The Redone Kingdom Hearts Trilogy

Okay…after going to the site Kitty Cat Gal provided, I have redone my ficcy to blend in with that. Hope you all like it redone! This is the new Prologue, which is pretty much just the ending of Kingdom Hearts…

                                  †~Theme Song~†

                                       Hikari (Light)
                             All Vocals by Utada Hikaru

When darkness befalls you,
And the world ignores you,
Know that one thing is true,
The love we have is stronger,
I’ll be the light that will guide you through your deepest storm tonight,
Everything’s alright

If you are weak,
And you can’t keep going,
I’m there for you,
I’ll help you on, oh yeah

Sometimes the world can grow so cold,
Leaving you feeling disillusioned and alone,
It’s harder when the friends you depend on are nowhere to be found,
You feel like giving up,
But don’t you, ‘cause we’ll make it through, oh

When darkness befalls you,
And the world ignores you,
Know that one thing is true,
The love we have is stronger,
I’ll be the light that will guide you through your deepest storm tonight,
Everything’s alright

If you sway,
Can’t find the way ahead,
I’ll take your hand,
Do all I can for you

Don’t listen to the words they say,
That “there is no such thing as a brighter day”,
Because, there is hope when you have a little faith in yourself,
Nothing matters but now,
And I know we’ll make it through somehow

There’s no need for crying,
Don’t ever stop trying,
The night is subsiding,
To bring a brighter morning,
There is a light that will guide you out of your darkest storm tonight,
Everything’s alright

Hold on, ‘cause one day these troubles will be gone,
And you’ll find the strength in you,
‘Till then I’ll be with you and you know that you’re never alone,
You’re not on your own

There’s no need for crying,
Don’t ever stop trying,
The night is subsiding,
To bring a brighter morning,
There is a light that will guide you out of your darkest storm tonight,
Everything’s alright

Hold on, ‘cause one day these troubles will be gone,
And you’ll find the strength in you,
‘Till then I’ll be with you and you know that you’re never alone,
You’re not on your own

                 †~Prologue: Sealing Kingdom Hearts~†

“…” – Talking
(…) Thinking
/…/ – Voice in head(s)
~…~ - Introduction to Flashback/Dream
‘…’ – Whispering

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Kingdom Hearts. I only own Ayllia, all other new characters and locations, and the storyline. Do not blame me for any events that occur in the Prologue or any other spoilers.

WARNING: Contains spoilers!

The World of Chaos slowly began to explode in several spots, each individual part disappearing into oblivion. Ansem began shaking, some kind of white light coming from him, before the World of Chaos disappeared completely, leaving only a few sparks to disintegrate in the air one by one. Sora, Donald and Goofy took a deep breath each, panting hard from the difficult battle they had just faced. They watched Ansem float up to where they were hovering, and with his arms folded around his chest and him shaking a lot, it was easy to see that the battle had left him weak and injured.

“It is futile…the Keyblade alone…cannot seal the door to darkness…” Ansem said, still severely injured. He turned toward Kingdom Hearts, stretching his arm so his hand was pointing at the locked doors. “Kingdom Hearts!” he yelled, in a commanding but weak tone of voice. “Fill me…with the power of darkness…” Silence followed, and then the two doors opened in unison, dark clouds coming from the gap the open doors had left. “Supreme darkness!” Ansem cried again, awaiting the darkness coming from the door to reach him.

“You’re wrong!” Sora cried in protest “I know now, without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts…is light!” After he finished speaking, the pure black clouds transformed into rays to light, which struck at Ansem, who began to groan in pain. He felt all his energy slowly drain from him, and his body go limp.

“L…Light…” Ansem said weakly, in shock. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing or feeling. He groaned again, before he began to finish what he was saying. “But why…?” he asked. He soon began glowing with the same white rays that were coming from the door, and he disappeared into oblivion, just like the World of Chaos. (My daughter…you…you were right…) he thought as he slowly vanished (But remember…it’s not over…darkness will rise again!) Then his world went black…

Sora, Donald and Goofy landed on the white icicle-like platform that Kingdom Hearts was placed on. They ran towards the opened doors, and began to push them with all their might. “Come on!” Sora cried to Donald and Goofy, and they all kept pushing. Goofy stopped pushing and, with curiosity, looked through the door, and gasped at what he saw.

