The Revolution Controller


I’m torn about this. On one side, it’s one handed and looks wierd. On the other end…motion sensors. If they work well, it has potential.

It’ll still be wierd…

Zero doesn’t seem to like the video game forum.

As for the topic, I don’t like the controller. I liked the GC controller more than the N64 controller (I liked being able to use all the buttons), but this one I hate more than all of them. It seems like it’ll be good for some unqiue quircky games, but not most games. Also, this seems to alienate third party developers since they won’t be able to port the games over as easily. I may just skip the Revolution now. This just kills any excitement I had. I’d have to see some awesome reviews of launch games to make me get it now.

If I wanted to play with the remote I would channel surf. It feels more gimmicky than revolutionary.

It’s an interesting concept, but I really, REALLY think of the CD-I when I look at this. It makes me nervous. And analog as a separate attachment? No thanks.

If it controls well, I’m perfectly fine, but I’d rather have an old-fashioned controller. Maybe Nintendo should run with that and allow this an an option.

Edit: Oh, and the thing had BETTER be fucking rechargable. I do not have good luck with wireless controllers, EVER.

If you read through the article and reviewed what the journalist said about the demos he experienced you’d see that it is much less like a “remote” than it looks…

I personally think its a brilliant idea, and will be one of the reasons I choose the Revolution over the PS3 and 360.

Uhm, Izlude, the problem is that I have only the journalist’s word for it. And from my standpoint, it looks like a remote.

I’m willing to give it a shot, but don’t act as if we’re supposed to “know” it’s not a remote if we haven’t used it.

Actually, I figured it deserved more notice than just there for one, and for two, it was 2AM when I posted, hadn’t noticed.

WTF!? I agree with Infonick the GC controller was my fav.

I didn’t mind the N64 controller… it was wierd, but I could handle it. The GC controller is superior though. Kinda wish they stuck with it.

What? I’ll have to be “sniping” since I’ve got a 14" and you can only play over 2m away, without hurting your neck when sitting.

Fav Main controllers Nintendo: Best-Worse (played on)
GBA (Not SP)

It can be good or bad.

I think they’ve said it will work with gamecube controllers too.

The articel did say the controller could be put inside a more familiar shell. I like the idea of motion sensors but I’m liable to forget it’s a controller and start wondering what’s on the other channel.

I’m more worried about the fact that if you want to move around and hit buttons at the same time it’s going to be really hard, since you have only one thumb available.

Then again, I haven’t bought a Nintendo system since the SNES, so what do I care? 8p

Ewww. Neat. I’m not quite sure which word to use. It’s so revolutionary new there’s nothing to compare it to to get some sort of idea of what it’ll be like and how well or how badly it’ll work. As I see it right now, it can be both a godsend that will revitalise gaming and a curse that’ll leave the Revolution whimpering and withering in the grave.

My mate at his dad’s “independant” gamestore says It’s 50/50 that it will sell well, or not at all. He’s been in the Busness for some time and had sold since NES’s and up to PSP… and Now Pre-Pre-Ordering 360 for the Now offical UK release date of 2nd Dec. (We’re second instead of Third for Once)

It’s a Phaser?

I’m more concered with using the controller for the older games the Reveloution will let you play. Unless the final conroller has some sort of shape similar to the ones in the past (I use the PSX ones as a base design for any conroller), then I think I may be completley turned off from the Revolution.

My problem is that it is so limiting to the type of games. Like the motion sensor, the way you hold it, and shit seem great for some games…just not a majority of games. Like the demos available were more quirky (all except Metroid). A fighting game seems like it would be extremely awkward, no matter if it was 2d or 3d. A Punch-Out game would probably be fine, but that was pretty basic. Racers would be awkward as fuck. This sort of makes me think of a lazy man’s EyeToy. EyeToy is fun and all, but it is more gimmicky and not something for all games and is much more limited in scope than a controller. Hell, the GC controller should show us Nintendo’s unique controllers are great for THEIR games, but it lacks for other games. Like one problem I have with the DS having a touch screen rather than a analog stick is the lack of resistence and it is just plain harder to control no matter how much I play. I’m better, but still no where near as good as I am with an analog stick. The motion sensor will have even less resistence since it won’t even have the edge of a screen.

I’m starting to come up with some theories about Nitnedo’s business strategy.

How the hell are you going to play Smash Bros. with a remote control?

The article briefly mentions that the controller will turn sideways and function like an NES controller when necessary. I heard that Super Smash Brothers would be the release title – I wonder which way the controller will be turned for that?

Fling it around wildly of course, thus setting in stone the reality that Smash isnt a serious fighter. :kissy: