buy it. :stuck_out_tongue:

EXPLODING penguins that say ‘D00d’ a lot. There’s a difference. Oh, and the most sickeningly sweet angel I have ever seen. But, if you want more info on it, I suggest talking to GG, he’s played mroe than I have.


I thought of another RPG world that I can see people visiting. The Pokemon universe!

…hey, stop laughing! I’m serious!

I wouldn’t mind it. The whole capturing-training-collecting deal…it would be pretty damn fun to try.

I agree, it would be neat. Of course, I’d probably use it to hunt down a Jigglypuff, and hear the music so soothing that puts a man to sleep instantly.

Your calling the world from FF7 Gaia reminded me of Illusion of Gaia. Didn’t that take place on earth?

Ah, good point, dude. Yeah, they did, and even had some biblical references in there.

WHAT? Illusion of Gaia took place on Earth?? BIBLICAL REFERENCES!?! I need info on this game PRONTO!!!

And yes, the Pokemon World WILL be included in this list!! Just like Mario’s World, it may LOOK cute but the monsters will STILL KILL YOU!! (Except they have advanced healing techniques (at the Pokemon Centers) so it’s safer than most Worlds to explore.) Plus, there’s monster collecting on plenty of other Rpgs, so why not This game?

I’ll try to update the list tonight, folks. Sorry about the delay.