“Stop staring and keep pushing!” Donald cried angrily, his thought still on the task at hand. Still, he too took a peek through the doors, and also gasped in amazement at the sight. In the shadows, small glowing, yellow eyes stared at the group as the three pushed. “The Heartless!” Donald cried along with Goofy, and he began to push harder “Hurry…!!”

“I can’t…” Sora said, a strain in his voice from pushing so hard.

“Don’t give up!” a familiar voice said, just as a hand grabbed onto the door, and Riku peered out and faced Sora “Come on, Sora! Together we can do it!”

“Okay!” Sora said in agreement, and he started pushing, while Riku began pulling. Everyone pushed and pulled with all their might, but the doors were only budging very slightly, and not enough to close the door fully. From behind them, two Darksides appeared, looking down at the group pushing and pulling the doors.

“It’s hopeless!” Donald cried, beginning to give up hope. Suddenly, the two Darksides disappeared, leaving behind black clouds that faded away like mist. Donald and Goofy looked into the doors, and gasped in surprise, just as a figure with mouse ears hopped onto one of the small, boulder-like structures around the pillar in the middle of the Kingdom Hearts chamber. “Your Majesty!” Donald cried, along with Goofy, identifying the figure as King Mickey, the missing ruler of their world.

King Mickey drew out a Keyblade and raised it into the air, showing it’s white handle and yellow rod. “Now Sora!” he cried, “Let’s close this door for good!” The yellow rays coming from him kept glowing brightly.

“Close it, quick!” Donald said to Sora, seconding King Mickey’s command, knowing that King Mickey could be trusted. Sora, on the other hand, was not too sure.

“But…” he said, remembering that both Riku and King Mickey would be trapped in Kingdom Hearts if they did close the doors.

“Don’t worry,” King Mickey said reassuringly, feeling how doubtful Sora was about what to do “There will always be a door to the light” Goofy turned to Sora with a reassuring grin.

“Sora, you can trust King Mickey!” he said. Riku turned his back to his side of the door, but glanced over his shoulder.

“Now! They’re coming!” he cried to them, just as the yellow light disappeared and King Mickey could be seen properly.

“Donald…Goofy…thank you” King Mickey said, glancing over his shoulder at his two friends, who grinned happily and bashfully back at him. Sora, Donald and Goofy gave the doors one last big push, and the doors slowly began to close at last. Riku turned slowly and faced Sora, doing his best to smile despite the situation.

“Take care of her,” he said to Sora, as the doors continued to close, and they did, Sora caught one last glimpse of Riku, and then the doors closed, a loud boom from them as they did. Sora jumped back, swung his Keyblade in front of him a few times, and then raised it in the air, a yellow beam coming from it. At the same time, King Mickey spun around and also raised his Keyblade in the air, another yellow beam shooting from it. The door began to glow with white and yellow light, and then disappeared, leaving only a long, winding white road where Kingdom Hearts used to be. Sora took in a breath then turned around, hearing footsteps. He looked over at the end of the icy platform, and noticed Kairi standing there, in complete confusion about her surroundings. Sora ran toward her, and Donald and Goofy stared after. Donald took a step forward, ready to run after him, but Goofy stopped him, and both continued to watch Sora go. Sora kept running, not looking back, although he wondered if he ever would see Donald and Goofy again…

(What’s happening…?) Kairi said, looking below her feet, as the icy platform became sand. She stepped back a little, and her footprints were left where she was.

“Kairi!” Sora cried, and she noticed him running up to her, a smile slowly forming on her face.

“Sora!” she cried back, just as Sora stopped in front of her. The sand she was on shook slightly, as it was beginning to part from the icy platform. Kairi gasped and fell forward slightly, grabbing Sora’s hand as the piece of land began to move away.

“Kairi!” Sora said as the two pieces of land parted “Remember what you said before? I’m always with you, too! I’ll come back to you, I promise!” He and Kairi felt their grips on each other’s hand slowly begin breaking, and Kairi finally answered a moment later.

