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Appearence:(description or picture)


Battle Power:(how well you fight in combat)
White Power:(how good you are with white magic)
Black Power:(how good you are with black magic)


I’ll post my bio soon.

Im assuming the power level vaues are on the same scale as d Galloway’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Name: Shalcar
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11"
Age: 20 ish
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Lawful Good

Equipment: A War-hammer and flowing cleric robes


Reason’s Kiss: Generates an aura of calm roughly 15’ around him, causing all who do not resist its effect to lose the will to fight. It also improves the chances that a diplomatic solution will be accepted. (affects allies as well)

Clerics Vigil: Causes an energy barrer around a 6’ radius extending from the cleric. This is incredibly strong, but requires all of his efforts to maintain the shield. Attacking the barrier causes Shalcar to tire out much faster.

Battle Power: 300
White Magic Power: 900000
Black Magic Power: 500

Bio: Shalcar is a brown haired cleric who loves nothing more than to talk and help others to have a good time. He wields a war-hammer, but it is used only as a last resort after talks and spells have failed. Shalcar has a elvish cast to his features and is lithe of body. He is very agile, but has little in the way of damage resistance, often falling after only a few strokes have fallen (if not on the first one!). He has spent his life learning the arts of healing magic and is very powerful with spells that deal with healing ond protection. His offensive magic is almost non-existant however. He has an irrational streak that occours when he is drunk or if one he cares for is in danger, as this will cause him to attack violently and relentlessly. Shalcar will always do the “moral” thing, even to the detriment of the party as a whole. When forced to choose between two evils, he will be caught in indesicion or try to achieve the impossible “save them all” scenario.

Originally posted by Shalcar
Im assuming the power level vaues are on the same scale as d Galloway’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Aye, they are.
And here’s mine:

Name: Chris
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 3’’
Age: 250
Class: Brood Prince/Hero/Magician
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Battle Power: 850000
White Magic Power: 10
Black Magic Power: 5000

Equipment: Dragon Sword.

Kaiser Transformation
This is Chris’ last resort, it causes him to become a large golden dragon. It is very draining.
After years of studing, Chris has the ability to cast almost any spell apart from white magic.

Chris is one of the final members of a race that can become dragons, named the brood, he is one of the 3 kaisers of his generation. Chris has only known a few of his family, his foster father, a farmer was killed in the first attempt to kill him by a dark kaiser warlord, Jade. Chris went on to become the most powerful brood in many ways and kill Jade.

After his journey, he went on master magic, forge a powerful dragon sword and go on many adventures.

Height:1.89 meters(sorry, can’t do the other measuring)
Alignment:Lawful Evil

Battle Power:100,000
White Magic Power:5
Black Magic Power:16

Equipment:Single-sided, samurai-like sword.


Prevalence Of Blades:A powerful slashing move that is pretty much like a strange whirlwind of turning around oneself and slashing everything nearby. Good against a group of foes, but may cause dizzyness, and inability to fight right after performing it.

Reckless Lunge: A slashing move that’s done by jumping up, and in mid-air, changing position to lunge at the opponent like a giant arrow. The only defense to this move is to either stop the opponent from getting off the ground, or try to escape-which is nearly impossible.

Darkened Blade Slash: The tiny bit of black magic Railen can perform is on this movement where the sword’s property changes into a darkened blade. The property of the slash is that, it can cause death, incurable disease, paralysis, plague.

Born as a sword master’s son, Railen was drawn to the swords from the start. Being taught a little bit of magic by his mother, he showed interest in dark magic more. Taking his responsibility, his father taught him the way of the blade, and his mother taught him the little bit of magic she knew. After leaving home in search for adventure, Railen quickly learned to be richeous, and merciless. He doesn’T want power in means of kingdoms or jewels, but he’s still merciless. Mysterious in his talking, keeping it all to himself, and yet, hot-headed and always choosing to spill blood, Railen is not the most idolistic sell-sword around. He is also known for his sadistic expressions and jokes, and always wondering about life… And death. Railen is known to be an atheist.

(Footnote:I didn’t know what kinda fanfic you were writing, so here’s my character. I tried to make it general.)

