The RO is gone and we need new games to fill the gap..

Some decided to return to Diablo, some to their consoles, some (like me) ask Merlin about Quake 2.

Of course, I’d have a little suggestion here:

Little Fighter 2

In short, it’d be Double Dragon-like multiplayer smashfesting.

With three buttons and 4 directions, the game seems easy, (it is easy for me!) and it sports 8-player multi aswell. You wanna multi, see me at the chat!

To play with 8 players, don’t you need 4 on each keyboard?

Alas, yep. Unless you have gamepads, though…

How about Counter-Strike? Or Team Fortress Classic?

That game’s pretty good, wouldn’t keep me busy for a week or two though.

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire!

I’ll pretend I didn’t just hear that…

why not? Pokemon, while geared towards kids and having some really stupid names for the monsters, is actually one of the better game boy games

I was serious, that’s one of the things I’m going to be playing :frowning:

We will never be down… never

Hell, I think Pokemon is fun, if a tad kiddie.

But fun nonetheless. It suffers from overmarketing though.

Quake 2… Unreal Tournament… Half-Life… Counter-Strike… Firearms… wow, lotsa FPSs :smiley:


They’re text only: So?

ro isnt dead, you just need to pay now. its 5834152x better with ~7k and no lag.

Muds rock ^^

But Astaria is dead for good ;.;

Twas my favoret Mud, and alas, I haven’t found one to fill it’s gap.