“I know you will!” She cried, and their hands finally parted, as the two lands slowly separated. Sora and Kairi didn’t take their eyes off each other, until small yellow sparks came falling from the sky, slowly rebuilding the Destiny Islands. Kairi spun around and watched it slowly reform itself, but them stared at the horizon as Sora and the End of the World slowly vanished, still staring out at where Sora used to be…


Riku watched as Kairi and the Destiny Islands disappeared, and Sora disappeared soon after, along with Donald and Goofy. He grinned, knowing that they’d all be fine. His smile then went back to a sad face as he turned around and looked at the pure white path ahead that led into the dark nothingness. He began to walk up the long pathway. “Sora…Kairi…” he said dimly, thinking about them. (This is all my fault…) he thought, looking down as he walked (If I hadn’t let Ansem take over my body, I…they…) “I’m sorry…” he said again, looking about him “Is this…the world of death?”

He then suddenly flickers, and collapsed in the middle of the path, beginning to be surrounded by a blue aura. Memories of Sora and Kairi running through his head. The suddenly, a most unexpected memory flashed into his mind…


Young Riku stared at the Keyhole, realising that it wasn’t there before. He blinked for a moment, and then noticed a girl with black hair in front of the Keyhole, reaching out to touch the gold Keyhole “H-hey!” Riku cried in surprise, and then girl spun around in shock, stepping back so her back was leaning against the wall, her hands against it as well.

“Wh-who are you!?” the girl asked in demand, a little frightened of him. Riku took one step forward, and the girl gasped a little.

“I was going to ask you that,” he said, and the girl cocked her head slightly “Who are you? What are you doing here?” The girl shook her head, and began to disappear.

“That doesn’t really matter,” she said as she faded away “You have to be really careful, because things aren’t gonna be easy when you’re older! I’ll come find you, okay? Bye!” The girl disappeared, and Riku ran to where she was standing moments before.

“Wait!” he cried, looking all around for her “Come back! I don’t know you’re name!”

“My name’s…” the voice began.

~End of Flashback~

“I can’t disappear yet,” Riku said, and the blue aura slowly began to fade away “Not until I’ve met Sora and Kairi one more time…” The aura finally fades away, and Riku stands up, looking down, as more memories came into his mind…

/Riku, can you hear me?/ a female voice said from out of nowhere, and Riku shot up, scouting the area for whoever was calling him /I’ll be there soon!/

“Who’s there!?” he cried in surprise, only able to see darkness around him and the white pathway leading through it. (Why does that voice seem familiar somehow…?) he thought, still gazing around.

/I’ve been talking to you all along,/ the voice explained, and Riku stopped scouting around and looked ahead of him, the voice echoing all over the area, or so it felt /But my words were hindered by the darkness covering your heart/. Riku simply looked around in confusion, not understanding what the voice wanted or who it was. /Another Keyblade…I’ve gotten the Keyblade for this side…/ the voice explained.

“I don’t know who you are, but…what’s happened to me?” Riku asked, deciding to listen to whomever it was, since he really didn’t know much about where he was.

/Your heart has overcome the darkness!/ the voice answered in a bit of a giggle, then it went serious, and a little sorrowful /But you couldn’t take back your body, so your heart was left behind, in this dark side where stolen hearts are gathered/

“What should I do?” Riku asked as he looked down, then looking back ahead again.

/The door to darkness…that is going to appear soon,/ the female voice continued, and Riku listened carefully with curiosity /That door, through which we cannot pass…in order to close it, two Keyblades and two hearts are needed/ The voice giggled again. /Perhaps you, like me, came here for that purpose,/ the voice continued /Perhaps it was fate…/

Riku chuckled and smirked a little. “Fate…you know everything, don’t you?” he said “If that’s so, I want you to tell me one more thing…Are Sora and Kairi safe?”

The female voice giggled. /You yourself should be able to feel their hearts/ the voice said. Suddenly, a faint vision of Sora comes from the distance, running toward Riku. /How you perceive your friends…is dependent on your own heart/ the voice explained once more. The vision of Sora stops, then disappears, smiling. Riku closed his eyes, imagined Sora, then opened them again, calmer and a little happier.

“Thank you…” he said softly, waiting for something to happen…

Meanwhile…on the Destiny Islands…

Kairi walked into the Secret Place the next day, all sorts of memories in her mind. She looked at all the pictures drawn on the walls, and examined each and every one of them, knowing that that’s all she had left of Sora and Riku now. She went to the picture of herself and Sora, and realised that Sora had added something else on. Kairi giggled at the sight. It was an arm extending toward Kairi, a paopu fruit in its hand. She picked up a nearby rock and finished the drawing. She had also drawn another arm with a paopu in its hand, this time pointing to Sora.

