The return of ... uh ... me.

Yep, that’s right, the title says it all. Here’s the basic rundown:

For the past 5 months, i’ve been living with my sister, away from the net. During this time I got a job at a hardware store and managed to do such stupid things as take up skateboarding, put a steel hoop in my nose, and get a black chinese dragon put on my right arm. w00t. Moving on.

Basically, i’m back at my parents again, connection from hell. I go to check on my friends, and the damn sites down! tsk tsk tsk! Oh well, no big deal, the agora is up, as is irc, so all is good. Hopefully, I can find new employment soon, until I find something more permanent, my friend James is going to pay me to remodel his house, which works well for both of us.

Anyway, that’s life for good’ol Ath/V/Mike. Fill me in a bit on what’s been up:P

Hey, man :smiley: Not much has happened really. Same old stuff…Umm, the only thing noteworthy I can think of is that the site has been down 3 times in the past 2 weeks or so. The first two times it was our fault. This time we got a worm. Grr. Anyways, nice to have you back :smiley:

Welcome back! See, we are so democratic that we even crashed our server just so you could have the same post count as the rest of us :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome back, Buddy. Yeah you missed like nothing, I left RPGC forever and never came back like 8 times. Thats pretty much i- oh yeah, and there was another Great Deletion, which you’re pretty much at ground zero… so… yeah. some virus or somthing…

Welcome back! [Echoes are heard] Not that there’s much to come back to at the moment, but anyway!

Hey ath and welcome back.

Welcome Back: To the fallen castle.

Welcome back my fine feathered friend


Hey man. It’s good to see you still alive and kicking around. :smiley: And good luck on finding that employment.

Woo, go Ath!

Welcome back man =D. Good to see you’re here again.

Wow! Welcome back dude and great timing, it feels like we’re at war or something here.

Varan, you have like the worst fucking timing ever! :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome back.

O.O Nice timing…

Hey! It’s good to see you here.

Welcome back, Ath/Varan!

<img src=“”> Hey, welcome back to The Hive Ath.

/me runs up and hugs Atherelius. “I missed you!”

Welcome back, person. Also, cool sig, you seem to be the new historian to RPGC.