The RO trading thread!

Yes, because now that some people on RO are getting into the higher lvls… I think this should atleast have SOME use, and if it doesnt, in a few weeks someone else will make a new one :stuck_out_tongue:

Basicly, you post the Items you have for trade or want to trade for. I think it will help everyone be happier or something.

This is also the place to make requiets for items, and what you’d pay for it, or something. So if Person A wants Item B then person C-F will try to get item B or alteast keep an eye out for it.

I think this will be a great way to help everyone out! :smiley:

There is one thing that I hope a kind gental mage here could get me, a Whisper card. Whispers are phsysical immune, sooo that makes it a probelm for me to get ^^; I’ll pay for it and stuff. I just haven’t even seen one for sale.

Also, if anyone wants them, I have a Theif bug card, a Fabre card, a Horn card, and a Tarou card for trade/sale. Along with 120 Iron ore, and 2 irons.

Oh I also have an eggshell hat.

Hope this helps everyone :smiley: (A sticky would be nice Kagon, hint hint :P)


I have two 4 Slot Falchions and 1 Four Slot Blade if you’re planning to start any new swordsmen.

And I have an un-ID’ed spear that I haven’t gotten around to IDing.

I have a Drops card and about 100 empty bottles for any acos that want to make money off of aqua benedicta :stuck_out_tongue:

And a Crystal Blue and a tiny eggshell hat

Im Seeking Free Emperium :slight_smile:

Xelo, Im startin a swordie. What do ya want for those, so i can go try and find/mooch it off of other players :wink:

I’ll take any mage weapon better than a wand.

Sadly, Aqua Bendicta will make you absolutely no money =P

I’ll give anything for a Four Leaf Clover ;_;
(except the Kitty Band, and 100 Feathers)

I’m going clover hunting tomorrow Flint. If I find one, it’s all yours.

I am willing to trade oral for a kitty band for my new mage.

<img src=“”> Currently, this are the rares of mine which Kagon has on him:

<b>Poring Doll
Poring Doll
Mr. Smile
Deadly Noxious Herb
Deadly Noxious Herb
Tiny Egg Shell
Elder pixie’s Mustache
Crystal Blue
Crystal Blue
Crystal Blue
Crystal Blue
Dew Laden Moss</b>

Then I have this on me myself:

<b>Crystal Blue
Crystal Blue
Dew Laden Moss
Poring Doll

Originally posted by Flintedge
I’ll give anything for a Four Leaf Clover ;_;
(except the Kitty Band, and 100 Feathers)

I’ve got some Four Leaf Clovers, Flint.

Originally posted by Kagon
Sadly, Aqua Bendicta will make you absolutely no money =P
It quintuples the selling value of the bottles. The only thing is to use it efficiently, you have to have a priest with level 10 SP Regeneration, and only do 3 bottles per ten seconds.

And Omega, you sure four leaf and not just Clovers? There’s a difference.

Yeah, you’d be lucky to find just one four-leaf clover.

Anyway, items of value:

1 Thiefbug Egg card
3 Red Gemstones
2 Pharcons
2 Emveretarcons
1 Iron
9 Iron Ore
2 Dew Laden Moss (Because according to TD, they’re rare?)

Phracons and Emvertacons aren’t rare. You can buy them in Payon for 200 and 500z (I think)

The selling price is 500z for Emveretarcon, so I doubt it.

Well, all I know is you can buy them in Payon in the weapon upgrading store.

Emveretarcon is 1,000Z a piece.

And you can buy it. The other two, I forget the names, for lvl 3 and 4 weapons, those are rare.

And Duo, so is everyone else :stuck_out_tongue:


Darnit, I just realized they were regular Clovers. Sorry, Flint. :stuck_out_tongue:

Elunium is what upgrades armor and orihalcon is the stone to upgrade level 3 and 4 weapons.

Originally posted by OmegaflareX
I’ve got some Four Leaf Clovers, Flint.
Yeah, it was the word “some” that made me somewhat incredulous.