(That’s better!) she thought giggling a little (I wonder how Sora and Riku are doing…and Donald and Goofy, too) She sat up, brushed the dirt off her skirt and legs, and then walked outside again, where a panicking Selphie was. Kairi ran down to talk to her. “What’s the matter, Selphie?” she asked, her hands on Selphie’s arms, trying to calm her down.

“There’s a stranger here!” Selphie said, and Kairi gasped in surprise “She’s a girl, and she has this fiery red hair, and-and…you have to come and see!” She grabbed Kairi, wrist and began to lead her on a huge run across the beach.

“Wait…fiery red hair? Female?” Kairi said, stopping to think for a moment after Selphie let go of her wrist.


A girl with ebony black hair giggled after tickling her younger sister’s feet madly. Young Kairi laughed along, and the girl raised her hands in the air, annoyed. “Stop it, you guys…!” she whined.

“Aw…I’m sorry!” Kairi said, and the black-haired girl stopped giggling.

“Me too, sis” she said, standing up and running to one of the bookshelves, pulling out this one book with a picture of an angel on the cover. “Hey!” she said cheerfully, bouncing up and down “We could get mum to read this to us again!”

“Again…?” Kairi said, giggling and walking up beside her “She must have read that a lot of times! You like it THAT much?” The black-haired girl nodded madly, and the red-haired four-year-old walked up beside them.

“Where is mummy?” she asked, and the black-haired girl shrugged in reply.

“Dunno” she answered. She ran through the maze of bookshelves in the library, until she finally reached the door. A few short seconds later, a huge scream came, and Kairi began to run for the door, knowing that the black-haired girl had screamed. She stared back and noticed the red-haired girl following.

“You stay here!” she said, before rushing out the door, leaving the black-haired girl behind.

~End of Flashback~

“Kairi!” Selphie cried again, waking Kairi up from her flashback, and Kairi grinned sheepishly.

“Sorry…must have dozed off a little there!” she said “Anyway…where is this girl? Is she alright?”

“Not really,” Selphie replied “She’s unconscious. She must really have been through a lot, because she’s all black and blue and has a few blood spots”

“Well, come on, then!” Kairi cried “Let’s go help her!” Selphie nodded and the two ran through the door to the cove, both of their hearts thumping madly.

Meanwhile…in an unknown world…

Sora walked along the huge, yellow-brown trail, Donald and Goofy on either side of him. Donald had changed into the usual clothing he wore, and so had Goofy. Never-ending grassland and patches of forests surrounded them, and it seemed like they were the only things in sight. All three concentrated on the road ahead, until Donald turned his concerned head toward the other two. “Well now what do we do…?” he asked dimly.

“We’ve got to find Riku and King Mickey” Sora replied, his hands on the back of his head, a calm tone in his voice. Goofy also gained a concerned face.

“But, uh…how do we find that there door to the light…?” he asked curiously. Soon all three had concerned and confused expressions on their faces, stopping in the middle of the road. They all sighed in unison, neither of them having a clue of what to do. Sora looked up and noticed a yellow dog with a green collar walk past, tail high in the air, and letter in his mouth.

“Pluto?” Donald said, identifying the dog in surprise, and Pluto stopped to face them.

“Hey, Pluto!” Goofy said cheerfully “Where have you been?” (Haven’t seen Pluto since Traverse Town…) he thought, just as Sora gasped in surprise, noticing the seal on the letter, which had the same shape as King Mickey’s head. “Gawrsh!” Goofy exclaimed in surprise “That’s the King’s seal!”

“Hey!” Sora asked Pluto, his spirit and hope lifting up “Have you seen King Mickey?” Pluto spun around and began to run along the long trail. Donald turned to Sora, just as Goofy did, and Sora ran ahead of them. “Guys!” he called to them grinning “Let’s go!” They all began to chase Pluto, who kept running. All three laughed as they ran along the trail.

“Oh boy!” Donald cried, and they continued laughing along what seemed like a never-ending trail.