I’ll put in what I put for Galloway’s, for the most part.

Name: Sapphire Falcon (SF, Sapphire, or Falcon for short)
Gender: Female
Height: 5’2
Age: 17
Appearance: Long blond hair that’s always tied back in a ponytail, thin, blue eyes and wears glasses.
Class: I guess I’m a warrior
Alignment: neutral/good

A mallet weilding teenager who loves to read, but is exceptionally strong due to lifting heavy stacks of books. I rarely go into libraries, prefering to make every atempt to out buy the local Barns and Noble and to collect enough books to make her private collection rival the Library of Congress. Calm and easy going personality except when fighting, then it’s just the oposite.

Equipment: A large mallet, light weight armor, and almost anything I might come across

Battle Power: 80000
White magic: 200
Black magic: 300


Boomerang Mallet Toss: The mallet is thrown, if it hits on the first time, it must be retrieved. If the target jumps out of the way or ducks, after it travels a certian distance, it turns around and returns to try to hit and make contact with something.

Quote and Explanation: A quote from a movie, book, anime, fanfic, etc. is said, and is explained, the more obscure the quote, the longer the explanation, the longer the explanation, the more chance of everyone around falling asleep.

Tutorial: Being well read, knows a mistake when a villian makes one and starts to inform the villian of it and on what to do about it. If successful, two things could happen, the first being that the villian surrenders in exchange for getting me to shut up, or the villian runs away screaming.

If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask.

Name: Galloway
Gender: Male
Height: 5’5"
Age: 18
Class: Samurai/Super Saiyan
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Bio: Galloway is the good side of an idiot that used a powerful artifact called the Ultra-Orb. As a result, Galloway tends to try to do the right thing, even when he has no bloody clue why. His weapon of choice is a katana, but due to a strange situation involving lots of DBZ, he can also fly and shoot energy beams. He also knows how to transform into a Super Saiyan. When he isn’t powered-up, he’s weaker than most of the others, but when at full power, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Battle Power: 110,000 (normal), 4,000,000 (Super Saiyan)
White Magic Power: 10
Black Magic Power: 20


Gallo-beam: Galloway’s trademark attack. He fires a beam of pure energy from one hand. It explodes on contact with the target, and can also destroy anything that was too close to the explosion.

Kaioken: Multiplies Galloway’s Battle Power by a certain amount. When used, Galloway’s aura turns bright red, and stays around him for the duration of the attack. Galloway can use up to times 12 safely; anything beyond that could very well cause him to explode. Lasts for a few seconds only.

Transformation: Transforms Galloway into a Super Saiyan. When transformed, his hair turns gold, his eyes turn green, and his aura turns gold and glows continuously around him. This requires energy to maintain, and the Kaioken cannot be used with this form.

Chain Sword: A technique Galloway thought up to compensate for constantly losing his sword. He attaches a chain to the sword handle, then throws the sword straight-out. If it misses, he quickly recalls the chain, bringing the sword back, and throws it again. If it hits deep enough, he can also bring back the unfortunate victim.

Equipment: Katana, Iron Chain, Silver Armor.

Well, I’m hoping that this will be better written than some of your previous work, but anyway, here’s mine.

Name: Valkyrie Esker (Val to my friends, which no one so far applies to)
Gender: female
Height: 5’ 6"
Age: 1058 (physically 19)
Class: Valkyrie (clerical warrior)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Battle Power: 900,000
White Power: 98,800
Black power: 1,200

Equipment: Gungnir (spear), Excalibur (sword), Masamune and Mureasmae (twin katanas), Dawn Bow (Bow and Silver arrows), Kris Knife (Knife of Eternal Bleeding, a.k.a. Godmoding [Rarely used to kill, just scratch and threaten]), Rail Gun (one-shot weapon of utter destruction), AtmaArmor (sentient shapeshifting equipment)

Abilities: I’ll just list my limits.

Mortality Breaker: A multiple-hit attack involving Gungnir. Too tired to type it out, so just search for it on RPGC to get the full explanatiob for it.

Katanaspace Combo: An attack using every weapon I have i possession, designed to penetrate any defense someone may have. Again, search it out.

