the real name thread

It is a kind of stupid idea, because our names are whatever people call us so technically unless you guys started calling me Dan then my name is pretty much GSG or Guns or whatever. Get what I mean?

Anywho, in here we post our real names, nick-names full names, list of all your online masks, whatever.

My name is Dan.

Ha! you WISH we called you GSG or Guns.

Anyway, the truth is we all know everyones real names. We just don’t care to tell you about it. Sin is Patrick, SG is Jamie, Hades is Mike, Vickimints is Victoria, Anyway, I could go on all day, but instead I’ll go to bed.

I’ll call you guns when they are 19’’ (and half of it isn’t Pizza Hut).

Charlemagne is Jcharlemagne.

My real name is (wait for it)… Wilfredo Martinez.

Yeah, when I first came here I just didn’t get the “nobody uses his real name on the web” thing. I was a total Net Noob. :stuck_out_tongue: For the record I tried to change it once, but everybody protested, saying it “sounded cool” so I kept it.

Actually, most people who know me IRL call me Sijo, which is a mispronunciation of “Sea Hunt” (an old TV show my mom watched- yes, really) and I also use it as a handle on most other forums I visit (Comic Book Resources, TV Tropes etc.) It’s easier to write. :wink:

My name is Wilfredo Martinez. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Sorry, I wanted to do that for years, and it seemed like the best time.

My name is known to most people here, but I’m not posting it in this thread.

I thought your real name was Orakio.

My name is Wilfredo Martinez. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Sorry, I wanted to do that for years, and it seemed like the best time.

Heh, that’s OK. The Princess Bride happens to be one my favorite movies, ever. I’m flattered. :wink:


edit: Come on now, Cro. - 984

edit: I hate you :stuck_out_tongue: - Cro

edit: You know he’s ultra protective of it. Might as well honor that.

edit: I meant Sin :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s cybercompost. I did it for you.


No, it’s Ken…and I’m Jon.

:expressionless: disapproving look :expressionless:

Ben, short for Benjemin. :slight_smile:

Hi. My name is zeppelin. MY social security number is 381-65-2091. My Visa card number is 6745 9982 0776 6119 and the CVS is 679. The expiration date is 04/2012. I have an Illinois Drivers License, the number is P780-9445-0381. I have brown hair and green eyes. I am 5 feet 9 inches tall. I weigh 155 pounds. I am 26 years old. Hope this helps.

Whereas, zepp was born in Illinois;
Whereas, Social Security Numbers starting with 381 are issued to people born in Michigan;
Whereas, zepp claims that is his VISA card number;
Whereas, all VISA cards start with 4;
Whereas, when running his number through the Luhn Algorithm, the sum is 83;
Whereas, to be a valid credit card number, the Luhn Algorithm sum must be evenly divisible by ten;

Therefore, let it be resolved

zepp is a liar.



Franco Agustin Caruso.

I hate my damn middle name, my mother said it was because “Franco Caruso” sounded too much like what you’d expect right alongside “Vito Corleone”. My response to that being that I think that sounds AWESOME and thus hate my pussfying middle name, be it of divine origin or not.

Plus, his name clearly says that it is “zepp”