(If King Mickey sent us that letter, then Riku has to be with him!) Sora thought with high hopes (Then we can both go home!) All three kept giving chase to Pluto, knowing that the trail would have to end soon…

I love it! The song is sooooooooo sweet! Gimme a copy of that! I know you’ve only just done it, but I really want you to update soon! Keep working on it! :yipee:


I don’t get it.

It’s good. Either you have been playing KH very very recently or you have one damn good website for info, since you quoted the ending word for word. It’s very good, but really it’s just an expanded KH ending, what would help your story is for it to be YOUR story, if they want the ending then they can go play KH. That said the ending may be crucial to your story, so in that case just ignore meh. Very good, when you going to write some more?

I’m working on it now, and should have it posted soon. Yeah, it is pretty much an extended ending, but it’s just so people know what the heck is going on. Besides…most don’t have the Final Mix. Yeah…I’ve been playing it recently, and also that site that Kitty Cat Gal put on really helped! THANK YOU, KITTY!!! :yipee:

You’ve been playing Final Mix? YOU’VE BEEN PLAYING FINAL MIX? Can I perchance live with you?

Um…firstly, I have no clue what you’re talking about. Secondly, I don’t have the final mix, someone I know does.

Chappie 1 is nearly done…yippee!!! :yipee: :yipee: :yipee:

I assume it’s a japanese version? I wish I could play teh final mix ;_;

Yep. Can’t understand a word of it…that’s why I always watch my friend do it. (Stupid translators…always showing off…)

Oh yeah…isn’t your arvatar the Blindfolded Unknown/Riku

Yes it is, his official name is ‘Blind’ and although he looks like Riku it’s not official. We don’t know who the Unknowns are yet, man KH2 is gonna be kickass.

Yeah!! It’ll be great!! As soon as it comes out, I’m gonna get it!! Do you really think that: Riku is gonna be the main character?

Not too sure if I shoulda made that a spoiler…

I’m not sure, though he could be, though it’s more likely Sora will be, who knows? We’ll just have to wait.

Overall it’s looking much better than the last version, even if there still are some things that could use brushing up.
For example, using the terms “Flashback/End of Flashback” doesn’t look good in a text really, it disrupts the flow of the story. Try to work your way around these statements, instead of announcing things like that make the whole flashback scene in <I>italics</I> or something.
Also, I find it kinda weird that Riku would stand still remembering that girl and then in the next second when she starts talking to him wondering why the voice sounds familiar (I’m guessing it’s her.)

Also, descriptions on how people speak:
“Kairi!” Sora said as the two pieces of land parted /…/
Would he “say” that, really? Wouldn’t “shout” be better, “said” sounds like he’s talking calmly and in a normal voice.

Watch out for repetitions, the telepathing voice “explained” a lot for example.

“The vision of Sora stops, then disappears, smiling. Riku closed his eyes, imagined Sora, then opened them again, calmer and a little happier.”
Here you’re hopping between present and past tense between the sentences, be very careful of that.

“Ansem began shaking, some kind of white light coming from him, before the World of Chaos disappeared completely, leaving only a few sparks to disintegrate in the air one by one.”
Very long and factfilled sentence, can you break it up at some part somehow, or rework it? Also “some kind of white light” is a rather strange description, it sounds like you, the author, isn’t sure what’s happening. Be more resolute in your descriptions, YOU are supposed to know what’s going on, so that you can tell US, the readers, who are completely in the dark.

Also, this is from RPGfan:

Square Enix has announced its lineup for this month’s Tokyo Game Show 2003 in Chiba’s Makuhari Messe. The company will display the following titles, all of which have either already been released or announced in Japan.
Final Fantasy XI, PlayStation 2 and PC, available
Drag-on Dragoon (Drakengard), PlayStation 2, September 11th
Front Mission 1st, PlayStation One, October 23rd
Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu (Sword of Mana), GameBoy Advance, available
Kenshin Dragon Quest, September 19th
Cross Gate, PC, available

Whether Kingdom Hearts 2 or Final Fantasy XII will be on display on the show floor remains to be seen, as Square Enix plans to unveil a so far unnamed blockbuster title in Tokyo. During a speech given at last month’s Games Convention in Germany, Disney consumer product president Andy Mooney had mentioned that Kingdom Hearts 2 would be officially announced at TGS.