Bio: I’ll do this later, once I get a basic idea of what the fic is about.

Preview of the first Paragraph :

Chris was working late on the computer when his cell phone rang. He quickly picked it up and answered it. “Hello…What?..Shit! I’ll be there soon!” It was his evil twin with something important to tell him, he quickly changed into some loose jeans and a black t-shirt and started to walk out of his room when his brother, Andy, rushed in and said, " Chris! Lemme on the Web!" After punching him back into his room, Chris walked out the door and flew off.

There, a preview for ya all!

Name: Gemini
Gender: Male
Height: 6’0
Age: 14
Class: Black Mage
Allignment: Chaotic Good

Bio: Gemini is the disowned younger brother of Galloway, and a master of Black Magic. Gemini was formerly a ninja, but eventually dropped from that class. He is now a Black mage, and uses lots of black magic. He dislikes his brother’s Saiyan ways, so Gallowqay almost always beats him up for that.

Battle Pow.: 30,000
White Magic Pow.: 200
Black Magic Pow.: 900,000

Weapons: I’ll List Later


Etnie Blast: Gemini’s ever-famous Etnie Blast is the most famous and most used of Gemini’s abilities. It is simaliar to the Gallo-Beam, but it shoots blue lightning instead.

Heavy Lourde: Another common move of Gemini’s. This is his main non-magic ability. It simply drops a Heavy Lourde (See my avatar if you don’t know what a Heavy Lourde is) on the target.

Merkaban Wave: A water based attack that Gemini sometimes uses. Gemini glows blue and water spouts right out of him spraying in multiple spirals.

Metallic Lasers: Gemini’s best attack. Gemini will sprout wings, and shoot multiple lasers of multiple elements from the wings to the ground. Rarely used attack.

Strong Sad Lullaby: Gemini calls Strong Sad to do a lullaby to make everyone fall asleep.

Name: SSJ Crono (can be shortened to either)
Gender: Male
Height: 5’6"
Age: 13
Class: Rogue/Paladin
Alignment: Lawful good
Appearance: Tall for his age but short for a warrior. He has blond hair in spikes that spread every which way from his head, and wears a light blue gi over diamond-studded mythril mail.

Bio: SSJ Crono was born as the bastard child of a human peasant and an elven princess. His mother disowned him, and his father died when he was seven. He made a living as a pickpocket and general ruffian, and was a misunderstood urchin for a long time. However, when in the arms of police brutality, God saved him, and ever since then he has been the youngest Paladin ever, fighting in the name of his god. However, he has given the Paladin class a new twist; instead of relying on brute force in battle, he uses speed to his advantage and is capable of deftly dodging many things.

Battle Power: 700,000
White Power: 300,000
Black Power: 0

Weapons: Sol Edge (Katana with the power of the sun), Thief’s Best Friends (twin adamant daggers), Dyrnwyn (sacred broadsword)


Light Column: A tall, white column of light engulfs the target and destroys any evil within and without.

Meteo Striker: SSJ Crono jumps into the air, duplicates himself into about 50 copies, and all swoop from the air and slice the target.

Warp Stab: SSJ Crono teleports behind the target and stabs them through either the stomach or the heart.

Solar Ray: SSJ Crono charges solar power in the Sol Edge and shoots a very thin beam through the target.

Well, there’s me. Feel free to kill me off, just not too early in. Although I would prefer to survive through the whole thing, I’m willing to die.

Originally posted by SSJ Crono
Well, there’s me. Feel free to kill me off, just not too early in. Although I would prefer to survive through the whole thing, I’m willing to die.

Don’t worry, no one will die.

Why not, after writing a movie synopsis…

Name: Dermin Mabaderu (“Mabatsekker”), selfproclaimed “Dream Rogue Sorcerer of Kazantsa!”
Age: 10
Height: 135 centimeters
Appearence: Otherwise ordinary blonde human child build save the feline ears that sprout from his thick cleanly combed hair…
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Weapon: Stiletto Short Swords, Flash Bombs and a sorcerer’s robe with the markings of a high level illusionist…

Abilities: Very good coordination skills, can become as still as a statue with a few seconds of concentration… basic Red Magic with illusions and charms as his main weapon.

Battle Power: (Scale 1-1000) 100
White Power: 175
Black Power: 175

Bio: Being raised on streets and by his own wits alone, young Maba learned it wasn’t easy taking care of yourself alone. Befriending an elderly witch and becoming her assistant, Mabaderu learned to read and write - also in the magical ways, but this wasn’t due to his enthusiasm: It was within his blood. With the witch leaving him with the basics of magery, Mabaderu ventures forth as his enthusiasm to slay monsters and rescue beautiful girls… well, if he’d just get rid of his thieving quirks…

Part one’s up!

I wouldn’t be allowed to join now, would I?

Name: Exo(Self named, no last name.)
Age: ?(Appears to be young)
Appearence: A red robe with gold linear upon it’s body, long black locks fall down past the back of his torso, a weird shaped staff in it’s right hand.
Alignment: Neutral

Weapon: Oak Staff with a red Jewel encrested upon the tip of it.
Abilities: Fire Magic is his main arsanal of spells, lacks skill in Ice spells though.

Battle Power: 10
White Power: 1,000
Black Power: 500,000

Bio: Having no past, or no future, he was givin his name by his late trainer Rulix. Rulix gave him his staff before he came to pass, now just a free mage. Exo is very wise, but very confusing, he seems to pop up at random times…

Name: Pierson
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 10"
Age: 17
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Battle Power: 900000 (gotta be good at something)
White Magic Power: 500
Black Magic Power: 100

Whirling Blade, where he basically spins his scythe around his hands like a baton-cum-propellor, reducing anything in his way to mincemeat.
Returning Blade, where he throws he weapon from his hands, and it acts as a very very sharp boomerang, slicing through anything that is in it’s flight path before returning to his hand.
Hell’s Blade. Using meditation, he hypes himsel finto a berserker rage, where friend and foe merge into one form, and he goes on a murderous rampage for a few dangerous minutes with his weapon. Only used as a desperate last resort, where he knows his allies are already out of the room, he is immune to pain or injury whilst killing indiscriminantly. Not used much except for last-stand situations.

Bio: Pierson tends to be the kind of guy who’ll avoid battle when not convenient or necessary, but give it his all when it is. He’s slow to anger, but he’ll defend his friend’s lives to the death when they’re threatened, preferably the death’s of his enemie rather than his own.
He has no affinity or skill with magic, so tends to dodge like hell and get in close with his single long-handled and ornate (gotta be ornate, it’s the cliche) scythe before he gets blasted.

Sorry I’m late, but I was without Net access for a week. Anyway, feel free to use me, or not, as you please.

Name: Wilfredo Martinez, aka WM or Wil
Age: uncertain (but obviously adult)
Appearence: Looks like Lee Majors, but with dark hair (well, I DID!) Wears normal (modern) clothes, nothing fancy.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Weapon: Staff
Abilities: Knows all magic spells (but for some reason, cannot get Healing or Information spells to work right). Also a master strategist.
Battle Power: 1000
White Power: 750,000
Black Power: 750,000
Bio: Born in Puerto Rico, WM has been an Interdimensional Adventurer since his teenage years. Has visited most of the worlds seen in RPG video games. Currently he’s a well-liked member of the Righteous Protectors of Good Causes (RPGC) because of his wisdom- and his sense of humor.

Nope, i’m still accepting people.


Name: She goes by Phoenix Valkyrie. That’s all you need to know.
Age: 14, depending on when you ask.
Appearence: See avatar.
Alignment: Chaotic

Weapon: Pretty much anything she can get her hands on.
Abilities: Magic, basic proficency at least in just about anything (including stale bread).

Battle Power: 450,000
White Power: 300,000
Black Power: 700,000

Bio: The token kawaii magical girl, PV relies on cuteness and magic to take down enemies. After years of training, she can wield almost anything, from avacadoes to zebras, and use it as a weapon.

Techs: PV uses techs from any video game she’s beaten (Which is two: Star Ocean and Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.)

snigger PV your avatar looks like a boy. snigger